Author's Note: Here's a little something I wrote a while ago. It has gotten good reviews so I hope you like it too!

Chapter 1

There she sat. In a deep trance that seemed to block out the outside world, she slowly bobbed her head to a faint drone of some obscure music. It was unlike anything I've ever heard but I found it to be dark and intriguing, like her. There was a lot more guitar than the popular jazz of today and it had stronger percussion. It was certainly a sharp contrast from the jubilant, poppy sound that comes out of my roommate's radio every morning. Well, until I smashed it.

The unidentifiable record spun steadily on her turntable but only a muffled sound of music could be heard and it was coming from her ears. I watched her twirl her finger over the record in the opposite direction that it was spinning. The music became a bit louder and clearer but could still only be heard coming from her ears. I heard lyrics that said:

I feel like I'm falling without a destination

And you put me through this surreal sensation

She stopped bobbing her head and started to tap her foot to keep in time with her imaginary band. She opened up the book resting in her lap. It was a fiction book on vampires. She seemed to be quite captivated by it, considering that this was the third day in a row that she had brought it out with her to read during her break.

Why do I know this? Why do I feel that I have to know where she is and what she is doing, reading, listening to? What makes her so special? Why do I continue to watch her? I've never felt an emotional pull on anything. A dead mother who I never knew. No family came to claim me. No friends at the orphanage because I was the strange one. A father who left me before I was born. He got his though. He and his parents got exactly what they deserved. I've never cared for anything, so why her?

She tossed her long black hair over her shoulder and smiled without taking her eyes away from the book. Her icy gray-blue eyes were lined in heavy black eyeliner, an uncommon look for most girls. It's considered to be too dark and gothic for the masses. Her skin, I've noticed, tends to be almost white really early in the morning but gets more normal looking after two in the afternoon.

"She's a strange one," they say. She has a tendency to wander around the courtyards at night right before curfew. If they hadn't been informed otherwise, they might have thought that she is a vampire but she is not. She's just different.

She has friends, don't get me wrong. She has quite a random collection of friends. They happen to be true friends, something I'm not really familiar with. I like being liked but I don't care for the actual people at all. They're more followers than friends.

I've seen her be evil before as well. The one time that comes to my mind is one day when I was walking outside and I heard her curse at a girl and then storm off having won their verbal war. There weren't any professors around when it happened. She is actually very polite to them, like me. Although I know, none of them would dare to give her a detention or take away points from her house for her bad behavior. She has too good a reputation but can still strike fear into people's hearts without even drawing her wand. I think that was the day that made me captivated with her.

In spite of her puzzling and dark characteristics, she is one of the top six years in school, a prefect, and a Ravenclaw. I often wonder why she is a Ravenclaw. She seems so much like a Slytherin. Then talking to her would be easy. She wouldn't be part of 'the enemy.' She could be on my side. My co-leader. At least she isn't a Gryffindor.

And she's a prefect; something we have in common. It's an honor given to the students who are good leaders and who are generally well-behaved. There was one time a month ago when she went into the prefect bathroom and I was in there taking a bath and I forgot to lock the door. I don't even think my face registered in her mind before she quickly closed the door and left. But I know that was not my only chance. I can have as many chances as I need.

This is the only time of the day that I have. Her free period. We only have one class together where we must sit at opposite sides of the room and I'm sure she doesn't use the prefect bathroom. That time she had gone in, she looked like she just wanted to check it out anyway.

She lifted the needle off the record and put the turntable into her book bag which was clearly charmed to hold more than its physical capacity. She put her finger in her book as a temporary bookmark and lifted her sleeve to reveal that she was not wearing a watch. Forgetting that she could simply conjure a watch, she started looking around frantically for someone with the time. I walked nonchalantly in her direction, hoping to be stopped by her.

"Do you know what time it is?" she asked casually. I couldn't sense anything about how she was feeling towards me.

"It's 10:05." I replied, looking into those icy eyes.

She looked away from me and cursed quietly. I bet she didn't want me to hear but I did. And I smiled. In one quick motion, she stomped her foot on the ground and grabbed her backpack.

"Thanks." she said quickly as she ran towards the castle.

I hate you, I thought to myself as I watched her run away. I hate you for ignoring me. I hate you with a burning passion. I can picture her chained up, begging for mercy as I threaten to end her life. It could be over so quick. Two words and it's all over. Two words and she will never torture me again. I won't have to think about her or dream about her. I can focus on my goal, my army.

But those two words won't come. I feel my passionate anger replaced with just passion. I imagine myself taking advantage of her, no longer begging me to spare her life but instead begging me to take her, begging to be my right hand, vowing to help me in my conquests.

I slumped down into the bench she had been sitting on.

Why her? What makes her so special?