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Chapter 1

Sam eyes start to open slowly, the rooms blurs for a moment then goes back to normal. His arms and legs feel heavy but he ignores it and tries to sit up but realizes he can't move because he's strapped down to a table. Sam looks around but he can't see a thing. it must be a basement or something Sam thinks to himself. Then the door opens and reveals a man in a doctors outfit. The doctor pulls out a large needle and starts to walk over to Sam. Sam heart starts to race and he begins to struggle but the restraints wont budge. The doctor is about to inject the needle when Sam wakes up.

Dean hears Sam shoot up and start breathing fast and looks over to make sure he's ok. Ever since Sam got attacked by that vampire on their last hunt Dean has been in overprotective big brother mode.

"hey, you ok kiddo?" Dean asks while trying to hide the concern in his voice.

"yeah, I'm ok. Just had a bad dream" Sam replied even though he knew it was more than just a bad dream.

" want to talk about it?" Sam heard the concern in his voice but didn't say anything about it.

The younger of the two replies "no, not right now" his breathing finally back to normal.

"alright, whenever you're ready"

Sam decided to change the subject. "so did you find a new gig?"

"yeah maybe, listen to this" Dean turns up the volume on the tv so Sam can hear the news.

The news reporter starts talking. "the body of 20 year old Stacey Wells was found in the woods tonight by a couple camping in the area. There are no signs of serious trauma but they did find what appears to be needle marks on her arm. Police are ruling it a overdose but will not be certain until they receive the coroners report. More on this story as it develops."

Sam waits till Dean mutes the tv then starts talking.

"Dean this doesn't sound like our kind of thing. It just sounds like the girl overdosed."

"yeah that's what I thought at first but then I looked through dads' journal. Dad found articles exactly like this. It's always a person in their early 20's, always found in that part of the woods."

"ok, why would dad think this is our kind of thing?"

"Hold on I'm getting there, apparently all of the victims were in their homes when they disappeared. No sign of struggle, the doors and windows were locked and nothing was out of place. It looks like they just got out of bed and left."

"Maybe they did"

"Well dad thinks it's our kind of thing so I think we should check it out"

Sam always hated it when Dean followed dad without question but decided not to bring it up. " Ok, when do we start?"

"Well how about we get dressed and go grab a bite to eat. Then you can go on the computer and do your geek thing and see if you can find anything out."

Sam looks at Dean with an annoyed look on his face for Deans geek joke. Dean just ignores him.

"Ok, sounds like a plan"

End of chapter 1.

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