A/N: God, I really love this show. And I say that in the present tense, because believe it or not, I still watch the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air religiously on "the-n". What kind I say, old obsessions die hard.

Now the odd thing about me writing a fic for this fandom, is the fact that I decided to write a Lisa/Will one. In actuality, I had never really liked Lisa, something about her had always put me off, but I guess you can say that sheeventually grew on me (though I'm sure my former dislike for her will return in a matter of hours. I'm just fickle like that; )

The Smarter Choice

Sometimes she thinks it would have been easier if she had only set her sights on that strangely sweet guy in the dingy apartment across the hall, the one with the endearing smile and unfortunate pot belly.

He would have been the smarter choice.

He would have been safe.

But as luck would have it, she instead, fell for the tall, handsome "gentleman" with the knowing smirk and ready quip.

The fact that she was even drawn to a renowned playboy was bad enough. Of course falling in love with him was a different matter entirely.

In the beginning, she had literally slid through the relationship on her tip-toes. There was always that irrationally large fear that she was getting herself involved with someone who would only end up hurting her. Commitment, after all, had never been his strong suit.

What would make their relationship any different from all the rest?

But eventually, months of careful precautions and countless suspicions finally took their toll, and she realized that the only thing that was really up for question was, in fact, the most important thing of all.

Her trust.

If she didn't trust him, then undoubtedly, their relationship would fail.

So over time, the inquisitions and accusing glares fell to a minimum. And the days of walking on tip-toes drew to a close.

Maybe falling for the guy with the endearing smile and unfortunate pot belly would have been the smarter choice.

But as Lisa looks at Will, she knows that she wouldn't trade the knowing smirk and ready quip for anything.

- конец (end)-

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