Title: It's Only Love

By: Sound of Raindrops on Water (Ukume)

Rating: PG-13 for mild language, homosexuality and themes


The Revelation Dream

Dustin turned around to and grabbed his water bottle. It had been a long day of school and he was ready to go home.He was 19 and in his first year of university. The best part of going to university was that all his friends went to the same one, including his roommate and best friend, Hunter. Dustin got to the dorm they shared and went into the kitchen. He put some left-over pizza in the microwave and ate it. He played video games for awhile and took an hour long nap.


"Hey Hunter, what took you so long?" Dustin said to Hunter, who had finally gotten to their dorm.

"Hey, it's only", Hunter looked at his watch, "Eleven thirty", he said with his all-too familiar smirk.

I never noticed how cute he is, Dustin thought, What? Dude, you're a dude and so is he! He said to himself.

"Hey, what to play Mortal Kombat for a bit?" Hunter suggested.

Dustin had already played that game hours before put he agreed anyway. Hunter beat Dustin several times mainly because, for a reason he didn't understand, he couldn't focus on the game. It was like he could only focus on Hunter. They played for an hour and it was midnight.

"How about a midnight snack?" said Hunter.

Dustin agreed, "Hey, let's make milkshakes", he suggested.

"It's twelve, Dustin", Hunter said at his suggestion.


"Fine, you make it", Hunter said smirking

"Fine, I will but you're not getting any", Dustin said sticking his tongue out.

Dustin got out milk, bananas, ice, sugar, and the blender. He put everything in and just as he put the sugar in and was about to press the 'mix' button. He opened the refrigerator as he was about to press the button.

"Hey, remember to put on the top before you blend it", Hunter warned, knowing how Dustin was.

"Huh?" Dustin said looking out of the refrigerator to Hunter. It was too late, he had already pressed the button and the ice, milk, and bananas started going everywhere. Hunter, watching from the living room, laughed as Dustin turned off the blender.

"And what is so funny?"

"It looks like you were in an explosion? Were you hurt?" Hunter added in a serous undertone that made Dustin laugh, "Here, I'll help you", he offered.

"Thanks", Dustin said gratefully.

Hunter put his fingers up to Dustin's face where there was some mix on.

"Dustin?" Hunter said unsurely.


"There's something I've been meaning to tell you…"

"Oh, um – I'm listening", Dustin said.

"I – I like you."

"What?" Dustin said surely this was a dream.

"I – I lik – no actually, I – I love you", Hunter said before stepping up and placing a passionate kiss on Dustin's lips. Dustin smiled inwardly. It was ok. His feelings for Hunter were ok. So for the moment, he enjoyed the sweet cinnamon taste of Hunter's lips.

Dustin smiled as he pulled back and said, " I love you, too", and proceeded to kiss him.


Dustin without knowing it smiled in his sleep until….

"Dustin! Dustin! Wake up man, I rented some video games", said Hunter from the door.

Dustin slowly opened his eyes and then they shot open when he remembered his dream. He sat up quickly from the couch and chuckling, Hunter said, "Dude, what were you dreaming about? I saw a little smile on your face…let me guess, Marah? Or Kelly, maybe."

He looked at Hunter in disbelief, this couldn't be happening. His face went from disbelief to a blush, " I knew it", Hunter said in triumph.

"So what did you rent?"

"Tekken 2 and Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance", said Hunter. They played for a bit and then they both went to bed.

Hunter immediately fell asleep Dustin, however, laid awake. He looked over at his best friend. This. Could. Not. Be. Happening. Dustin had avoided the thoughts in his head about Hunter, for several months now. He thought it was just that he thought Hunter was a handsome looking guy.

Dustin was scared at the sudden urge he had to wrap his arms around Hunter. To lay next to him, to see if his lips tasted of cinnamon, just like they had in his dream.

No, no! It was just a stupid dream, he argued with himself. Dustin wasn't gay! It wasn't possible – he had already been with Marah! Dustin sighed and fell asleep moments later.


A/N: Hello to anyone that decided to check this out. This is my first Hunter/Dustin story, so if it's completely horrible lemme know what I can do to make it better. Sorry that the dream was really fluffy, but it had to be. Please review and tell me if you want me to continue.