This is sort of like the continuing of l.w.i.s. aka love written in sand.

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Love Recall

The mysterious stranger had indeed caught her attention, with interest there always follows curiosity.

She wanted more than anything to see her admirer, her head riddled with questions that needed to be answered.

One in particular was the identity of a one ruby red eyed knight in armor. Or any way this is how she pictured him.

Although, never really seeing him face to face, She was love stuck by his strong mind.

Dusting sand off at her current thoughts the pink dessert rose walked towards the beach house Sonic and the others made for when they stayed the night at the beach.

Amy sat at the kitchen table they had inside of the beach house.

"Hey, Amy, how's it going?" Asked sonic chowing on a plate of chilly dogs.

"How's it going? I'll tell you how it's going sonic hedgehog!" Amy's arm on the rim of her Piko.

Amy stood up from the table and threw the tickets on the table. "The cruse was, great."

"What's her problem?" Asked sonic in a clueless manner.

Everyone in the room glared at him.

"Really sonic you can be completely clueless!" Yelled Tails.

Big, and Cream left Sonic in the room by himself.

By this time Sonic looked down at the table and remembered why Amy was so upset. "Amy wait!"

Sonic caught up with Amy in the blink of her eye. "We'll just go next time, just me and you, how's that sound?"

"Sonic, I'd like to be left alone." The pink hedgehog looked down at her shoes letting tears fall.

Cream saw the state Amy was in and told Sonic, it best for him to give her some space.

Amy walked to the edge of the beach, in the spot of her ghost writer, and wiped away her tears staring out to sea.

Meanwhile at a certain ghost's current home, he pled with the sky before dawn to take him back to a time where memories couldn't haunt him.

Here was his sanctuary, a haven a way from all that posed a threat to his inner most thoughts.

"I feel as though I'm strong enough to feel the light of day, my dessert rose."The ghost writer looks into a mirror hung upon the wall of his mansion.

"Maybe someday we will meet again." Said the Poet covering his features with dark cape.

He thought about it, day and night it tormented him, that he couldn't push his pink dessert rose from his mind.

His feelings for her grew in time, after that little bit of kindness she'd shown him at the prison base.

And seeing her hold her hero, his blue enemy practically, ripped his heart out.

But he was a criminal, he worked for Dr. Egg Man at one time before going it solo.

There was no way Amy saw him the way she did Sonic.

It ached, within the very depths of his heart that he couldn't see her and yet he went around writing anonymous poems.

What's love anyway, and if it was so great why did he feel so rotten?

"I feel as though I'm doing something foolish." But he'd made up his mind he'd see her again tonight.