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Narrator's POV

Darry sat in his chair, pretending to read the newspaper as he gazed around. The living room's a mess, he noted, but it could wait till the gang leaves. Soda cans were thrown about with empty bags of chips, and a mostly eaten chocolate cake was sitting on the chipped and scratched living room table. Empty plates lay in a pile beside the cake, discarded and ignored.

Dally lay shirtless while sprawled out on the couch, sleeping off a hangover. Two Bit was sitting directly in front of the TV watching Mickey Mouse, empty beer bottles surrounding him. Soda and Steve were yelling while they arm wrestled, and Steve kept looking at Johnny out of the corner of his eyes to smile at him. That in itself was an odd sight to see, but Johnny topped it by actually meeting and holding his gaze. A small, shy smile was returned.

And then there was Pony. Pony was sitting on the floor pretending to read a book when in fact he was sneaking glimpses of Darry and looking away quickly, afraid to be seen or noticed. Darry withheld a smile at that, knowing perfectly well that he was being watched. When Pony looked up at him again and kept his eyes there until Darry met his eyes and winked, causing Pony to blush. Pony went back to reading his book, though his thoughts were on something else.

That was something he'd never grow old of, something he knew he'd never want to stop. And he knew it was wrong. He knew what he and Pony shared was wrong, that it was illegal. He knew he would be considered a pedophile in the eyes of others; people that he didn't know, or care to know. He knew incest went against morals and it was frowned upon. He also knew that it was considered statuary rape and he could be sent away to jail because of it.

But they didn't know; they didn't know or understand the love he and Pony shared. He loved Pony, and Pony loved him. Pony would always be apart of him and vice versa and the love they shared would never break. If Pony was determined to leave, he wouldn't stand in his way or say no. But he'd hold on for as long as they would let themselves hold on.

Darry knew it was only a matter of time before Pony or himself had eyes for someone else, before one of them gave their love away. With that knowledge in mind, they both still knew that wouldn't change the way they felt. Love was love, and whether it changes to something else in the future didn't matter. It was still love, and with that knowledge in mind they put behind any regrets, doubts, or inhibitions.

It probably wouldn't last (most likely it wouldn't last, yes, they knew that too), but it didn't matter. It was better to take a chance and fail, than not take a chance at all. An idea popped into Darry's head, and he decided to act on it. The gang hadn't done it in a while.

"Do you guys wanna go play some football at the old spot?" He received groans of approval, and Darry went to go pack something to eat. Basically, just sandwiches, soda, beer, and whatever was leftover from the cake.

"I'm driving." Soda yelled to Darry, looking for his right shoe.

"I call shotgun." Dally wiped sweat of his brow and started putting his shirt back on.

"Where's the football?" Steve asked Soda, as he found his shoe and tossed it to him.

"Right here." Two Bit responded, reaching to retrieve the football that was behind the tv. Pony stretched on the floor and grabbed the watch they used for the game, while Steve picked Johnny up, tossing him over his shoulder.

"Lemme go, grease ball." Johnny pinched Steve's back playfully, and Soda made a gagging noise at the display. Pony rolled his eyes and Dally glared at Steve, but there was no threat there. He knew who he could trust with Johnny, and if Steve ever betrayed that trust Dally would kick him ass without a second thought. They headed to the truck moments later, tension already building as they thought who would be on what team. It definitely would be different.

The old spot was about forty five minutes away, a little before the city ended and the country began. It was park with some woods in the background, and if you knew how to follow a certain trail it led you to the old spot. The Curtis's dad had discovered the place, hiking out with their mom, Soda and Darry. Their mom was still pregnant with Pony, and years later when Pony was born he kept on calling it the old spot. So, the name just stuck.

Darry took a deep breath as he got out the car, recalling some of his very first memories in this place. The first time he ever played football was here, along with Soda. Pony didn't like playing football back then, always staying by his mother's side by clinging to her dress or pants. Once he did like playing football, they rarely ever came to the old spot. That'll gonna change now, Darry thought, we're gonna do a lot more stuff together.

"I'm team captain." Soda yelled, tackling Two Bit to get the football.

"Lousy greaser." Two Bit said from his position on the ground.

"I'm the other one." Pony chimed in.

"Why are both the Curtis's team captain? Let some body else be for a change." Two Bit whined, as Steve kicked his leg.

"I called it first." Soda said before Pony could. Pony glared at him with a mischievous glint in his eye.

"Guess that means I'm team captain," Dally smirked at Two Bit, daring him to say something.

"No problem here." Two Bit smiled sweetly at him, mumbling grease ball under his breath. The rest of the boys all lined up, ready to be picked and wondering how the teams would differ from other times. Things would definitely be different now, they would be closer. A tighter ball of friendship with romance thrown in there. After all, friendship was just love set on fire.

"Two Bit." Dally said, going first.

"Steve." Soda picked, slapping Steve in the back when he came over. Steve smacked Soda upside the head, and ducked Soda's intended swing.

"Johnny." Steve watched Johnny walk up and beside Dally discreetly. He waited untill Johnny met his eyes, and gave him a you-better-watch-out look. Johnny blushed, knowing Steve would make him his target throughout the game. Steve gave him a smile while Dally's back was turned, and Johnny returned it quickly. Dally knew what was going on behind him and smirked as he watched Pony.

