What other couldn't do (chapter 2)

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Chapter two

Hinata was getting used to it now, waiting…for his return. He hadn't asked her to do so. She just did. Why? Maybe because she knew he might come back injured or with his soul broken… maybe because she feared that he would not come back. Neji-niisan had told her to tie a ribbon in a tree, as a prayer. She was too scared of seeing it undone by the wind. So she waited because if she stopped he wouldn't come back.

"Hinata? Do you want a blanket?"

"No, thank you father."

He would never ask her to stop. He had, the first time seeing that she had barely slept. But she had explained and now he would just let her. Maybe he was proud? Just a little… after all, she had brought him back.


Fighting Orochimaru had proved to be a little more difficult than planned. After all Orochimaru knew almost all of his jutsus while Sasuke didn't know half of the snake's jutsus. Sasuke's left eye was of no use now. But if treated properly it would work again. Orochimaru couldn't bring himself to destroy those eyes he so desired. Sasuke was counting on that when he plunged his sword in the snake's body.

" Chidori!"

Sasuke jumped away as soon as possible. He couldn't stay next to him. It was far too dangerous. He hadn't won yet, but at least now Orochimaru had a nice hole in his abdomen.

" You should be worried about your little friend. He's going to die," assured Kabuto while dodging her kunai.

The medic nin had prevented her from coming close to him. He knew the Hyuga clan. He knew her too. He was trying to impress her and make her doubt herself.

"Heh heh heh. He doesn't even check to see if you're ok. You're just a tool to keep me away."

Hinata was not known to smirk, but at this very moment she did.

" Of course he's not checking because that would give Orochimaru an opening. And that would be my fault. He knows I don't want that. He's not checking because he just trusts me."

Kabuto snorted. His plan was not working. She had grown up. How come Sasuke was able to give her so much confidence? Wasn't she supposed to worship Naruto?

"What a stupid man to believe in someone as weak as you."

" So true, but he does anyway," retorted Hinata.

Hinata threw a kunai, the aim was very easy to block. Kabuto didn't dodge it and Hinata knew she had him.

She was training. She lacked speed and mastering the gentle fist was no use if you couldn't get near the adversary. Damn. She was going nowhere. Her legs were shaking. She couldn't give up! Not yet.

"Naruto-kun… lend me some strength…"

Putting chakra in her legs she dashed and fell on the ground. She didn't stand up, but at least she wasn't crying. She stood up when she heard footsteps. He had seen it all, otherwise he wouldn't have let her know that he was coming. Who would've guessed that he was so nice?

Hinata leaned against a tree and watched him get settled for his training. She frowned. Why was he taking a kunai? He never trained with them. He was so good. His aim was always perfect, his angle too. So why?

Sasuke glanced at her, as if to make sure she was watching. He carelessly threw one kunai and made some hand seals. Kawarimi (body switch)? Hinata's eyes opened wide. Sasuke had switched places with the flying kunai! He had travelled a big distance in just one second! How clever!

He packed the kunai and began his usual training. Hinata raised and began practicing what he had just taught her.


Kabuto hadn't seen this coming. She was now next to him.

" 64 hands of hake!"

He couldn't dodge the first blows but soon succeed and put as much distance between them as he could. Hinata was resting a little. He had used his chakra scalpel to cut one of the muscles on her wrist. Not that it could've stopped her.

"Damn. She's better than I thought… some of my opening points are sealed. My overwhelming resilience won't work against that," he thought.

"You won't get close again, woman," he warned.

Hinata stared at him, confidence and resolution in her eyes. She had other tricks up her sleeve.

Sasuke couldn't feel his left arm. Not seeing from one eye wasn't such a big weakness but still, he had to give up a part of his body each time he inflicted some damage to Orochimaru. At this rate he wouldn't last long.

" Tired Sasuke-kun? Still thinking you're able to surpass me?"

He was chuckling. The bastard.


"Tssk tssk tssk, Sasuke-kun… I thought Naruto was the only one-jutsu man. Can't you be a bit more inventive? You disappoint me."

Sasuke smirked. Orochimaru lifted an eyebrow. What was he planning? Sasuke smirking was never a good sign. What? He was only running toward him? Oh fuck!

Sasuke had released the Chidori, but not like usual. He had trained a long time, in secret, to develop that: sending the Chidori like a kunai. Only he couldn't change its direction so he had to do it next to the person.

