Title: Do you hate me?

Rating: T for language and abuse

Genre: Romance/Angst

Pairings: Katoph (KataraXToph) Yuri

Summary: Takes place during 'The Fury of Aang'. Toph can't sleep so she and Katara have a talk. Warning: Yuri and some abuse from a very ANGRY Aang. KataraXToph. Katoph.


Katara looked away from the starry sky and turned to the young black-haired girl who called her. "Toph…are you okay?" Toph frowned and stared at the sand for while. That was when Katara noticed the red mark on her left cheek.

"Oh my god! Toph, how did-" Katara began, but then she immediately realized who must have done it. "Did…Aang do this?" Toph broke into tears and Katara pulled her into a hug. "It'll be okay…Aang's just a little pissed right now. I'll make sure he won't hurt you…" Katara whispered as she stroked Toph's soft hair.

Toph looked up at Katara with shimmering white eyes and smiled. Katara blushed and thought, 'She's beautiful…damn it, why am I thinking these sick things?' Toph stopped crying and muttered something too quiet for Katara to hear. "W-What was that?" asked Katara as she quickly snapped out of her fantasies about the young Earth-Bender.

Toph took a deep breath and whispered, "Do you hate me?" Katara looked at Toph in bewilderment and said, "Of course not! You're…you're…special to me…" Toph suddenly kissed Katara on the lips and said, "You're special to me, too…" Katara snapped out of the shock and curled up closer to Toph. "Sleep tight…"

That morning, Sokka woke up and saw Katara and Toph sleeping on top of each other: a smile on both their faces. Sokka thought he was dreaming, so he went back to sleep. Suddenly, a voice shouted, "Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!"

Sokka turned his head and watched in silence as Aang formed small tornadoes and sent them in different directions while shouting every curse word he knows to the sky. When Aang noticed that Toph and Katara were still asleep, he threw a rock at Toph's face to wake them up. As the rock collided with Toph's face, blood spurt out of her nose. Katara screamed and shouted, "TOPH!" "That's what you get, bitch!" Aang exclaimed as he watched Katara wipe Toph's nose.

"Aang, what the fuck is wrong with you?" Katara shouted. "WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME? WHY DON'T YOU ASK THAT DAMN BITCH! THIS IS HER FAULT!" Aang cried. He pointed accusingly at Toph and she began to cry again. Sokka was ready to wack Aang in the place where the sun don't shine, but the Avatar just sighed and flew off with his glider.

Katara hugged Toph and kissed her on the lips, telling her that it'll be okay…