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Rekkyo - power
Takara - treasure
Ryoshi - hunter
Hana - flower

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Kurama smiled as he thought about his life. Ten years ago he had resigned himself to give up on his demon desires and live out his meaningless human life. His smile grew as right before his eyes was everything his demon heart had ever desired.

In the sand at the edge of the pond Rekkyo, nicknamed Kyo, played in the sand. Physically Kyo resembled Yusuke, with his baby soft dark brown hair and cocky smile. Living up to his name Kyo's youki was growing almost as fast as he was proving that someday he would indeed be a very powerful demon. Even though he was only three years and eight months old Kyo was already showing signs that he had inherited not only Keiko's big, beautiful eyes but also her intelligence.

Playing in the sand beside Kyo was three year old Takara. From the day Hiei gave birth to her she had instantly become her fathers' most precious treasure. Knowing that she had been conceived while Kurama was in his human form they had all been pleasantly surprised that she was a Youko. She had beautiful silver hair that already cascaded past her shoulders. Nestled in her bangs was a jet black starburst identical to Hiei's white one and when she cried her jade green eyes produced Koorime tear gems.

Never losing sight of Kyo and Takara as they played Kurama's gaze shifted to the blanket beside him where what their fathers lovingly referred to as 'the twins' were taking their afternoon nap. Kurama had managed to stall Yusuke almost two years before finally allowing him to have a child. Giving a little chuckle Kurama realized that 'allow' might be a bit of an exaggeration.

Yusuke had gone into his first heat not long after coming to live with them. Kurama believed it was brought on because Hiei was pregnant with Takara and Yusuke's body was reacting to his hormones. As he usually did when Hiei was in heat Kurama gave Yusuke an herb that would prevent him from conceiving. Since both Hiei and Yusuke only went into heat about once or twice a year this method of birth control had worked quite well for them.

Last year however Kurama had returned from Gandura after spending three days helping Yomi and was immediately pounced by both of his mates. It wasn't until he was completely caught up in their lovemaking that he realized Yusuke had gone into heat. Kurama smiled as he remembered how Hiei had dramatically related the story of how he had been forced to keep the horny Toushin happy until Kurama's return.


Yusuke lay cuddled between them in an exhausted sleep, wrapped warmly in Hiei's ki. Softly Hiei gave an exaggerated sigh and glared at the Youko. "Kurama, how the hell did you do you keep from taking me when I went into heat at Yusuke's? You know, the day I conceived Takara? I was so horny yet you made me wait until that night before you made love to me. Yusuke was insatiable today. I used my hands and mouth on him, I even had him take me twice but it just wasn't enough. He wanted to be taken and you weren't here to do it or to give him the herb."

Kurama laughed softly. "You were older than he is now and had more control than he does. What I don't understand is why didn't you just take him yourself Koi? You knew the moment he conceived he would curl up and sleep."

Hiei grunted. "Hn. Because you kept saying he was too young to have a child and as the alpha male his first child should be yours Fox."

Kurama gently crawled over Yusuke to cuddle Hiei. "Thank you Koi but you know our children belong to all of us equally. I wouldn't have minded if you sired this child Fire-Baby. Besides, are you really complaining about having to make love with our Toushin all afternoon?"

With a grin Hiei blushed. "No of course not but don't blame me if we end up with more children than you know what to do with Fox. After all, you're the one that turned us both into sex maniacs."

Kurama laughed. "Well my little sex maniac, I guess that means you won't mind if I ravish you now."

Hiei moaned as Kurama's lips descended on his neck. "I'm all yours my Fox."


That however was just the beginning of how they had ended up with 'twins'. When Yusuke was about three months pregnant Kurama had come back from another trip to Gandura to find Yusuke making passionate love to Hiei. Not finding this unusual he quickly shed his clothes and joined them. It wasn't until several minutes later when he heard Hiei's desperate pleas did he realize that Yusuke's pregnant hormones must have sent the fire demon into heat early. Knowing that it was too late to do anything else Kurama had found his pleasure in Yusuke and when they were finished wrapped Hiei in his arms and in his ki.

Judging from the slow progression of his pregnancy Yusuke it seemed had a gestation period of nine months whereas fire demons and Koorime only had six month gestation periods. With two pregnant mates due at almost the same time and two young children Kurama had moved his family back to the Ningenkai two months before their children were due to be born.

Of course Shiori and Yukina had been thrilled to have both them and the children around for an extended visit while Kuwabara had had a field day teasing both pregnant men. Shiori had been a little disappointed though when Kurama had told her they would stay at the temple and not with her. She agreed with his decision however when he explained that with two pregnant men and a Youko kit they would be much safer in the isolated temple than in the middle of town.

Right on schedule at almost nine months to the day Yusuke gave birth to an adorable Youko kit. They had named their new son Ryoshi, the hunter. His hair, ears and tail were the same as Yusuke's dark brown hair but his eyes were jade green like Kurama's.

