Note: This FanFiction has NOTHING to do with Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Price. You've been warned!


Chapter One: Invitations

"It's a secret. No one should now about it. I mean no one."

"Not even Potter?"

"Specially Potter. Make sure he comes but do not tell him about our plan. Can I trust you or should I tell someone else to do this?"

"No, sir. I can handle it. But I'm not so sure he'll come. In fact, I'm not sure anyone will come. You know… things have changed…"

"I know, I know. But they have to be here. Not only Potter, but also Weasley, Granger, Longbottom… Well, you know who I mean."

"Yes, I do. So, August, 1, right?"

"That's right. Make sure they are here by noon. If they refuse to come… I don't know… cast a spell on them if necessary."

"But, sir… I'm not allowed to do magic!"

"Right… Well, I'll talk to Fudge about it. I trust you, Hagrid. Bring them to me."

"I'll do my best, sir."

When Hagrid had left the room, Dumbledore sat at his desk and muttered:

"This'll be the best birthday ever!"

That year, Albus Dumbledore was going to turn 160. It wasn't a very important age, people generally celebrated their 150° birthday, but he hadn't been able because he had been way to busy with the war that had been going on back then.

So he had decided to celebrate his 160° birthday and he had planned the most perfect way to do that. It was a very big secret and no one knew exactly what was going to happen. No one even knew who the guests were, not even Hagrid.

Hagrid was in charge to send the invitations and make sure that everyone would attend, but he didn't know more than that, and Dumbledore enjoyed the face he had put when he had read the list. But Hogwarts' headmaster wasn't going to tell anyone about his plan. He wanted to see everyone's faces when they found out.

Unfortunately he couldn't see some of the faces some students put when they saw the envelope on their tables.