title: Love is a Lot Like Playing Twenty Questions
contents: non-graphic m/m, attempted humore
notes: Ummm... Enjoy?

The kisses were soft and unhurried, their breaths slightly gasping.

"Is this- Are you sure this is okay?" Quiet, innocent words, hesitation clear in the way they stuttered.

"Yes, it's okay... You neeed to stop being so afraid, Mitsuo. We're going out now, it's okay."

The kisses were tenatively resumed, and hands began to wander.

"Hey! Hasunuma, what are you doing?"

An exasperated sigh. "Come on, Mitsuo, stop questioning me so much. Just... close your eyes and let me love you."


Hands began their wandering once more, and progressed into caresses, long sweeps of fingers that touched every inch of bared skin.

Moans were intimate, and soft cries reverbated in ears.

Then... "Are you sure that goes in there? It's not gonna fit!"

"Oh god..."