Hello again, well this is it. Really, I mean it truly this is the last chapter.

It's an extra really.

So, if you please read on and enjoy.

Childeren of the time

The arangements where beutiful everyones blessings the room filled with laughter and cries. I thought My heart would stop when you said I do.

I dreamed of this moment for along time, I knew these days would never end.

Even years wihout our youth time stood still, life should feel like this for everyone. I thought as we exchanged our vos.

We spent our lives as newly spies in our spare, and I my heart ache I was so dreadfully happy when you told me you were proud to have a new addtion. I never felt so happy.

Father time drew us a line and we followed without a second thought.

Although harsh, this father of time, he grew kind and genorus guiding us with our memories.

Our last thoughts as we looked at the sky for the last time, and left this world.

I' never let my prince, nor my dessert flower go.

So much time has past since, you and I have talked were all standing here today, wishing you could be here.

I, your oldest, and yes your youngest stand here on your favorite hill side, as your final wishes, to pay respect.

We choke back tears as we hold on to your memory, of this I will never let go.

"Big brother, are you finished talking with mom and dad?" My little sister looked up at me with a smile.

She tryed to confort me, for I couldn't hide my feelings from her, she had the same looks of her mother, but the same percing ruby reds that looked into mine.

I, appeared the exsact photo copy of my father eyes, fangs, fur and all.

I looking into the eyes, of sister I too gave a conforting smile, and held my sister as she grew tired.

I felt her heart beat, looking back at the hill side where you rested. We waved good bye to you, and got in mighty's green camofloge jeep and rode home.

My only concern now is my dearest sweet sister the only, in graved memory of my mother, I had left.

If I do recall, this emotion held heavly in our hearts, I do belive it's love.

I call this poem " Love recall."


Kinda, sad, and cute at the same time right? Hope you enjoyed it. Lota folks.