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Chapter One

Mir had seen alot in her lifetime. Had heard alot in her lifetime. However, when the Tallests contacted her, she got the biggest surprise in her life.

"Did you hear me?" Red asked, tempted to repeat the information just to see the look on the woman's face. She blinked before her hands fisted.

"HE'S WHAT!" Purple winced, rubbing the side of his head. Red looked at her as if he'd been expecting it.

"Pregnant. That defect of yours has finally gone to the next lowest level." Red smirked at her. "You should have seen him when he called here crying. Whining for his mommy. It's what he gets for having relations with beings from that planet."

Mir's hackles raised at that, but she somehow refrained from screaming at them. "Tell him I'm on my way."

Severing the connection before Red could throw in anything else, she punched the closest thing to her. Her communication screen cracked as her fist made contact with it.

Sniviling little brats! She was almost three times their age. THREE! And they still had the nerve to mock her... and her child.

Mir had been a breeder. One of the essentials to the continuation of the Irken race. But the day her youngest had knocked out all of the planet's power...

She'd taken responsibility for him. She really had. She'd even offered to let them put a pak on her as well.

They hadn't. Her body would have rejected it anyways. The paks, while life support and somewhat of a birth control, could only be attached at the moment the smeet was taken from it's incubation chamber.

But she'd done her best to raise him. She'd even gone all the way to Tallest Miyuki's ship to retrieve him after the power hungry blob incident. And she'd been the one sentanced to life away from the home planet after Tallest Spork had been eaten by the same creature.

But of all the times for her to be floating directionless in space.

"Did you hear that?" She asked, waiting for the Voot's reply.

"Yes. Setting a course to Earth." Mir sighed and sat back in her chair. She eyed the galactic map through the cracked screen and realised she'd been floating towards it.


Zim stood in his living room, staring at the screen that was usually hidden behind the picture of the monkey. With a hand on his hip and a small bump in his middle, he was almost certain the Tallests didn't think he was worth their time.

"Is she coming?" Zim asked, staring at them. Purple smiled slightly at him, still holding the side of his head.

"She's on her way." Zim nodded as they cut the connection. He slumped down onto the couch. He was certain that it would take her a while to reach him. But then again...

"Incoming message from:" The computer's voice cackled to life.

"Why the fuck should I tell you!" Zim laughed silently. "Allow it."

The picture on the wall was once again replaced by a communication screen. A pale green woman stared at him, dark red eyes searching. Zim noted the vertical black line going over her left eye before standing up.

"Baby, are you ok?" She asked worridly. Zim smiled at her. It wasn't often that an invader knew their birth parent.

"I'm alright mother." She nodded, and he knew she didn't believe him.

"Send me your co-ordinates. I'm just reaching your planet's atmosphere." Zim nodded, telling the computer to do just that. She smiled at him. "I'll see you in a few moments."

"Yeah." Zim nodded, and Mir cut the connection. Zim stared at the blank screen for a moment. "GIR! Open the roof!"

"But I'm makin taquitos!" Zim rolled his eyes. He winced as he felt a jolt run down his spine and into his abdomen. "Computer..."

"I got it."

Mir saw the glowing house and rolled her eyes. Leave it to an invader to have the least convincing disguise. She pulled her Voot into the open attic, looking at her son's before getting up and out of her own.

She found an elevator just as Zim was coming up. Mir smiled softly at him.

"Zim, you didn't have to get up and come greet me. I could have found my own way down." She went to hug him, and he winced away. Her eyes narrowed. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing." Zim hissed, wincing again and pressing hand to his stomach. Mir arched an eyeridge, walking up to him again. "ZIM SAID NOTHING!"

She shook her head, grabbing one of his attennae and turning him around. "Zim, has your pak been acting weird?"

Trying not to cry out because of the pain, Zim uttered a soft yes. "It's been sending shocks."

He heard his mother curse softly in Irken and release him. He looked at her, noting that he was now the same height, if not a little taller.

"We need to get the pak off." Mir said, looking at him and then heading to the elevator. He followed curiously. "Why?"

Mir looked at him, shaking her head. "Have I taught you nothing? The pak acts as a birth control, remember Zim? It's trying to kill the baby."