Orochimaru felt his shoulder dissolving under the attack. He had to admit it was quite good, yet he had dodged it!

" Oy, old snake, I'm behind you."

He had known Orochimaru would dodge it, even at close range. It was just a distraction to let him sneak behind him. Inventive? Of course he was!

Kabuto cursed when she materialized on his left. That damn girl! She used all of her discarded kunai to get close to him! That's why she had sent so many of them, to be able to use them later for her Kawarimi! And why was she still able to use her arms? He had severed the muscles!


" I'm not as good as Neji-niisan. I can't do the Hakkeshou Kaiten (heavenly speed), but I can gather chakra in one point of my body, making a shield around that particular point."

Oh, so that was how she had stopped his attacks at her arms. But still, he had been able to damage her lungs and her legs. She could only make one shield at a time. Did she always use it to protect her arms? Fine, then he would cut the rest of her body into pieces!

Both of them had to protect their arms. He couldn't let her stop his flow of chakra there. He could only create his chakra scalpel with his finger. Hinata had quickly discovered that and had already managed to weaken his chakra at those points. She would win this fight. She couldn't loose when she was so blindly trusted!


Hinata sighed. They were at it again. Neji-nissan was fighting Kiba-kun. As always Neji's cool attitude unnerved Kiba, who was giving it his all, meaning he was using Gatsuga. Hinata shook her head when she saw the garden tree shatter into pieces. Thank God she hadn't tied a ribbon to it!

"Ino-chan… you should pick one," said Hinata.

How long ago had this competition started?

The blond girl giggled.

"Why? It's so much fun to see them fighting for me! I'm so flattered!"

In fact she just couldn't choose. Neji was a bit too strict and Kiba a bit too… doggy? At this rate she would end up with Shikamaru!

"Maybe I should date them both?"

Hinata didn't answer. She couldn't picture Sasuke fighting Naruto to gain her heart. If he did, she would hate that.

"Hinata? Hello? Hinataaaa! I'm talking to you!"

"Oh! So… so… sorry!"

"Why were you so distracted ?"

"I was remembering."

Ino turned her attention back to the match. Hinata was always daydreaming.


When they were found, they were almost dead. Sasuke had won but nearly died doing so. Orochimaru's head laid next to him. Barely alive after losing too much blood, he had had to rescue a hurt but victorious Hinata. Kabuto had been still breathing but not for long. Sasuke had finished him off. The poor guy couldn't live without his master. Kabuto had been nice to him.

Sasuke knew sound nin would come. They had to flee. He had dragged himself and the now unconscious Hinata out of the fight scene, back to the cave. He had tended to her wounds using torn pieces of his shirt before collapsing on her, wishing to keep her safe.

He heard voices and felt a hand on his shoulder. Damn, he was too tired. Then he was moved and someone approached Hinata. That someone had Sasuke's blade on their throat before they were able to take another breath. Then his vision, although still blurry allowed him to see the leaf symbol and a pair of blank eyes. He fell on top of the man, breathing heavily.

"Neji, she's badly hurt. Kabuto is… was a medic nin. He severed several points and,"

Sasuke was now coughing up blood.

"Yeah. Sakura's here. She's a medic nin too."


Sasuke then fainted. Neji caught him and handed him over to a crying Naruto. Sakura was tending Hinata's wounds. Sasuke had far more serious wounds but she had understood.

"Hinata brought back the Uchiha," murmured Neji, a little dumbfounded.

The Hokage had sent a rescue team as soon as she heard of Hinata's disappearance and the letter she had left behind explaining that she was going to bring back Sasuke. The Hokage had thought the girl was crazy. That is until she saw Orochimaru's head on her desk and an injured Hinata along with one badly injured Uchiha in her hospital. She was utterly surprised. Sakura and Naruto hadn't succeeded but she had? Soon she would see flying pigs! Was she already that old?

Naruto had moved into Sasuke's room, waiting for him to wake up. Sakura was sleeping in Hinata's. Why hadn't she been able to bring him back? That day, would he have stopped for her? What was their connection? What had she told him?

When Sasuke woke up the first thing he said was:

" Hn."


" Fuck Naruto, stop drooling on my bed! You moron!"

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Naruto, now wide awake, had launched himself on top of Sasuke earning a groan and a hit on the head.