Kurama, Hiei and Yusuke had just three days to enjoy their new baby before Hiei gave birth to their fourth child. With the exception of having Yusuke's big brown eyes Hana, their flower, appeared to be full Koorime. She was a dainty little thing with Yukina's lovely aqua hair. Since Ryoshi and Hana were born only three days apart they had immediately been dubbed 'the twins'.

Kurama's attention was drawn from the sleeping twins when Kyo and Takara suddenly jumped up and cried out. "Papa!" Running as fast as their little legs would carry them Kyo and Takara went to greet Hiei. Kurama smiled as his mate knelt down to scoop a toddler up in each arm.

After giving and getting kisses from each child Hiei eyed them each skeptically. "I think I see my children somewhere under all that dirt. Did your father let you play in the mud again?"

Takara giggled. "Ish sand Papa not mud."

Pointing behind him Kyo beamed. "See we made a castle like Aunt Mukuro's."

Hiei dutifully admired the sloppy sand castle as he set the children down. When they ran back to play Hiei turned his attention to Kurama. "I am not giving them another bath Fox. I already gave them one this morning before I left."

Laughing Kurama held his arms out to Hiei. The fire demon didn't hesitate to settle on the redhead's lap for a leisurely kiss. "I'll take care of it Koi while you feed the twins. I'm glad you got back before they woke up because they're going to be hungry."

Looking around Hiei frowned. "Where's Yusuke?"

Having two infants at one time could be a handful but it helped that they had two parents that could nurse them. "Kyo and Takara were pretty hyper this morning after you left and I think it made the twins extra cranky. After things settled down and the babies fell asleep I sent him into town. I thought he could use a break."

Concern showed in Hiei's eyes. "Kurama, what were you thinking? They're only two months old, they can't be without one of us to nurse them."

Kurama raised an eyebrow at his mate. "Hiei, you sound just like Yusuke did when I sent him off. You both act like I've never done this before. Yusuke didn't leave until they went down for their nap and I knew you'd be home soon. If they had woken before you got here they would have been fine with a bottle of juice or water until you got back."

Hiei grunted. Since the first time he had laid eyes on Kyo Hiei had taken his parenting responsibility very seriously. "Hn. It would have served you right if I'd come home to find you with two crying babies."

Just then Ryoshi began to fuss and Hiei quickly went to pick him up before he could wake Hana. Kurama's loving eyes watched as his mate bared his chest and began nursing their son. Kurama leaned over to kiss first his mate and then his son's little cheek. "I love you Koi. I'm going to give the kids their bath while you feed the twins."

Now it was Hiei that watched lovingly as Kurama began to strip. Knowing his mate was watching Kurama gave him quite a show. When he was naked he bowed. "I hope you liked the view but that's all you get for now Koibito. Later I'll show you just how much I missed you today."

Not waiting for a response Kurama ran into the water calling Kyo and Takara to join him. Hiei reluctantly took his gaze from the gorgeous redhead when he heard Hana stir. As usual she squealed happily when she saw her fire demon father. "Hello little one. I'm almost finished with your greedy big brother then it will be your turn."

The Youko kit in his arms flipped his tail as if he knew Hiei were talking about him. "I hope you know how lucky you are that your little sister is so patient. You are just as greedy as that handsome daddy of yours, always wanting more."

With Kyo on his back and Takara in his arms Kurama watched Hiei as he nursed and talked to their two youngest children. The fire demon had fallen in love with Kyo on sight and he had become a different demon from that day on. Nothing however could compare to the look Kurama had seen in Hiei's eyes when Takara had been placed in his arms for the first time. Seeing Hiei holding that tiny silver kit in his arms Kurama knew the last of the walls around Hiei's heart had finally melted away.

A few hours later the children were all clean, fed and tucked in their beds. Two stories and a lullaby later Kurama was finally able to turn his attention to Hiei. "It's been a while since we've been completely alone Fire-Baby. This is going to be fun."

Seeing the look in Kurama's eyes Hiei flitted out of the tree house with a small silver fox chasing him. With Hiei using the jagon to keep an eye on the children they played around their home for some time before making love.

When Yusuke returned two hours later he sensed his mates in their favorite lovemaking spot behind the waterfall and went straight to the tree house to check on the children. Hana was awake but not fussy. Yusuke smiled at the little Koorime and whispered. "Hey baby girl, are you hungry? I hope so because my chest hurts."

Knowing their mate had returned Kurama and Hiei slipped into the nursery just in time to see Yusuke lay a now sleeping Hana back in bed beside Ryoshi. The Youko kit stirred slightly, wrapping his dark brown tail around his sister, so Yusuke gently stoked his head and ears so he wouldn't waken.

When Yusuke turned he found his mates naked and grinning. Eyeing their obvious erections Yusuke grinned and whispered. "I'm happy to see that it wasn't just my daughter that missed me."

Kurama and Hiei each reached for one of his hands as the Youko purred. "Come to bed Koibito and we'll show you just how much we missed you."

Allowing them to lead him to bed Yusuke moaned as they began to undress him, kissing and touching as they went. "Damn, I knew I loved you guys for a reason."

Lots of kissing, moaning and I love yous later Kurama, Hiei and Yusuke, having satisified their demon desires, slept happily wrapped in each other's arms.