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Chapter Fifteen: Hagrid

Flitwick's class was always very noisy, which made it perfect to talk with your classmates without being punished. That hadn't changed much.

"What do you think we should do after going to Hagrid's?" Ron asked.

"You know what… It's been a long while since I last played quiddich… I'm sure we can borrow some of the school's old brooms…." Harry said.

"I would love to be out there flying. I'm starting to miss it, you know?"

"I don't want to spoil your fun, you know…" Hermione started.

"So, don't do it." Ron simply said.

His friend looked coldly at him and then added.

"Remember we have homework already. McGonagal, Snape… I think Trelawney gave you some homework too. Oh, and Umbridge said something about reading a couple of chapters from the book."

"Yes, but Umbridge doesn't count. Remember Mad Eye told us that if any of us did that he would punish us. I know the way Mad Eye punishes and I'm not looking forward to being his first victim in Hogwarts." Harry commented.

"We still have a lot to do…"

"Hermione, we haven't been here for 3 whole days and I'm getting tired of you. I'm not planning to go back to Gryfindor's common room until midnight. I'll sleep in the woods, if necessary! But I don't want to face Lavender." Ron whispered, so that only his friends would hear it.

"We have a library, you knew that, right?" she asked sarcastically.

The red headed was about to reply, but Harry once again interfered.

"Is this how it's going to be? Why do you have to be fighting all the time! Hermione, it's only Thursday! Give us a break. We'll go have tea with Hagrid and then we'll practice some quiddich. We have plenty of time to do our homework."

"Ok, fine. But you've been warned."

They went back to work with out saying a word. Then, when she was sure Harry wasn't paying attention, Hermione whispered.

"He's really becoming our mother."

They both smiled.

Half an hour later, the three of the were walking towards Hagrid's house. When they got there, Hermione knock at the door. Immediately, they heard a dog barking.

"Do you think is possible he still has Fangs?"

"I hope he has Fangs. Imagine he has Fluffy."

Fluffy was the three headed dog the trio met during their first year at Hogwarts. For anyone it wasn't the kind of pet you would buy, but for Hagrid it was nothing compared to his dream pet: a dragon.

After a few moments the door was opened and the half-giant appeared.

"Oh, hi Hermione." He said, and then, seeing the other two, he added. "Oh, I didn't know you were coming, too." He sounded somehow cold, so Harry had to apologize.

"Look, Hagrid, we're sorry. I know we treated you badly, but it wasn't our fault… We were… we were just shocked."

"Yeah, Hagrid. We weren't expecting this."

"All right, all right. I can't be mad at you." He said after a short pause. Then, he hugged the three of them. "So… What have you been doing? And I don't mean what we read on the newspaper. I mean everything. Ron. I understand you've been playing quiddich, right? And I also heard your getting married soon. It's a big shock for me."

Hermione didn't say a word, she just looked through the window.

"It was a big shock for all of us. I guess that even the groom was surprised, weren't you, Ron?" Harry asked innocently.

"Can we please don't talk about my wedding?" Ron begged.

They obeyed, so they didn't say another word about it. For an hour or so they talked about their jobs and such. Hagrid also told them about Hogwarts.

"McGonagal, Snape and Sprout left. Neville is the new Herbology teacher. Well, he isn't exactly new. He's been working here for about 5 years now."

"And who is teaching Transfiguration and Potions?" Harry asked curiously.

"Well, Luna Loovegod turned put to be an excellent teacher. She's has taken McGonagal's place. I must say she surprised me a lot. I never thought she would be able to handle a class full of students."

"And who's the new Snape?" Hermione asked.

"What? Didn't you tell them?" the teacher asked looking at Ron, who denied with his head. "Ginny Weasley."

"Ginny? I didn't know she was good at potions." Hermione asked.

"Ginny has a lot of hidden talents." The red headed replied.

"And besides, Hermione. Who can be good at potions with Snape?"

Everybody laughed. They continued to talk about the new teachers and stuff. After a while, Hermione announced that she was going to do her homework, so Harry and Ron said that they had other things to do and the three of them left Hagrid's house.

"It's way too dark to practice quiddich, but still, I must assume that you are not going to do your homework, right?" the woman asked them.

"For once you're right, Hermione. It's almost time to eat." Ron said. "I really wanted to play quiddich!!" he added when they were walking towards the castle.

"Don't worry, Ron. We'll have another opportunity."

He didn't know then, but that opportunity was going to be very soon… Sooner than anyone was expecting.


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