Title: What others couldn't do
Author: Lisea18
Rating: K
Character (mention or present): Sasuke, Hinata, Kiba, Naruto, Neji, Sakura, Ino, Kakashi, Itachi, Orochimaru, Kabuto…
Pairing: Sasuke/Hinata, mention of Neji/Ino/Kiba.
Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto
Warming: Spoiler to all the manga AND to the latest chapter published in Japan.
Summary: Sasuke/Hinata. I was asked by oztan for a fic about them, here you go. Find out what Sasuke and Hinata think of each other. Set at the last chapter of Naruto published in Japan.

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What others couldn't do

Everybody was sleeping in the main household. But she knew better: she would wait until Neji-nii-san left. He always wandered around Konoha at night. Enjoying the freedom? Possibly, it didn't matter. She had already packed her things and written a letter. Tonight she would flee from Konoha.


He was staring at the ceiling. As expected from Orochimaru, they had set their new headquarters underground. In three days he would sneak out of there to enjoy the night. Was he missing the sun? Not at all… He missed the moon.


- Sasuke-kuuuuuuun! Can I sit next to you? Screamed Sakura.

- No! I'm the one sitting next to him! Answered Ino catching her friend.

He didn't react. Every single girl wanted to please him. First kill Itachi, next rebuilding the clan. For that last purpose he needed a girl. So, he was studying them: the cleverest, the more powerful, those with good lineage… But they were still at the academy; he had to wait to see the truest power of each girl. Therefore, for the time being, girls only were annoying. He didn't acknowledge them.

He turned is head toward the window and nearly jumped out of his skin. Being an Uchiha, people watching saw only his shoulder slightly lift. Next to him sat a girl. She was playing with her fingers, fidgeting and looking dreamily at the boy in front of her. Well, at least she wasn't a fangirl.

- Whaaaa Kiba-kun! You're mean! I wanted to sit next to Sasuke-kun!

Dog boy snorted at Ino and dropped his head on the table, ready to sleep. Sasuke wasn't dupe; Kiba was blushing. He had sat there only to make sure Ino wouldn't get close to him. That was good, he would be able to listen without hearing a girl sigh each time he moved.

- Na… na… naru… naruto-k… kun… you… you…

Sasuke turned toward the girl, she was blushing and stuttering. Simply speaking, well trying to speak, to Naruto made her panic? Wasn't she an Hyuuga?

- Oy! Naruto you let your ruler fall!

She let her gaze drop and started fidgeting again. Her eyes were bright. Was she going to cry because Kiba had ruined her tentative? Weak. She had a strong lineage but was so utterly weak. Not worth… Sasuke froze.

You're so weak, foolish little brother, you're not even worth killing.

Sasuke took a deep breath. Before knowing what had hit him, he pushed Naruto's table foot. The shake was enough to make the ruler fall again and hadn't disturbed the stupid boy. Why had he done that?

The girl, still watching closely Naruto, literally jumped and took the ruler, beaming. There she was fidgeting again.

- Naruto-k… k… kun… your… your… ruler…

Good. She had succeeded. She was stronger than a few minutes ago. Now he felt at peace. If she was able to improve, so was he.

He felt a little pang of pride when she gave, with shaking hands, the ruler to her love, smiling timidly.

- Ah! Thanks Hinata!

He couldn't help but give her a very tiny smile when she looked at him. She must have noticed his actions. She answered back and resumed to look at Naruto. She was nice, not annoying at all.


Hinata hurried to sit just behind Naruto. She froze when she saw the Uchiha heir. Every girl wanted to sit next to him! She was going to be pushed… Already a fight had started for the other sit. But… but… she wanted to sit behind Naruto. She wouldn't dare sit next to him.

Taking a hold of herself, she sat and waited for screams. Nothing came. She relaxed and began to stare at Naruto-kun, speaking loudly. Always so bright, trying his best to be acknowledged… so clumsy yet so strong. She admired him; wanted to be just like him.