Zim paled. Then began to panic.

"Get it off!" He yelled, reaching behind him as he tried to pull it off himself. Mir rolled her eyes.

"Honey, calm down!" She grabbed his hands, looking him in the eye. "We'll get it off before it can do anything. I promise."

Zim started to calm down at that. His mother never broke a promise to him.

Mir sighed and looked up at the top of the elevator. She went over the calculations in her head.

"We need to get it off as soon as we get into your lab. Then all we need's a small electric charge and..." She looked at Zim, noticing that he was staring off into nothing. She reached over and shook him.

"Wake up, would you?" She asked, before grabbing both sides of his face and making him look at her. Zim stiffened, but relaxed as he realised she wasn't a threat.

"Does the father know?" Mir asked softly, and Zim sighed.

"I'm considering telling him." Mir's grip tightened ever-so-slightly. Zim forced back a wince as another shock ran through his spine.

"Don't. Zim, if he's not Irken then--"

"He hasn't seen me in three months! Three months, mom! I'm three months pregnant!" Zim shouted. Mir growled.

"He doesn't deserve to know if he hasn't seen you since!" Mir was trying not to yell. And she was failing miserably.

"He does deserve to! I've been the one hiding everytime he comes to check on me!" Zim argued. The elevator stopped as it reached the lab, and Mir huffed. Reaching over to take off his pak, she said nothing.

A small electric shock was all it took to revive him. However, he would need a chip to replace the life support. So Mir disasembled the pak and pulled out the needed chip. She had the computer make sure that it didn't have the birth control on it before placing it where Zim's pak had been. It dissapeared into his flesh as soon as she pressed it into the empty connector.

Zim groaned and looked up at her from the table he was laying on.

"Sleep, little one."

Mir had decided to rent an apartment. Zim had been sleeping for the better part of the week, and she had no doubt that it had to do with the lack of the pak.

She looked down at her son's face before smiling. An apartment would be easier to live in than the base. That much she was sure of. She scribbled down the address of the place on a piece of paper and set it next to him.

She'd already managed to furnish the small apartment. There was enough room for Zim's things if he decided to come with her.

Walking out of the living room and into the kitchen, Mir yelped as something snagged on her anttenae.

"What the fuck!" She turned, looking down at the little robot hanging off of them. "A... SIR unit?"

She had known that Zim had been given a dysfuctional robot in the place of a SIR unit. However... this little guy really looked like a real one.

"Hiya green lady!" Mir smiled slightly, pulling it off of her anttenae.

"And who would you be?" She asked, looking into the blue eyes. They were so empty...

"GIR! I like TAQUITOS!" He held up a taquito to her, and she laughed. "GIR, huh?"

GIR nodded, hugging his taquito. "Well keep an eye on Zim for me, would you GIR?"

"Sure!" He giggled, shoving the taquito in his mouth. Mir left the house in time to hear;


Followed by a;




Zim had woken to find his mother gone. But she'd left a note, and an address. GIR had taken the liberty of taping them to his forehead while he was sleeping.

"Now's as good a time as any." He said softly, looking down at the bump in his gut. He supposed Dib didn't really need to know... he could just leave, go stay with his mother and leave the boy thinking he'd abandoned the planet.

But Zim felt compelled to tell him. After all, this child was his as well.

So he set out the door, telling GIR that he'd be back and to watch the house, and started on the walk to the Membrane home.

Gaz stared at him as she answered the door. Her eyes roamed down to the buldge in his stomach.

"Either you've been very depressed, or someone knocked you up." Zim rolled his eyes. "Can I come in?"

"Whatever." Gaz said, taking a drag of her cigarette and walking into the kitchen. Zim followed.

"Is Dib here?" Gaz didn't even look over her shoulder as she went back to digging through the fridge for pizza.

"So that's who knocked you up? God, my two worst nightmares all come true in the span of a week." Zim stared at her, wondering what she ment by that. He knew one must have been her brother becoming a parent... but what was the other one.

"Worst nightmares?" Zim asked, and Gaz turned to face him. "Look... Zim, Dib's out on a date. He's over you. I think he finally gave up on waiting."