" As soon as I'm better, I'm fighting you."

" Bastard! I'm so going to kick your sorry ass!"

" Naruto! He's resting!" screamed Sakura, entering the room and hitting him hard on the head.

"Maaaa! He started it!"

Sasuke winced, his poor ears. Well, he hadn't missed that at all. Care to remind him why the hell he had come back?

"Na… Naruto… Naruto-k…k…kun? Is Sasuke-k…k…kun al… alright?"

The fidgeting girl, who risked her life just for Naruto's sake and who lied just for his sake. After all, the snake had stopped really training him. He had been scared of giving Sasuke too much power, not that he could blame him. Snickers. By killing Orochimaru he had just gotten a step closer to Itachi. The snake was weaker than Itachi, but now Sasuke was stronger than the snake. How much was still to be learned?

Sasuke turned his head. Hinata was blushing while talking to Naruto, telling him about the fight. Yes, looking at Naruto was hard. "In order to gain the same eyes as me, you have to kill your best friend…" Sasuke was not stupid, he knew why he had left Konoha: to have more power and… to keep as much distance as possible from Naruto. Seeing him everyday was a torture. He was more and more tempted to kill him, his best friend just to be able to kill Itachi. He had left to protect the moron.

"Na… Naruto-k…kun…"

And to protect this fidgeting girl's dream. She would prevent him from killing Naruto, wouldn't she?

" Sasuke-kun, I'm so glad you're better. I've brought some flowers."

Naruto and Sakura were speechless. Sasuke was smirking. Yes, she didn't stutter with him. Hinata was searching the room for a vase, but couldn't find one.

"I'm going to fetch a vase."

"Naruto, help her," asked Sasuke.

Hinata almost fell from the emotion.

"N…no… I'm… I'm… fi… fine…"

Too late. Naruto was already on his feet and Sasuke was left with Sakura. He had to settle things here, right?

"You didn't ask if she was fine," said Sakura.

Was she trying to convince herself he didn't care?

"She's a Hyuga and you were her doctor."

Sakura avoided his gaze.

"Just say it."

"Why her?"

Sakura bit her tongue. She had been about to add "because of her advanced bloodline?" She knew it was not that. Sasuke wasn't like that.

"Sakura, maybe you should admit that you're in love with Naruto."

"That's not true!"

"Sakura, I'm just a dream. You might have loved me, but not anymore. Naruto seduced you, can't you just let go of an old dream?"

Sakura dropped her head, fighting away her tears. Captain Yamato had also tried to make her understand. But, how can she let go of her first love? She gasped. Sasuke had just pulled her against his chest.

"I knew ittttttttttttttt! It was just to have her all for yourself! You bastard!" screamed Naruto.



"Dead last."

" ..."


"Hey! I didn't say anything!"

"You're not only speaking loudly, you're thinking loudly too."


"You already said that one, dumb ass."

Hinata was beaming. She must have enjoyed her time alone with Naruto. Good.

Later when everything was silent again, (the Fifth had kicked Naruto out of the hospital for making too much noise) Sasuke was left alone with Hinata, who was still sleeping in the hospital. You were never sure with Kabuto's attacks. They wanted to keep an eye on her.

"How are you feeling?" She asked softly.

Sasuke pondered his answer. He had a bandage over his left eye; he couldn't move or feel his left arm and his right leg. Some of his ribs must've been broken and God knows what other damage he had suffered. The answer was obvious:


She stared at him and said something that would have made him cry, if he had been emotive or Naruto. He had locked up those emotions long ago.

"As expected from an Uchiha."


Yes, he would never fight Naruto for her. Sasuke was more likely to help her go out with him. She still remembered the time with the ruler, the vase at the hospital and the time he had told her to walk around with ramen. The worst part of it being that it had actually worked…

Hinata shivered. She was worried. Why wasn't he back yet? He used to flee out of Konoha when he didn't have a mission to look for his brother. But he had never been gone this long. Had he found him? Was he now laying on the floor, alone and bleeding? Had he lost or won?

Sasuke, Naruto, and Neji had all become ANBU. Sasuke was an ANBU leader. Naruto was Hokage's apprentice, in order to be able to take on the title. Sasuke had explained everything, his actions and what he had told Hinata in the cave. He had also warned them that he would go after his brother with or without their permission. That was granted to him. Itachi was a threat and only Sasuke could beat him. The Akatsuki's plans had been destroyed but they were still active. The Akatsuki was too strong and they hadn't been able to destroy them. For how long would peace be preserved? A dead Itachi would help.