He was gesticulating so much that his ruler fell on the floor. Her eyes locked on the small object. She had to take it and give it back. But… but… that would mean… talking to him! Come on! She could do it! She had to do it!

Hinata was shaking so much she just couldn't take the ruler. Fidgeting, one of her bad habits, she took a breath and spoke.

- Na… na… naru… naruto-k… kun… you… you…

- Oy! Naruto you let your ruler fall!

Oh no! She had been too slow! Nearly crying, she let her head fall. Stupid girl! Not even able to speak. So weak! Unworthy! Not even able to change! That's why nobody, not even her family, wanted her! She hated herself!

Hinata slowly turned her head. Someone was glaring at her. She gulped. Sasuke Uchiha. He had seen everything? He was angry because she was stupid and weak… Then the genius froze. What had happened?

Not believing her eyes, she just stared at the boy. What was he doing? She could see his foot coming to rest just on Naruto's table foot. Was he going to hurt him? Just to punish her? No! He should hit her, not Naruto! He… he simply pushed the table lightly and she heard a small click. Naruto's ruler had fallen and he hadn't noticed.

Hinata eyed her neighbour. He had a satisfied smirk on his face. Had he just done that for her? To give her another opportunity? Sasuke Uchiha would have done that? No way! But she wouldn't let this chance escape!

She dashed and took the ruler, keeping it next to her heart.

- Naruto-k… k… kun… your… your… ruler…

She had done it! She had done it! Naruto had just turned and smiled, that bright and lively smile. For her.

- Ah! Thanks Hinata!

She was so happy! Glowing and proud she relaxed against her chair and dared a look at the Uchiha heir. He looked satisfied. His cold cobalt eyes caught hers. Hinata's heart nearly stopped. Sasuke-san curved his lips, just a bit, a very, very small smile. She gave it back. Then the moment ended as if nothing at all at happened.

Later Hinata would realized that the genius Uchiha Sasuke, heir of the most strongest clan, the most admired and loved boy… had just helped her and smiled at her. Any girl in Konoha would have sold their soul for that.


She had long since left Konoha. During those two years when Naruto had been training with one of the Sanin, she had given her whole. She was a lot stronger. Yet still not enough. She still didn't believe in her abilities. But she could try, right? For Naruto. He had seemed so happy and determined to bring back Sasuke! And now he was so depressed! He still acted toughly and happily… but she knew the difference. He was so sad… he was feeling weak, helpless… She knew those too much… she didn't want him to feel that way. She couldn't stand seeing him suffering like that.

She had left Konoha. To bring back Sasuke, for Naruto.

Hinata had eavesdropped Jiraiya and the Hokage talking about the next probable hiding place for Orochimaru. She knew exactly were she was going. Her Byakugan was opened, ready to catch any possible danger.


Sasuke easily ducked Orochimaru's attack. He was reluctant to call the man "sensei". He made a katon no jutsu hiding kunai. He must be careful, not get too caught in the training, yet learn everything he could. If he let his guard down, even a little, he would be badly injured or worse, the snake would see Sasuke was a great deal stronger then what he let show.

But he was feeling frustrated. Orochimaru had stopped him from fighting Naruto! And now Sasuke knew his friend's secret… he would have loved this fight! So he was kinda motivated, a bit too much maybe… considering Orochimaru very satisfied smirk.

- You're growing well Sasuke-kun.

There he was doing that again, liking his lips. God, he was not some cake ready to be eaten! Angry he nearly punched Orochimaru but stopped himself just in time. He was angry… he wanted to fight Naruto, to see how much the other boy had improved, to see if he could make him eat dust, like before.

He missed Konoha.


It was barely dawn. He had dreamed of Itachi. He had seen him kill the clan, again and again. He needed to train. Now. If his teacher spotted him, Kakashi would scold him. To prevent that, Sasuke had gone in the forest, in an abandoned training field. He hadn't expected to see someone there.

