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Ri: -whistling-

Naruto: Since when can you whistle, Ri-sama?

Ri: Fourth grade.

Naruto: Oh... -sweatdrop-

Ri: So, what's up with you, Naruto-kun?

Naruto: Well I'm-...

Sakura: Don't spoil the surprise!

Sasuke: Dobe.

Naruto: Aw man...

Ri: Aw... Tell me, please?

Naruto: I'm not allowed...

Ri: So? Why are rules there if they aren't meant to be broken?

Naruto: ... Uh...

Sasuke: To keep people in line.

Sakura: Anyways, Ri-sama does not own Naruto or any of it's characters. They belong to Masashi Kishimoto-sama.


By: Rikotsu-sama

o0 Chapter 1 - Bliss 0o

Silence. Happiness. These two emotions went hand in hand for the cherryblossom-haired kunoichi for the past year. She was, most likely, the happiest girl in all of Konoha for an exact year.

The question that all want answers to now is "Why is she so happy?". There is a short, and simple answer to that question. Uchiha Sasuke. She had finally gotten him. After all those breath-taking, heartbreaking years he, not she, had asked her out. That was the most blissful day of her life.


It was heavenly, almost dream-like. Sakura could feel her heart beating faster and faster; not willing to slow. It was a rare occurrence, no. A one-in-a-million occurrence to be invited to have dinner with the Uchiha Sasuke. Dinner!

She seemed to float all the way over to his house, even though that he had informed her the day before that they would not be alone, in fact there would be two other people there.

The other two invited to dinner were Hatake Kakashi and Uzumaki Naruto of course.

No matter how hard Sakura tried to keep a romantic candle-light dinner shared by just her and Sasuke out of her head it stuck. Stubborn thoughts. None the less, a girl could hope, couldn't she?

When the now voluptuous girl finally landed on Sasuke's doorstep she lightly rapped on the door and waited. No need to be rude by barging in, plus: the Sakura trees were in full bloom and all of Konoha, including the Uchiha estate, was enveloped in soft light and pink petals. A truly entrancing sight.

Sakura was so entranced by the dancing petals and the trees swaying in the soft breeze she did not notice the door open behind her.

"Sakura?" Sasuke asked from behind her.

Sakura turned in surprise to see Sasuke dressed in a sleeveless navy top and baggy sea blue shorts. "Oh, I'm sorry, just outside is so beautiful this time of year, isn't it, Sasuke-kun?" Sakura continued to marvel at the stunning scene around them.


"Hm?" Sakura had not expected an answer. Usually when she asked him such questions he just answered with a casual "Hmph" or "Whatever". Was something wrong?

"I said yes." Sasuke repeated.

"Oh." Sakura answered, a little taken aback by the Uchiha's actions.

"Come in."

"Okay, thank you." Something was defiantly wrong.

Sakura stepped into the Uchiha mansion and to her left was a amazingly beautiful sight that stunned her. Three short candles in the middle, and a few by the sides of the short table. Cushions on opposite sides of only two of the sides of the rectangular table. Expensive hand-painted china silverware and plates were place on the table along with crystalline glass goblets.

Sakura could not believe her eyes, it was just as she had imagined it, but better. Wait. Why was it like she had imagined it?

Sasuke was behind Sakura as he took her jacket off her and hung it on a hook. "Do you like it?" He asked her casually.

"Where's Kakashi-sensei and Naruto?" Sakura asked, ignoring Sasuke's question completely.

"They aren't coming."

"Why?" She turned to look at the raven-haired man behind her.

"I didn't invite them."

"I thought you said..."

"I lied."

Sakura was becoming a little scared, yet aroused. She was going to be having a candlelight dinner alone with Sasuke! This must be a dream.

She said nothing, just looked dumbfounded.

"Sakura? Are you okay?" Since when does Sasuke ask if she's okay?


"Something wrong?" This was starting to get creepy.

"No... I'm good..."

"..." Sasuke just gave her this look that said 'youdon'tlookalrightdidIdosomethingwrongorareyoujustbeingweird?'

"Really. Now, do you mind explaining to me why you invited me over to dinner alone?" Sakura didn't mean for it to come out so mean.

Sasuke was clearly starting to get the nerves. He was sweating slightly and his face was beginning to get florid. "I uh... Wanted to..."



It took a second to pick apart what Sasuke had just said. When she finally picked it apart she stood there more stunned than ever. Did Sasuke just ask her out?

"So... Will you go out with me?"

The words she wanted to yell to the word would not come. No matter how hard she tried to make herself scream them. Action. That's what she must do.

In less than moments the small space between them was no more and their lips were as one.

"I take that as a yes?" Sasuke chuckled after the kiss was over.

End flashback

Now things were not as blissful, but still very happy.

It was Sasuke's and Sakura's anniversary, and just when they had finally gotten together the cherryblossom trees were in full bloom. The couple slowly licked away at their ice cream cones as they watched much of Konoha running around, skipping with joy.

You could taste it, breathe it, hear it, feel it. The happiness in the air, the auras of joy emanating from each and every person in Konoha.

That's when she saw it, a couple strolling down the park path. A blonde and a navy-haired couple. Holding hands. It was clearly Naruto and Hinata, seeing as they had gotten together a few weeks ago.

Sakura glared at the couple. Why she was glaring at them she did not know, she should be happy for them, but why was she not?

o0 Chapter Fin 0o

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