Chapter 10

It took 3 more run in's with Paul before Marisol got pissed off enough to go to Dave about his stupid friends staying out of their business.

Dave was sitting in his apartment, wishing he had the guts to get in his car and drive over to the house…he was at the breaking point…He wanted his wife back…and he wanted her back NOW! He wasn't being possessive, he just missed her terribly. Dave was pulled from his thoughts as a knock came on the front door.

Dave pulled himself from the couch and walked over to the door and pulled it open and was shocked to see his wife standing on the other side. But she looked pissed…What must've happened? She never got mad for nothing. Dave said, "C'mon in." Marisol rolled her eyes and walked past Dave with an attitude.

Dave furrowed his brow at his wife…he couldn't help but smirk, even pissed off she was beautiful. Dave said, "What's up your ass?" He loved getting under her skin as she turned around and said, "You! Stop telling your stupid friends to come to my office and pester me during house shows and Raw!"

Dave was taken aback by her outburst and held his hands up in defense and said, "Whoa! Tell me whose been fuckin with you first, because I never told anyone to bug you." Marisol was annoyed and aggravated and said, "Paul! I've had 4 run in's with him, and each have him telling me how to deal with our marriage and ending with him calling me a bitch, which I've had just about enough of that shit!"

Dave saw red and said, "WHAT! I told him to just leave you alone and we'd work this out on our own." Marisol said, "I don't know…I don't care…Just make him leave me alone. I already slapped him once already for calling me a bitch…any more physicality and one of us is going to get hurt and I guarantee it won't be me."

Dave chuckled and said, "I love it when you get feisty like that…It's so cute." Marisol cracked a smile and said, "Stop it! I'm trying to be mean and serious and you're calling me cute." Dave chuckled as he pulled her into his arms and said, "I'd call you more baby, but I'm afraid for my life now…I can't believe you hit Paul and he didn't say anything to me."

Dave felt Marisol tense in his arms and said, "What's wrong baby?" Dave looked in Mari eyes and noticed her tone had gone from pissed to happy to…he wasn't sure…he could've sworn she looked scared. She turned from him and walked over to the window and looked out.

Dave watched as her hand came up and touched the cool pane of glass with her finger tips. Dave walked up behind her and said, "What is it…It's about that night here isn't it?" Marisol just nodded. Dave sighed heavily and said, "I hope I wasn't too pushy…I didn't hurt you did I?" Marisol said, "Oh God no…You've never hurt me." Dave didn't miss the crack in her voice.

Marisol rested her forehead against the window and said, "But I can't imagine what I've done to you…I know this split wasn't our idea that we took it from a stranger…and when I suggested the therapist maybe right, I saw the look in your eyes, and still went ahead as planned. I was going to spend 6 months away from you…casual talking was no biggie, but then I came over that day and one thing led to another and it felt so wonderful being with you again…I felt like I was home and I wasn't even in our house…and that kind of scared me…If I felt at home in a foreign place…how comfortable had you gotten to living with out me…"

Marisol turned to face Dave and continued, "I mean what if I came back in 6 months and asked you to move back in and you said no…what if you asked for a divorce because you'd liked it better on your own or you'd met someone and had fallen out of love with me…What was I going to do then…Because in all honesty, I didn't know what, I was going to do without you in my life."

Dave caressed Marisol's cheek and said, "That would never happen! Mari…You're it for me…There will never be anyone else for me. Not in this life…not ever. I asked you to marry me because I loved you and absolutely could not get enough of you being in my life…and it's ALWAYS going to be that way…You don't have to be scared of me…I promise."

Marisol touched Dave's forearms and said, "I'm not scared of you…I'm scared of us…What will happen to us, if the same thing that tore us apart is the same thing that brings us back together for all the wrong reasons." Dave brushed Mari's cheek with the back of his hand and said, "What are you talking about babe? We split because we were fighting about you not being able to get pregnant."

Marisol looked down at the ground and then up into his eyes as tears rolled down her cheeks and said, "I'm pregnant…I want you to come home and stay with me forever." Dave blinked a few times digesting what his wife had just said…he looked down and looked back up into her beautiful face and tears silently slid down his cheeks.

Marisol half laughed as she brought her hands up and wiped his tears with the sleeve of her shirt, and said, "Awww Baby." Dave couldn't say anything he just lifted her into his arms and carried her to the bedroom, where he closed the door and laid her on the bed…he crawled up and lifted her shirt and laid his head on her stomach and just listened…

They finally knew everything was going to be alright as long as they stayed together forever.

The End