Hinata had once again backed down during the mission. She had almost put her comrades in danger. They hadn't said a thing… but… she just couldn't forgive herself. She had gone training; she hadn't needed to hide when living. Father didn't give a damn. But she preferred to train alone with no one to disturb her. This abandoned training field was perfect.

- Your angle is wrong.

Hinata yelped and promptly turned her heart racing.

- U… Uchi… Uchiha-s…san… She stuttered.

Sasuke raised an eyebrow. No girl called him Uchiha… they were too happy to use his first name.

- Hn.

He just dropped his bag and began training. Hinata calmed herself. Strangely she didn't mind him being there; he wouldn't judge her. She still remembered the time he had helped her with Naruto's ruler. She owed him.

The sun had long since risen, and yet he was still training. She couldn't move. He was so strong, so perfect… yet he came here to train during the night… why? She hadn't thought he was such a hard worker. Sometimes she couldn't help but wonder. Was he lonely? What were his goals? She was a little curious. She worshiped his skill, like everyone… she still preferred Naruto, because he was not a genius and worked so hard, always falling but standing up again… but… more she knew the Uchiha more she asked herself if he wasn't a bit like her and a bit like Naruto too.

Naruto wouldn't have stopped training because he was tired, she realized. Angry at her weakness she stood up on shaking legs. Still breathing a little heavily, she began training again. Her vision was a little blurry. But she wouldn't stop! She had to get stronger.

- Don't push yourself. You will only hurt your body and be un-useful.

She dropped her gaze and began fidgeting. She was so stupid. Even the Uchiha heir had to look after her. So pitiful.

Sasuke saw her eyes watering and admonished his stupidity. Naruto was right, he was a bastard. With a snort he sat next to her. He had to say something.

- You fixed your angle while training. That's good.

Hinata stared. Had he just complimented her? Nobody, except her teacher – albeit it was just from pity- ever congratulated her. The Uchiha prodigy just did so.

- Th… thanks… U… Uchi…

He cut her off.

- Sasuke is fine, everyone calls me Sasuke.

- Ah… so… sorry… Father taught me that I had to show respect and… I always disappoint him… and…

Why was she telling him that? She turned a deep shade of red and began fidgeting again. He was now lying on his back. Not saying a word. Hinata calmed down and laid next to him, resting. She was safe with him. He was strong… maybe stronger than Neji-nii-san?

Sasuke hadn't answered. "No you're not weak," "Don't underestimate yourself," "No you're not disappointing him." all of those would have been useless, perhaps even lies. He knew the feeling. How his father hadn't acknowledged him, how Ita… Itachi hadn't. She had to prove herself. Saying it wasn't enough. He was not the one who could say those words. It had to be Naruto or her father, brother… someone she needed to be acknowledged by.


It had been three days. No sign of Orochimaru or Sasuke. She was beginning to doubt herself. Has it been such a great idea? Sakura and Naruto, strong Ninjas and friends of Sasuke, hadn't succeeded… how could she? She should have asked for help… asked Neji-nii-san, Kiba-kun or Shino-kun. But… she would have disturbed them. Shino had to train with his father. Kiba-kun was… trying to seduce Ino-chan… and Neji-nii-san… well… trying to seduce Ino-chan too.

Nobody noticed her so it was very easy for her to know everything. Neji-nii-san always bought flowers for his father grave… at Ino's flower shop. While wandering at night, he would always stop in front of her house. During the Chunin exams he hadn't took their scroll, not because they were too weak like he had said, but because he wanted her to succeed.

Kiba-kun… well… never the discreet one. Akamaru would always be nice and polite when Ino-chan was there. Kiba-kun always tried to impress her and during their time at the academy, he would always make sure she didn't sit next to Sasuke.

Hinata shook her head. She couldn't let herself be distracted! She was in enemy's territory! Her hand grasped a kunai, holding it tight. She still needed reassurances.


