June 30, 1986
4:30 PM UK Time
Orwell Universe

Winston Smith was sitting in his usual corner, in the Chestnut Cafe. He was eating some chocolate truffles and sipping on a glass of iced tea. He was also listening to the music that was being pumped from the speakers. The telescreens have since been removed, the floor have been carpeted, and the restaurant looked a lot cleaner. The restaurant also served better food. There were even potted flowers sitting on the window sills. The aroma in the cafe smelled nice. Furthermore, the music was old classic pops from the 30s and 40s - before the versificators have taken over the music culture.

These are old songs I haven't heard since I was a kid, Winston thought, cheerfully, as the music brought back childhood memories. He could hardly wait to hear more of this new kind of music, called rock and roll, to be released. Doc and Marty had explained to him that the music was manufactured in the 'other world', which Doc and Marty were native citizens of. Instead of the music being produced by a versificator, the music was produced by an actual band - usually a quartet, sometimes a trio or a quintet - with instruments including an electric guitar and electric drums. The first electric guitar had been manufactured in this world in the mid-40s - but, unlike in the 'other world', the electric guitar never really caught on. Then, something around the 50s, versificators have taken over everything. While there was apparently a musical revolution going on in the 50s, 60s, and 70s in the 'other world' - in this world, all of the entertainment was controlled by the Party.

Also, in this world, each decade had become worse then the last. In the 50s, the atomic wars broke out and all cultural creativity was repressed. That was the decade when Winston had lost his mother. The 60s then brought on the rise of the superstates, the domination of countries, and the caste. For that reason, the 60s was called the 'decade of confusion'. Then, by the time the 70s rolled around, Big Brother's regime was quickly rising - and, soon, there were telescreens monitering the activities of the Party members everywhere. Nobody was safe, and there was no haven to be found for the Party members. The 80s was just like the 70s, but worse. The quality of life in deteriorating for everyone. How ironic it is, thought Winston, that the culture and standard of living this world went completely in a different direction, than the culture and standard of living did in the 'other world'.

On a positive note, the future of this world looked much brighter than it had in nearly 40 years. There were repairations being made to the cities, and new buildings were being put up. The Victory Mansions were currently undergoing renovations - as the telescreens were being removed, the floors were being carpeted, and the living quarters were being expanded.

Winston was currently living with Emma Parsons and her two kids, Henry and Anna. Henry and Anna, along with the other former Party children, were undergoing de-tox therapy - to deprogram them of their love and admiration for Big Brother. Also, family therapy meetings were being arranged to help restore family harmony within the former Party families.

'Hey, Winston!' called a familiar voice, nearly startling Winston.

'Wha-what?' gasped Winston. To his amazement, it was Julia Wilson. He was so deep in thought that he didn't even hear Julia walk in.

'Say, Winston, do you mind if I, uh, sit here?' asked Julia, blushing.

'Oh, no, no, no! Not at all!' stammered Winston. 'Go right ahead.'

'So, isn't this just great, Winston?' asked Julia. 'I thought that we would never again see freedom in this world.'

'Yeah, this is wonderful!' exclaimed Winston. 'I just came back from Sacramento two days ago, to pay my respects to the Party rebels. Let me tell you that they are such amazing people. Furthermore, it's nice to see that there are renovations being done to our Victory Mansions. I'm currently living with Emma Parsons and her two kids right now. However, the kids are total wrecks right now. I feel so sorry for them.'

'Yeah, so do I,' agreed Julia, shaking her head. 'It's such a shame. We have a whole generation of children that need to undergo de-tox therapy. It's sad, really. It's so sad to think of how we've been used and abused over the years.'

'Well, it is, without a doubt, bloody sad,' replied Winston, 'but, fortunately, things are no longer so hopeless. Much is being done to establish a democratic government - and to establish world harmony. Most importantly, though, we are now finally allowed to have ownlives - and our thoughts are no longer being suppressed. We have no more Thought Police to worry about.'

'Yeah, thank goodness! So, Winston, will you, uh, take me back?' asked Julia.

'Of course,' said Winston, smiling, 'that is, if you will take me back.'

Winston and Julia gazed at each other for a moment, neither saying a word. Then Julia and Winston embraced. Winston smiled. He had forgotten just how much he had loved Julia. His anger towards Big Brother had burned. The worst form of abuse that Winston had suffered at the hands of O'Brien - was that of the emotional variety. Physical scars eventually healed, but emotional scars tended to linger.

'I love you, Winston,' murmured Julia, nuzzling Winston's shoulder, with her head.

'I love you, too, Julia,' replied Winston, huskily.

Then, quietly, both Winston and Julia had exited the Chestnut Cafe - heading over to the park. It was not until the couple have already arrived at the park, that Julia had finally spoken.

'There, now, we can finally finish what we started,' whispered Julia, putting her lips over Winston's mouth.

Then they kissed. There was still hope for Julia and Winston after all. The air smelled fresh, and a chorus of chirping birds could be heard. Life was beginning to look wonderful!