Chapter 1

Marisol's 5'9" 125lb frame stood by the window in her bedroom staring out at the overcast sky…It was supposed to rain…There had been a chill in the air all day. Only the tips of her fingers were sticking out of the sleeves of her sweater…the split turtleneck was warm against her neck.

She could hear her husband behind her packing his suit cases…They'd been married for 2 years…but for some reason their fighting as of late was getting worse and worse…They were both hoping the time apart would be good for them…She wasn't really sure this was what she wanted…He'd still be in town he was renting out a nice apartment…and was letting her stay in the house.

Dave Bautista's 6'6" 318lbs body moved gracefully across the hard wood floors of the bedroom. Packing the last of his shirts, pants, sock, underwear and his suits…He looked over and watched his wife stare out the window…She was wearing his favorite wine colored sweater, her ass looked cute in her jeans, and her unruly head of waist length chestnut spiral curls seemed to be behaving themselves today.

He could hear her soft breathing and remember the way their talk had gone the night before in bed. Through the two years they'd been married they'd never been apart. He'd met her 3 weeks of being hired into the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). Marisol was a script writer for Smackdown…After one chance encounter he was completely smitten with her…Her beauty and grace, just basically everything. He loved her more then life itself. On a chance Job proposition, they were both moved to Raw.

They began to date heavily for 3 weeks, before actually getting married the 4th. Needless to say everyone wasn't as shocked as the newlyweds figured they would be…Everyone knew by the way they were together they were destined to be with each other for the rest of their lives. After two years of traveling together on the road, it seemed as if their world was crashing down around them…What to do…What to do…

Now here he stood packing his suitcases because they'd decided some time apart would do them some good. He wasn't sure this was what he really wanted…Yes he'd still be in town…but he hated the thought of going to bed alone without her in his arms…it literally broke his heart. And he knew it broke hers too.

Dave walked over and wrapped his strong arms around her as she leaned back into his embrace and she said, "Tell me were doing the right thing?" Dave's deep voice cracked a little as he swallowed hard, this was his chance, he could tell her he didn't want to go… "Were doing the right thing baby…No it's not going to be easy…but I think were going to get through this next few months and come back loving each other more then we did before…We need the break."

Dave served himself a mental smack in the head…He could've so easily told her he wasn't leaving…that walking out the door and leaving her behind wasn't the best thing for him…She was his support system…He was her protector…They really did belong together. Eventually both of them would see that…It wasn't as if they wouldn't see each other anymore either.

They both still worked on Raw…But they were living separate lives…She in their home…He in an apartment made for one…While they were on the road…She'd be in a hotel room on the 5th floor, he…a hotel room on the 3rd. They'd gone to a couples therapist and she'd suggested they separate themselves for a few months, then come back and see how much they missed each other and realize then…nothing is more important then what you have in your life and what's standing in front of you…Someone who loves you more then word's can say.

Dave nuzzled Marisol's neck and said, "I need to get going before it starts raining…I don't want to be caught with all my clothes in a soggy suitcase." Marisol relished the feeling of his arms and lips on her as she nodded and turned around in his arms and ran her fingers through his soft black hair…his dark chocolate eyes shined with love for her and only her and she knew that.

Dave could see the tears starting to well in her beautiful blue eyes, but knew if he didn't leave now, and he heard anything that sounded like crying from her, it would take an artillery tank to move his ass from that house. He leaned down and kissed her lips softly and as he grabbed his bags said, "Don't forget I'm only a phone call away if you need anything…I'll see you Friday."

Marisol plastered a fake soft smile on her face and nodded and said, "Friday…right…" Dave said, "I love you." Marisol said, "I love you too." Dave didn't miss the crack in her voice or how fast she turned to face the window again, because she knew if she cried, he wouldn't dare leave her.

She heard him leave the big two story house and watched as he tossed 3 suitcases in the back of his Lincoln Navigator, he didn't look back…he knew she was watching and crying from the window…He had to be strong. He climbed inside and started off.

Marisol had one hand resting against the cold pane of glass, the other hand was across her mouth as rivers of tears rolled down her cheeks…she watched as he drove down the long driveway and turned towards town and he was gone.

She wanted nothing more then to beg him to stay…But deep in her heart she kept thinking…This is for the best…The best for whom? Not sure yet. It's just for the best.