As promised, Sasuke sneaked out during the night. After three days of training, he had given himself the right to seek the moon. She - yes he couldn't refer at this beautiful planet by "it", it felt rude. - reminded him of a woman's eyes. Blank eyes. Hyuuga's eyes. Hinata's eyes. Strangely when he thought of Konoha, Naruto, Sakura, and Kakashi came to his mind. A lot of other people too. Hinata too, as much as his former team.

Was she improving? He had been so frustrated not to see her fight at the Chunin exam. But he had trusted Naruto to avenge her, which he did. She reminded him of his past self… the little Sasuke craving for recognition, worshipping his brother… Hinata was just like that. Now he was an avenger; he had a dark mind. She was still pure, untouched. He wanted her to stay like that. He wanted to protect Sakura too, but not like that - she was so different.

Sighing, he let himself drop on the floor. Crossing his arms behind his head, he stared at the moon. The small wind was playing with his hair, ruffling it. Suddenly, he turned his head. Being with Orochimaru had taught him to always be on guard, even while sleeping. So, when enjoying the moon, he still kept his ears open to check if Kabuto or Orochimaru were waking up. But… the sound that had startled him was not coming from their hiding place. Someone was coming toward them. He stood up and vanished in the night.


Sasuke had escaped from the hospital. He didn't want Sakura's pity! She was unnerving him! Their concerned looks… they were making him weak! He hated to know… that they could hear him screaming at night. Every single night he would yell and woke up covered in sweat, his heart beating far too fast. He could sense them coming to check… they never dared to enter his room.

Those images had to disappear! They HAD TO! He would go mad seeing his family, his clan, getting killed again and again by his brother. How could he remember with such details? And he didn't hate… not enough… because he still remembered his kind brother. He despised himself for that. Itachi had known… just looking at him he had known.

He began to train, hard… far too hard. He couldn't see the blood flowing from his wounds; he just hit the tree, just made jutsu on jutsu… even using Chidori. He had to exhaust his body, his mind. The more time was passing, the harder he hit, images of the massacre were dancing in his mind. The more he saw them, the more he was frenzied. Was he beating himself up? Beating the child he was back then, the one unable to save his own family… the one still unable to avenge his clan.

Soft hands rested on his, a body pressing itself against his back. He stood still. He wanted to turn and punch the one holding him, but he couldn't… He knelt on the floor, feeling the person hold him. His bangs hiding his eyes, he began to cry… not making a sound, but still crying. How long had he kept those tears inside?

The hands on his were moving slowly, caressing his wounds, soothing. Already he was holding himself together. No, he couldn't be weak.

- It's ok… you're always so strong… it's ok to have let yourself rest for a moment.

This voice. Hinata? Could it be really her? The body pressed against his, retracted. Slowly he turned. Hinata.

She wasn't fidgeting, never when she was with him. Even now, when she was the witness of his despair. That surprised her. Maybe it was because she had been allowed to see his wounds… such deep wounds. Like everybody she knew the story, but people tended to forget it. Sasuke was always so collected, never grieving, just… perfect. Now everyone was reminded of his suffering, still he hid it. She was glad to have been here, to help him just a little. He was blushing.

- I owed you one, Hinata tried to explain.

He raised an eyebrow.

- You helped me with Naruto… you know… the ruler thing.

Realisation dawned on him and he chuckled.

She wasn't fidgeting… she was feeling great. She had been useful. She had seen that even the strongest could have their weakness. If Sasuke was able to hide them, if Sasuke used to be weak… then maybe she would be able to change.


She saw a movement on her left. She couldn't make the slightest move before the cold feeling of a sword connected with her neck. She yelped. A strong hand had caught hers, the one holding the kunai. The moon was making her leaf head protector glint. Why was she still alive?

- Hinata?

