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Chapter Six

Mercy was staring at Mir in pure shock. She stuttered faintly as she tried to speak. "That... that... that's not..."

"Good, at all." Mir replied. She started typing at the keyboard as the door swung open and Tak raced in. Mercy watched the girl enter the screen in a pale green flurry.

"Is it possible that I inherited the gene?" Tak said quickly. Nyx's eyes widened as Mercy sighed, and Mir stared at her. "Of course not! Unlike Zim you were tested for defects and came out perfectly."

Tak's face fell as she was told this, and she looked at the screen with Nyx and Mercy on it. "Hey."

"Hey girl. We're on our way." Mercy said softly. Tak nodded as she took in the information. The screen disconnected shortly after as Mir turned to look at Tak.

"First of all, what on this mud-ball makes you think that you would be able to carry?" Mir asked, and then sighed. "Sometimes I wonder if it's something in the water."

"Yeah, well..."

"Do you really want to know what's wrong with your brother?" Mir asked, and Tak's eyes closed as she nodded.

"Take a look at this."

The screen Mir pulled up was of the inside of Zim's body. More specifically his abdomen.

Two small, lithe bodies were intertwined as Tak's screech echoed through the Irken lab.

Dib stared in horror as he turned on his camera. The soul thing that he could focus on in the screen were the two, small Irken twins that were his.

"What have I done?" He whispered.

He had never ment for any of this. Much the least to end up having SEX with ZIM!!

Narrowing his eyes, he came to a decision.

They would have to go.

Zim groaned as he opened his eyes. Mir was watching him intently as he did so. And the familiar face of Mercy was beside her.

"How are you feeling?" Mercy asked softly. Mir continued staring at him.

"Ok, I guess, considering I have some sort of parasite growing within my belly." Zim answered, and Mir cracked a small smile. "Ok, ok, I feel like I've been run over several times and dipped in a vat of Earth water."

"Better." Mir sighed, and Zim raised an eyeridge.

"So what's wrong with my smeet?"


"So why the pain?"

"It's not a smeet."

"If it's not a smeet than what is it?" Zim asked, staring at his mother harshly. He knew that he had something growing inside of him, and for her to be telling him that it wasn't a smeet wasn't such a good thing.

"It's smeets."

"Oh..." and Zim passed out again.