Zim blinked as he shoved his hands in his pockets, fumbling for the address Mir had left.

"Date...?" Was all he managed. The front door opened then, and Dib came into the house. He saw Zim's pink, dress like shirt and raised an eyebrow.

"Gaz, who's your... Zim?" Zim spun around, hands now fisted at his sides. The little piece of paper with the address on it fluttered to the floor. Gaz eyed it before Zim picked it up.

Dib just stared at the buldge in the alien's stomach.

"Uh... Zim..." The alien stormed pass him, and all Dib heard was 'bastard' before the door slammed shut. Dib turned to Gaz, eyebrow raised as walked into the kitchen. He took the cigarette from her as she reached for the pizza.

"By the way, that was your bump." Gaz said, taking a bite out of the cold slice. "And I suggest you go after him."

Dib stared at her in shock... his? Was that even possible? There had been one time between him and Zim... but he'd just been wanting to know more about the Irken anatomy.

"Is he still at the base?" Dib asked, hoping Gaz had gotten that much from him. She stared at him. "If I knew, why would I tell you?"

"Gaz, come on. I'll... I don't know, I'll by you Bloaty's anytime you want for the next week. Just tell me where he'd going." Dib pleaded, stabbing out the cigarette. Gaz considered this.

"Make it two weeks." She said after a moment, and Dib sighed. "Deal."

She told him the address that she had seen on the paper.

Mir opened the door in time to almost be barreled over by her son.

"I'm such an idiot!" He cried, starting to pace around her living room. He tugged off the same old wig and contacts, throwing them to the floor. Mir watched him. "How could I ever think he'd want me! Or this baby! It's an abomination! A mistake! It's--"

Zim broke off with a sob as Mir finally caught him by the shoulders.

"It's your baby, Zim. Just are you are mine." She said softly. Zim sagged in her grip before she let him burry his face in her shoulder. Feeling her arms wrap around him, he began to wonder when the last time he'd been held like this was. The last time he'd been held by her.

It was just before she left. When they were watching the explosion of a planet. She'd told him... what had her exact words been?

I believe in you, little one. So grow and be the greatest invader you can be, and you will overcome our Tallests.

She'd left him on Irk after that. And then he let her.

This time he wouldn't.

"It's ok, little one. Everything will be fine. Mother's here." Zim finally cried himself out, and Mir carried him to the bedroom. She brushed the still falling tears from her son's face.

And someone knocked on the door.

Mir sighed, standing and walking to it. When she opened it, she saw a tall teenaged boy with glasses and a trench. His hair stood up in a style that oddly imitated a scythe.

"Is Zim here?" He asked, and Mir leaned against the door frame. "I take it you're Dib, then?"

"Yes..." Mir grabbed his collar, dragging him down to her level.

"YOU think you can knock up MY baby and just walk AWAY! I don't think so, Earth SCUM!" Mir screamed. As he was dragged into the house, Dib realised where Zim got his knack for yelling from.

His mother.

'Wait... Zim has a mother?' Dib asked himself, shaking his head silently. He was tossed onto the couch, a seething Irken woman infront of him.

"Hold on! I thought Irkens couldn't get pregnant!" Dib attempted, and Mir glared at him. "If their paks are defective or they aren't given one, they're able to. Zim's pak was defective."

"So... what? What are Irken pregnancies like?" Mir stared at him. This boy was just a smeet himself. But then... most of the beings on this planet were considered smeets by Irken standards. She found herself beginning to calm down just a little.

"What are human pregnancies like?" Dib thought for a moment. "They usually last nine months, seperated into three month periods called trimesters."

"Then Irken and human pregnancies aren't all that different." Mir winced slightly at the memory of actually being pregnant with Zim. 'Irk, those strange cravings almost killed me.'

"But are there stages and symptoms?" Mir looked at the boy. She was beginning to wonder if he really did know anything about his race's repoduction.

"Morning sickness, food cravings, swollen breasts, tired all the time, having to piss alot... should I really go on?" Mir looked at him, and Dib shook his head. "I know all these things. Zim is, after all, the youngest out of dozens."

"Mom?" A tired voice drifted into the room as Zim stumbled out of the bedroom.