Relief washed over her. Sasuke! Maybe she shouldn't be relieved… he was with Orochimaru now, he was a missing nin that had fought against Naruto. But she couldn't help it.

- Sasuke-san?

A hand slapped down on her mouth and she was pushed against a tree. Sasuke's tall frame draped over her. She could smell him. She was pressed against his… torso… god his naked torso! With any other man, she would have panicked, thinking lots of things… like "rape". Naruto excepted of course, she would have fainted… But right now her heart beat hadn't even risen!

He didn't move, keeping his hand clasped against her mouth. Then she saw them with her Byakugan. People were coming. Her heart began to beat faster. She grasped her kunai, ready to fight. His hand stopped her. Then he was gone, so fast.

- Sasuke-sama!

- It's you, forgive us… we heard noises and…

- Hn.


A hot breath just in her hear. Even with Byakugan, she couldn't follow his moves.

- This way.

She trailed after him. He guided her in a small cave. Waving for her to sit, he lit up a small fire, making sure not to give away their position.

- What are you doing here? He asked harshly.

Hinata shivered. He was angry…

- I… I…

Oh no! She was stuttering! But… he was staring at her, with those cold cobalt eyes. Hinata began to fidget. Sasuke sighed and proceed to make some food, using her own supplies. He was giving her time to collect herself. Yes. That was Sasuke… why was she scared? It was Sasuke.


Hinata had been training for hours, trying to master the gentle fist perfectly. After fighting against Neji-nii-san, she knew she still had an awful lot to learn. Neji-nii-san couldn't train her. He was fighting Kiba-kun… more like beating him up anyway. All this to impress Ino-chan. At least Kiba-kun was becoming stronger, Neji-nii-san too.

He, Sasuke, was training next to her. It was an old habit now. When they found each other on the training field they would just say a small "hi" and began training. Never interfering. Never asking why the other was there… usually in the middle of the night.

Sometimes they would talk, when they were exhausted. In fact, she would talk. He would listen, not saying a single word. The rare "hn" didn't count, that wasn't a word, right? At those times she was able to speak freely, not stuttering or feeling un-at-ease. Then, when she was done and began fidgeting, he would stand up and walk away.

She collapsed on the floor, breathing hard. She had done it! She was faster now and… a towel had just fallen on her head.

- As expected from an Hyuuga.

Hinata had been thankful for the towel; he hadn't seen she was crying.

Of course, Hinata didn't know all the meaning those words had for the Uchiha prodigy.


Yes. It was Sasuke. She hadn't to be afraid. He was the only one that complimented her, listened to her.

- I've came to take you back.

- No.

That was to be expected.

- For Naruto! He's so sad! Please!

He snorted and gave her a boll of rice. They ate in silence. She was a little relieved. He still listened at her. He couldn't be this bad, right? And he didn't tell her "it was dangerous", he assumed she knew it and had taken her decision.

- Why are you betraying Konoha? She finally asked.

- I'm not.

- Ano?

He gave her a small smirk.

- But… Orochimaru is planning to destroy Konoha and…

- I'm not going to do it. How can you expect me to betray Konoha?

- Well… you're with Orochimaru. You beat up Naruto-kun and you're not coming back.

He snort one more time and lay on the floor. She followed his example.

- I have to gain power, Orochimaru is perfect for that. I have to kill Itachi.

- That's agreeing with me.

She was so daring. Sasuke made her so at ease. She didn't fear to ask, she didn't fear to be judged.

- My next goal is to rebuild my clan. How can I do that if I have destroyed Konoha? I mean, the purpose of my clan, the pride of my clan, was protecting Konoha. We were the guardian. I can't betray Konoha, that would be betraying my clan.

- Oh.

That made sense. Naruto would be happy to hear that. But Sasuke was in danger! Orochimaru would take his body!

- He's going to kill you! Come back! What about rebuilding your clan first?