When Sasuke was missing for too long, the Hokage would send her. Hinata never actually found him, but he would come to her one or two days after her departure.

People never acknowledged her until he made them. She could hear the whispers, "Her name suits her. She's the light that brought the Uchiha back." (Hinata means "Sun's light"). Sasuke trusted strong people like Neji, Naruto, Sakura, and he also trusted her. People believed in his judgement and they had begun to trust her too. Furthermore she had won against Kabuto.

Once, Sasuke had been asked to pick up a different team member because all of his usual ones were away on missions. Guess who he picked? Her.


"Hinata, how many left?"

"Ten. All ANBU."

In other terms, they were dead. Custom would have been for Sasuke to ask her to flee while he died to protect her. Naruto would have asked that, Neji-nissan too. Sasuke didn't. He knew she couldn't leave him there to die. He knew she would never forgive herself. That she would think that she was weak, so he just didn't ask. Moreover he never believed he could lose. He had to survive to kill Itachi. He didn't push her into the background either. Instead he told her, "Watch my back."

He had dashed towards the enemy, chidori chirping in his hand, surprising them. One had fallen right into the trap and aimed for Sasuke's back. Wrong choice. It was her job to protect that place.

Naruto had once told her to never ever corner Sasuke. Now she understood why. She had a little rectification to make; Sasuke and her weren't dead meat.

Sasuke used katon jutsus, chidori, his sword Kusanagi, chidori nagashi and of course his Sharingan. Then he had called Manda, king of snakes. None of the ANBU was left alive.

Hinata had killed three of them and he had taken care of the rest. Now he was breathing hard, standing but his form was crouched. She couldn't feel his chakra.


"We have to leave."

He was trembling, completely drained. He waved for her to follow him. She sighed.

"You know you're allowed to faint?"

He turned to her, smirked and fainted. Taken aback she had just had enough time to catch him. She was the only one allowed to see him this weak and to take care of him. He wouldn't have collapsed in front of Naruto or Sakura. He would have waited until they were in a safer place and then maybe. But it was different with her. When she had implicitly told him that she could take care of things, he had just accepted to rest.

Hinata carried him, or more likely dragged him, back to their camp. She laid his head on her thigh and let her fingers play with his soft hair. He would be mad at her for making his hair a total mess. She tended to his wounds, thanking Sakura for having taught her some healing jutsus.

Then she bent over and softly pressed her lips on his.

She nearly died of a heart attack when she felt him respond. She tried to jerk away but a strong hand gently cupping her neck had prevented her from doing so. He then deepened the kiss.

She was blushing madly once the kiss ended.

"Never knew you were the kind of woman to take advantage of a sleeping, injured, and helpless man."

Hadn't she been so shocked and embarrassed, she would have answered, "As if Uchiha Sasuke could ever be described as helpless," especially after what she had witnessed just a few minutes ago. That would have to wait for the morning, he had fallen asleep and she had to gather herself.

Strange, she had always thought Naruto would be the first one…


Why hadn't he come back yet? This had been the longest time he had been gone. Soon the Hokage would send her. She always gave him an extra week each time.

After that kiss everything stayed the same. They didn't talk about it. How had Kakashi found out? She would never know, but Sasuke's sensei had cornered Sasuke to ask him if he wanted a copy of "Come Come Paradise" to help him with her. She had been a spy by accident. She was training with her Byakugan and knew how to read lips.

"No thank you Kakashi-sensei. I've not fallen that low," he answered.

She hadn't dared ask Kakashi for a copy. After all, she wasn't sure if it would have helped her at all. Later, she had asked Sasuke what was "Come Come Paradise."

"A porno," Sasuke answered taken aback by the question. She was still thanking God for preventing her from asking Kakashi.

Things had started to move between them when Naruto started dating Sakura. Not that Hinata ever thought that she had a chance with the blond, but it was always hard to give up an old dream. Sakura was very courageous. Hinata had stopped doubting her feelings then. Unfortunately, Sasuke had left the very next day to go after his brother. Was it a way to give her time to really think? She never asked him, but the night he came back their relationship took one step forward.


