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The Makai tournament was over, the new regime was in place and it was finally time to go home. Everything had worked out well. So why was Kurama reluctant to leave? Sadly he knew why. Leaving meant saying goodbye to Hiei, maybe forever. Not wanting to face that possibility Kurama chose to leave without saying goodbye.

Entering the forest that lead to the portal he would take to the Ningenkai Kurama stopped short. Leaning against a tree on the path ahead was Hiei.

A look of surprised crossed Kurama's face as Hiei turned to look at him. "So, Yusuke's going back after all."

Heart racing, Kurama nodded. "That's what he says. After he takes care of some things."

Stepping away from the tree Hiei faced his former partner. "And I guess you are off too?"

The moment Kurama dreaded was at hand. "That's right, to my family."

Without warning Hiei threw Kurama a chain. Catching it Kurama saw a Koorime teargem dangling from it. Kurama's heart longed to pretend that it was meant for him, but he knew Hiei didn't love him and would never give him his gem. With a heavy heart Kurama closed the door on his last chance to be with the man he loved.

"Hiei, I can't accept this. I value our friendship and all we've been through, but…" Kurama closed his eyes momentarily searching for the strength to continue. "I'm not interested in you that way."

"You fool! I'm not giving my stone to you!" Hiei growl and made a fist, but inside his heart was breaking. His last hope that Kurama might return his love had just died.

Hiei saw his fox smile for probably the last time. "Relax, it's a joke. You want me to give this to Yukina, right?"

Demon nature prevented either man from speaking the words that were in his heart. Hiei glared at Kurama. "That's right. I want you to tell her that her dear twin brother's been dead for years."

Kurama gave his friend a smile. "Why don't you return it to her yourself Hiei?"

Hiei's expression softened slightly. "I'm staying here in demon world. I want her to call off her ridiculous search for me."

Stepping closer Kurama held the teargem out to Hiei. "Even if you did want that, I won't shut this door for you. You'll give this to her, at your own pace."

Eyes wide, Hiei looked at Kurama before taking the teargem from his outstretched hand. With a smirk Hiei regarded his former partner. "You're the same way you were the first day we met, a pain who speaks the truth."

Chapter 1

Sitting in the park under a sukura tree, Kurama reflected back on that day three years ago. Unlike he had feared, that hadn't been the last time he'd seen Hiei. On the rare occasion that he traveled to Makai as Yomi's advisor, Kurama was occasionally favored with seeing Hiei across a conference table. They hadn't spoken privately however since that day in the woods.

Last year when Yusuke had finally returned to Keiko, Kurama had been happy for his friends but jealous at the same time. He couldn't help but wish Hiei would have accompanied the former detective, even if only for a visit.

Kurama's thoughts momentarily shifted from Hiei to Yusuke. In the two years between the Makai tournament and Yusuke's return to Keiko, Kurama had briefly flirted with the idea of a relationship between himself and Yusuke. The idea wasn't the only thing Kurama had flirted with. He and Yusuke had flirted and teased until they had experimented with a few kisses and a little foreplay before each decided that the other was just lonely for the one he truly loved. Though his feelings for Yusuke had been genuine, Hiei was still the man he loved and he knew Yusuke truly loved Keiko. Since Yusuke's return, the only reference either had made to their brief relationship was an occasional longing glance.

Six months ago Kurama had resigned his position as Yomi's advisor and begun moving on with his human life. Much to his mother's delight Kurama had begun dating. He had taken out several nice young ladies over the past few months, a few of his mother's choosing. What his mother didn't know was that he'd also gone out with several men.

Three years ago Kurama had made the choice to return to his human life, leaving his demon past behind. Since his extended stay in Makai however he'd felt his demon nature gradually becoming stronger and stronger, even after returning to the Ningenkai. This had shown up in many ways but the strongest of which had prompted him to begin dating.

Recently his need for a lover had become almost overwhelming. Though he knew his mother would like him to take a wife, Kurama didn't lust after females often, preferring a strong male beneath him in bed. Thus far his human aspect had not taken a lover and his demon form hadn't taken one since his death over twenty years ago. That was about to change though, he just needed to find a suitable mate who could handle a demon lover.

Needless to say Kurama's thoughts once again returned to Hiei. No matter how sexy or attractive he'd found the men or women he'd gone out with, none had stood up to Hiei's memory. Everything about Hiei was perfect. He was strong, sexy, male and a demon. Everything Kurama craved in a lover.

For the millionth time in the last three years Kurama scolded himself. He had to put Hiei's memory in the past and move on. The next step in that move was the date he had in a little while with a handsome college student he'd met in the library at the university. The man was a year younger than Kurama and had openly expressed his interest for the redhead the first time they'd met.

Gathering the books he was supposed to have been studying for a test tomorrow Kurama stood. With the intent of going to his apartment for a quick shower before his date Kurama turned to leave the park. At the sight before him however he gasped and dropped his books. When he spoke his voice was barely a whisper.