By: yume17

Summary: What would you do if you suddenly fall in love with the man whom you thought was the main reason of your suffering? That was what happened to our Byakugan heiress as she suddenly found herself plunge in a different world of love where phobia and anxiety rules...

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or any of the characters of Naruto Anime but i wish to own Kakashi and Gaara...hahaha...oh...I forgot Neji.

Chapter 1
(The Princess)

Location/Time: Hokage's Main Building - 10:00p.m

"...There is nothing permanent in this world except for changes. And this saying goes true for almost all residents here in Konoha. After five years, many changes and different happenings had take place. Everybody had grown-up and became more strong and powerful except...except...except for me," and the little notebook that was clutched by the hand of the young princess, a while ago, fell on the carpeted floor.

She tried to get her precious diary with all her might but she couldn't moved her body and her legs out from the bed. She'd been paralyzed for almost four years after going in a very dangerous mission and for that reason, she was given an exclusive privilege to stay in a cozy private room inside the main office building of the 5th Hokage.

The room was big enough, well lighted, organized, and really nice suited for a princess like her. It was air-conditioned, complete in appliances, well decorated, and it has a comfy bed situated beside the windows for her to be aware of the splendid beauty outside. However, all of these were useless for her because she could not even move a single toe in her foot. All she was capable of moving and using were her hands, which she always used for writing on her diary. Yet, even this simple act was very excruciating in her part.

After several unsuccessful attempts to get her diary, she finally gave up. Realizing how weak she is right now, she doesn't know what else she could possibly do than to pity herself and cry.

But before she could even think of crying, a strong gush of wind outside made the windows opened wide. She turned her head just in time to saw that someone had already stepped on her room. And there she saw the coldest and the most mysterious eyes, she'd been fearing to see, again...then...complete silence.

Location/Time: Tsunade's House - 10:12p.m

Tok! Tok! Tok!


Tok! Tok! Tok!

No response.


"Master Tsunade! Master Tsunade! Master Tsunade," Maito Gai shouted. But still there was no response.

"Take it easy, Gai," said the voice in one corner.

Gai glanced at his side only to found Hatake Kakashi grinning widely while he read an orange book. "Hey, Kakashi! Can't you see how important this situation is?" he snapped.


"I cannot believe this! We are here, right now in a middle of an emergency and all you do is only to read t-that...that adult, lustful, x-rated material!" he said furiously.

"Call it Icha Icha Paradise. It's a nice book, very entertaining, and it's all about love...you know what I mean...those things...I can lend you some, here, I'm finish with this book," Kakashi said as he closed and offered the book to Gai.

When Gai didn't accept the book, he put it inside his pouch bag slowly and carefully as if it was a precious gem that's worth his life. "I guess she's sleeping...or maybe she's taking a bath...don't worry, I'll go inside," he said as he ready himself for the hand skill he would use.

"STOP IT! W-H-A-T kind of person are you? Insane?" Gai asked in a very earsplitting manner. "I can't believe that Master Tsunade appointed you as a Sannin," he added.

"You're jealous."

"No, I'm not."

"Yes, you are," Kakashi pressed.

They debated so loud that they didn't notice that the door of Tsunade's house had already opened revealing the 5th Hokage, looking confused at both of them.

"Sumimasen. What's the problem?" Tsunade asked when they finished arguing.

"Gaara escaped," Kakashi said boldly.

Annoyance started to spread across her face. "How come? I appointed you Gai...to look after him!" she said as she looked straightly at Gai.

"Sumimasen deshita...really...I just took a nap...t-then he was gone."

"Ok. Ok. Kakashi...," she said in I-am-the-boss tone as she turned to face Kakashi, "Solve this, will you?"

"Sure," he said coolly. Then, Kakashi did some hand skills and...POOF! White smoke enveloped him and he was gone.

After they were sure, that Kakashi head off...

"Job well done, Gai!" Tsunade's mood changed dramatically fast, from irate to happy, as though it was as easy as counting one, two, three.

"Let's begin with the real mission," she stated.

"Sure," Gai smirked, mimicking Kakashi's voice.

Author's Note:

I'm still new in this field...i don't even like writing but I still hope that you guys will appreciate my entry...oh by the way...your comments and criticism are very much accepted here. And please do make a comment so that I will know if I still need to improve or continue this story. And one more thing, this story is inspired by the first fanfic I've read in this site. It is entitled.."What do you see when you look at me?"...it's a nice story...hope you guys will also read that. Thanks!