She was packing her bag. The Hokage had asked her to bring back Sasuke. They were worried because they knew that he had actually met his brother. These kinds of meetings never passed unnoticed. Sasuke had materialized in front of her, covered in blood, his own and most likely some of his brother's. He had dropped on his knees, hiding his face in her white kimono, staining it.

Her father had entered the room, ready to fight the intruder. He had frozen on the spot upon seeing the Uchiha, the kneeling Uchiha. He had left immediately, not saying a word.

Sasuke had gripped her arms. His fingers dug into the thin material and covered her in blood. He had then raised his head. She had never seen such an expression on his face, so desperate, so lost, and even fearful as if he was begging her to stop him from doing something horrible.

"I need those eyes… I need them!"

She didn't know what he was talking about. She didn't know what to do. She was so helpless and he needed her! She just did the first thing that crossed her mind. She kissed him. And people thought she was timid? Wasn't the man supposed to make the first move? Why was she the one always kissing him? At that moment she had just thought it would help. He had bared his soul in front of her, because he trusted her and she wanted to show him she did too.

He pushed her on to the floor, never stopping kissing her. She had let him open her kimono, discovering the birth of her breasts. He kissed the skin there, her lips, her eyes, her neck, and her shoulders. She felt his hand close around her neck, a bit too tight… almost choking her. She hadn't moved an inch. She hadn't shown any kind of rebellion. She trusted him not to hurt her, and he needed this trust. She was not submissive either. She took off Sasuke's upper clothes and began tracing the muscles there, paying attention not to touch those horrible wounds that were still bleeding a little.

His hand left her neck and settled in her hair. He nuzzled his face in her neck, breathing a bit too fast. They stayed like that. Sasuke laid on her. Hinata with her kimono opened to the birth of her breasts and Sasuke with nothing covering his chest.

He stood up and took her hand to help her up. In the night she had followed him, with her hair messed up, her kimono still dropping from her shoulders and covered in blood. Her blank kimono now had beautiful red flowers on it.

It was the very first time that she had entered in the Uchiha complex. It was a cold and dead place. How could he still live here? Live in the house where his parents were killed? Was it as a reminder to keep his hatred intact? She felt like a ghost.

Taking off her shoes she entered the house. Sasuke let go of her hand. He took candles and began to light them. So many candles. One for each Uchiha? She didn't say a word. She just took a candle and lit it, for Neji's father.

She was sitting in the middle of the room. When all the candles were lit he put a scroll in her hands. She read it and began to tremble. She put a hand on her lips. He had kept this secret during all this time? He had to fight such a horrible thing alone?

She remembered his words, "I need those eyes." The special Sharingan, the one you gain by killing your best friend. Sasuke had to kill Naruto to increase his chances of killing Itachi. Was it he was scared of submitting to this desire? He always fought Naruto and both tended to end up at the hospital, but never from serious injures but still they always fought tooth and nails, to improve. She smiled.

"Do not fear, you're not like that."

She kissed him again. That was becoming a very bad habit.

That was all he needed. His face was peaceful. He didn't trust himself, but she trusted him to not kill the man she worshiped. Because of that, he would never fall pray to this temptation.


Two days had passed and he hadn't met her yet. She was so worried. Naruto had come with her, which made her even more worried. Sasuke had fought Itachi, again. They had destroyed a forest and kept fighting for two days. Nobody knew how it had ended. Sasuke hadn't come back. Last time he hadn't come back immediately after the fight either, but until now he had always met her when she came for him.

"He won't die before killing Itachi, don't worry."

"What if he died killing him?"

Naruto didn't answer.


She was in the hospital. She had been unconscious for two days, and then she had been resting for another three. Her mission was a success but her team had ended up in the hospital.

She could hear Kiba talking to his dog, "look Akamaru… Ino brought flowers!"

Neji-nissan had visited when he heard that she had woken up, Naruto as well. Sasuke hadn't come once. Was he on a mission?

Hinata knew he wasn't the demonstrative type and yet…that's when she noticed it. Sasuke always had his own way. He hadn't brought chocolates or flowers, he hadn't peeled an apple for her. No. He had left a very beautiful fan on her bedside table. (Nb: Uchiha means fan)

"Hinata! Sasuke's coming back from a mission today. I'm not even sure he knew you were at the hospital and… Hinata ? " Asked a puzzled Sakura.

