The New Beginning

It was time for the groupings of the ninjas. They didn't know that they were observed by the Hokage. The Hokage has decided who will be on the teams and the jounin assigned. Iruka-sensei started.

"Kai, your in the team of Saeso and -"

"Oh please..Naruto-san…..Naruto-san.."

"..and Takeru."

Kai was disappointed. He wanted to be on naruto's team.

"Wait…why are there excess?" Iruka-sensei wondered.

Suddenly, a girl burst open the closed door. "Wait! I'm here! Sorry..I'm late!"

Iruka-sensei looked very angry. "Natsumi!Why are you late again!" Iruksensei scolded the smiling girl. "Anou..I woke up late..heheh"

Iruka-sensei sighed. He just can't handle the girl so well. "Go to your seat young lady!" He shouted after sometime.

"Hai.." Natsumi sat beside Kai. "Hi! I'm Natsumi. You?" She asked the smiling Kai.

"Kashiwazaki Kai. Pleased to meet you Natsumi-chan." Kai said smiling.

Iruka-sensei the called Natsumi's name and announced that she's in the group of Ken and Kouga. Natsumi smiled happily then, seeing that her teammates are good-looking.

"And before I forget, your assigned jounins are…Kai…your team will be handled by Rio-san." And Iruka-sensei announced the rest to the ninjas. "Natsumi…your teacher wopuld be Katase-san." Natsumi nodded.

"Now meet your group and your new teachers. GO!" Iruka-sensei commanded the genins.

Kai, saeso and Takeru met up with their teacher, Rio-sensei. He was very mysterious. His hita-aite was placed on his eyes. "Is he blind folding his self?" Takeru asked.

"T don't know. He's creepy, though.." Saeso whispered to takeru as not to be heard by the jounin. Kai just kept quiet but observed.

"the three of you listen to me carefully. I don't want to have weak students and because I don't want to be the laughing stock of the jounins around here, I'm gonna train you hard so that you would not be weak." He said in a creepy voice that the three wanted to ran away. Just almost.

"Hai!" They answered together. "I'm sure the three of you want to be strong."

"Of course! I'm gonna be the best ninja ever!" Saese said pointing his finger to Rio-sensei. "Hn."

After sometime of training, Rio-sensei asked them what wepons do they use.

"I am using chains" Takeru said smiling.

"I am using two katanas" Saeso said confidently.

"Anou…I use a pair of whip." Kai said smiling.

"Hn. Do you know how to use your chakra?" Rio-sensei asked them. And yes, they know.

Saeso's ultimate move is his 100 strikes of his katanas. His katana can hit you even in a 70 meter distance. Takeru's chains are very special indeed. Get grabbed by them and you'll be stabbed by shurikens and kunais that just pops out of nowhere. Kai considers his whips his bestfriends because it was with him since he was a kid. Electricity flows on them by the use of chakra. Among the three of them, kai is the strongest because he has a secret seal.

Everytime they finished training, Rio-sensei would treat them to Ichiraku Ramen. As the time passed, Rio-sensei became fond of them that he treats them already like his own kids. They were trained very hard so that they would improve. Takeru was the childhood friend of Kai but he doesn't know. Kai just kept it to himself.

The team of kai, Saeso and Takeru with their sense, Rio are just starting a new beginning of friendship not to mention their bonding on chaotic missions.

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