"Pony." Soda picked.

"Well Darry, who's team is it gonna be?" Soda asked with a wry smile on his face, hoping Darry would come on his side. There was a reason they always allowed Darry to pick last when Dally played. Darry would pick the weaker team, the team with less "man power" as he would phrase it.

"I guess it'll be your team Pepsi-Cola." Darry decided. He staggered suggestively over to his team, knowing Pony was watching him every step of the way.

"In that case, I'll go to Dally's team then." Pony volunteered.

"Pony, keep time." They always timed their games for ten minutes, ever since they were little.

The game started off innocently enough, but part way through it Johnny caught the ball. He proceeded to run as fast as his little legs could take him, then got caught off guard by Soda who ran at him with a flying tackle. Two Bit threw himself and wrapped his arms around Soda's lower waist, desperately trying to get him to fall. It worked and Johnny kept running, his goal clear in sight now. He pumped his legs faster, and then felt strong arms wrap around him from behind and took the ball. The ball was handed to Soda, and Johnny knew he made a goal. Johnny fell to the floor, gasping with only a few feet between him and his destination.

"Sorry babe. But I couldn't let you show me up, now could I?" Steve whispered in his ear, laying a quick kiss on his neck. Johnny shivered.

"Thanks a lot. I thought my greasy boyfriend was supposed to let me win." Johnny told him, as Steve helped him up.

"Well, I had to prove I'm the, athletic one in this relationship." He was going to say man, but he didn't know how his smaller equal would take it. Johnny smirked, knowing what Steve meant. Steve smiled down at him, surprised at how natural a smirk looked on Johnny's face.

"Maybe one day you'll let me be the man in this relationship." Johnny blushed quickly after saying that, knowing exactly what he implied.

"Hurry up with the ball!" Soda interrupted Steve's reply, further up the field and waiting with the rest of the gang. Steve looked back a Johnny and smiled.

"Soon." He winked, making the younger boy's blush darker. Johnny got the ball and they ran back up to the rest of the gang, and the game continued shortly. This time Dally got the ball, and Steve went after him. Soda jumped in his way, but Dally easily pushed past him and outran Steve. Darry tried to catch up with Dally, but even though he was stronger, he was not faster. If Darry were to catch Dally it wouldn't be a problem, but Darry soon found out that was no easy feat. Dally quickly sped up and made the first goal. Dally's team, 1, Soda's team, 1.

"Too bad, Superman." Dally bragged. "But you ain't catching nobody on this team." Darry smirked.

"We'll see." Darry called to Pony to stop the time, and they took a minute break to huddle and discuss a plan. Dally lit up a cigarette and stared at his teammates. He handed it Pony and he took a few drags, than handed it Two Bit. Two Bit exhaled then looked at the cigarette, chuckling to himself.

"You and your Kools." Two Bit grinned, handing it Johnny.

"Better than the shit you be smokin'," Dally said right back, smirking at him.


"Alright, now listen up. Darry's got this little revenge all planned out-"

"How can you tell?" Johnny asked, looking over his shoulder to see Darry. They were all huddled together, and Darry was whispering something to them. "You're right."

"Of coarse I am. Now, the ball's going to Two Bit. Two Bit, make sure Darry's chasing you then pretend to give the ball to Johnny. Pony, stay close to them so Two Bit can actually give the ball to you. Once Darry tackles Johnny, you'll be too far for him to catch up, making a goal. And with only 50 seconds to spare, we win the game." Johnny stared at Dally admirably.

"Good plan Dally." He said.

"Thanks kid. Call it to start Pony."

"Time." Pony yelled to the other team. So the plan was set, and everybody took their places. Two Bit got the ball and ran, Johnny following just a few steps across from him and Pony on Johnny's side. Steve tried to interfere but Dally quickly tackled him. Darry caught up with Two Bit, just a few feet behind him. Perfect, Dally thought, just as planned. Two Bit faked the exchange to Johnny (really reaching across him and handing it to Pony), and Johnny pretended to have the ball. But Darry didn't take the bait offered to him, and instead took off after Pony.

"Shit." Dally mumbled. But they still had a chance, if Pony would outrun him. Pony started as he caught sight of Darry behind him, catching up to him. He thought of all those times that Darry had been there for him, all those times Darry had held him when he cried. How brave Darry looked at their parents funeral, how loyal he was when he told the social worker afterwards that he'd live with his brothers. How he cried when they found him again, how he held him after sex. The lusty look in his eyes he had before he entered him, yeah, he was sure Darry loved. Pony slowed down, and let Darry catch him.

"Hey." Pony said and turned around from under Darry, so he was facing him. He gently touched his face.

"Hey yourself." Darry replied, wondering why Pony threw the game. He was close enough to see him slow down, and let himself be caught by Darry's strong arms. They could hear Soda and Steve cheering in the background, and Dally cussing at them. Dally was a sore loser. They also heard Two Bit laughing, and Pony wondered briefly if Johnny was watching.

It didn't matter, being in Darry arms always made Pony feel completely safe. Later that night, they held each other and their moans of pleasure carried throughout the room. Come what may, they would always love each other. It was just another new meaning to the term brotherly love.

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