"He knew," replied Hinata.

She showed her the fan. Sakura opened it, marvelling at its splendour. The fan was made of silk decorated with red arcs and the structure in dark ivory. She began to fan herself and Hinata.

"You're not doing it right."

Hinata had to remind herself that she was not supposed to leave the bed; she had nearly dashed toward him. He was lazily leaning on the doorframe, still wearing his ANBU uniform, his mask dangling at his side. That outfit suited him so perfectly.

"Oy! Sasuke-teme! You have to go see the old hag!" Screamed Naruto and the room suddenly became crowded and noisy.

"Hinata-sama? Oh… you have a lot of visitors today."

"Neji-kun! Wait for meeeeeee! " Pleaded Ino.

"See Ino? He doesn't really care!" yelled Kiba, trotting behind her, even if he was supposed to stay in bed.

If Hinata hadn't been a peaceful girl, she would have strangled them all for ruining her time with Sasuke. Why had they all had to come now? As if Sakura hadn't been enough!

Sasuke casually walked toward her and took the fan, closing it. Then he unfolded it in one smooth movement, the fan making a small and delicate flap. Hidden behind the now spread fan Sasuke captured her lips.

"Whoa! So great! How do you do it?" Asked an impressed Sakura.

Sasuke had already retreated, leaving behind a very red Hinata.

"Let me try!"

Naruto had snatched the fan away and was shaking it madly never succeeding in opening it the way Sasuke did.

"Like this moron."

Same smooth movement, same little flap, same stolen kiss behind its silk shield.

After trying numerous times and never succeeding, all the people ended up leaving the room. Sasuke had given his report to Naruto. They were alone.

"Show me once more?" asked Hinata innocently.

Sasuke smirked, bent over her and unfolded the fan.

"Sure, anytime."

He was kissing her again, one arm draped around her shoulders. That was addicting.


Hinata felt her fingers unconsciously close around the fan. She always kept it with her. He had to be safe. He had another goal to achieve, to revive his clan. He had to be safe.

They heard movement. Naruto had stopped and sniffed the air. She was very tense.

"Sasuke's scent and blood, there's someone with him."

They were still fighting. Neither of them had any chakra left and they were covered in blood and wounds. They were still fighting, with their fists, using taijutsu and sometimes their swords. Neither of the Uchiha had their Sharingan activated.

It was obvious that Sasuke had the upper hand but he wasn't putting an end to it. Itachi said something that didn't reach their ears and in a sudden fit of rage Sasuke sent him flying against a tree. Itachi collapsed on the ground with a smug smile on his face. Sasuke lifted his sword, ready to strike but he just let it slip and sink in the mud, just next to Itachi's head.

"I can't! Nissan… I can't… fuck…"

He was kneeling; one leg on each side of his brother's body. His head was resting on the dust, next to Itachi's face. Sasuke still had one hand closed around the sword and the other hitting the earth in despair.

Itachi cupped Sasuke's chin, slowly caressing his cheek, covering it in blood and mud. Itachi had seen them. Naruto and her just couldn't move. They were not supposed to see that. Sometimes dreams were too hard to come true. Sasuke still loved his brother. He still saw him as his brother, even after all he had done.

"Foolish little brother, if you do not kill me now, I will take her life."

Sasuke turned his head and took in his surroundings. Hinata.

Itachi pilled out a kunai embedded next to Sasuke's heart and aimed it at her. Sasuke stopped the deadly kunai easily and at the very same time plunged his sword in Itachi's heart, just as Itachi had asked from him.

"As expected from my little brother. I'm so proud of you," murmured Itachi, slowly closing his eyes and letting his hand that had still been stroking Sasuke's cheek, fall. Sasuke laid in Itachi's embrace and closed his eyes, letting his tears run free.

Hinata was the first one to move. She dashed toward Sasuke, worry written all over her face. By extracting the kunai Itachi had opened the deadly wound. Naruto was already making hand seals.

"Sakura! Hurry here! He's fucking dying! Come on Sasuke-bastard, hang on!"

Hinata was crying, pressing her hands on the wound, trying to stop the flow of blood.

"Please… please," she begged.

He raised his hand, and tugged at her vest. He knew where she kept his gift. Bloody fingers unfolded the fan with the smooth movement she so loved. Shielding them, he gave her one last kiss, tasting of death.


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