He gave her a puzzled look. She was forcing him to explain…

- What if Itachi wanted to kill them? I wouldn't be able to stop him. Moreover, I don't want children before I killed him. Because… If I fail... I don't want them to live an avenger life… and I don't wish to leave children behind me… growing up without a father is… too painful.

He had thought of that. She worshiped him. He was so kind.

- But… Konoha has good warriors, you can train with them… if you explain, they will stop trying to make you change your mind about revenge. Come back.

- No.

Even if what she said was true, it would take time… he would bond with people and become weak. He had to hurry… Itachi was improving too. Orochimaru knew so much, he still had time before the snake try to steal his body… he had to learn.

- Please… I want you to come back…

Sasuke turned, not facing her anymore.

- For Naruto's sake, I know.

- No… for my sake… I miss you.

He didn't move, but she knew he had frozen.


Why had he been so jealous of Naruto, so angry? Why did he want so much to beat him, to utterly defeat him? Because he improved too fast! Because Hinata worshiped him. Naruto didn't pay attention to her! Even while knowing about her feelings he didn't… that was unnerving him!

- It's fine you know. I just want to become like him… I don't need him to notice me. He's just my goal.

She had told him that… but… he knew how important it was to be acknowledged by one's model! Hell Naruto craved for HIS acknowledgement! He had craved for Itachi's and his father's…

How could she be this nice? She was strong… so strong to leave without acknowledgment, without seeking one. She just wanted to change herself… that was all.


- Fine.

Hinata blinked. Had she heard correctly?

- But he won't let me escape this easily… and the Hokage won't trust me.

He always thought of everything… no wonder he was such a great ninja.

- I will kill Orochimaru and bring back his head as proof.

- What?

She was choking. No! That was far too dangerous! He was going to die!

- I will need your help. You'll kill Kabuto. I must be just strong enough to kill the snake.

He trusted her! He trusted her to be able to kill Kabuto, Orochimaru's right arm. Oh god! Now was not the moment to cry! But… he always trusted her… believed in her. Nobody did. Just Sasuke.

- W…why?

Hinata couldn't help but ask. Why was he agreeing?

- It must be really important… for you to go as far as to lie.

Her heart stopped. He didn't believe it was for her sake? He thought she had just said that to convince him… all for Naruto's sake. He was so like her… not trusting himself… thinking he was unworthy. She would show him; later, when they would have time.

She stood up, next to him. He was heading for the exit. They were going to fight Orochimaru. Her heart was beating very fast… she was a little scared but she wouldn't deceive him. Sasuke was perfectly calm, trusting her with his life. That was enough for her.


They were sneaking toward Orochimaru's headquarters. A hard fight was waiting for them. Being Ninja, Sasuke and Hinata just enjoyed the few moments they had left to think. After all, nothing was certain; they could die.

Hinata was staring at Sasuke's back. It was strange she was used at Naruto's smaller form, his clumsiness. Sasuke was feline, predatory… fascinating. She hadn't lied, she missed him. He could listen to her talking for hours. He respected her. He would make a very good father, understanding and caring. He would teach them very well. Her marring an Uchiha would certainly please her father. Love and worship were two different things, right? She worshiped Naruto, a lot... and maybe she loved Sasuke. A lot…

Sasuke was extra careful. He was used to be the one in charge, the one there to protect other. But, it was Hinata following him, Hinata trusting him with her life. He couldn't help but think she would make a good mother. She would be full of love, the same amount for all her children. She would always pay attention to them, be there for them, help them. He would be proud of his child, telling them all "as expected from my son or my daughter". They would have the Sharingan or the Byakugan maybe both. Yes, Kakashi feared he would have nothing left when Itachi was dead… but… hey, he had a whole clan to rebuild and a lot of children to rise.

Here they were. Orochimaru, being one of the Sanin, was waiting for them, Kabuto at his side. Now let the fight begin.

What others couldn't do: understand her so perfectly, make her feel good, happy, worthy.

What others couldn't do: bring him back.

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