Author's Notes:

This is... my first fanfiction... well its my first posted fanfiction so y'know... be nice. Well actually review and you don't have to be nice. Please? By the way. I'm not sure this has a plot. In fact. I know it doesn't...


Harry Potter sat at a desk in the Charms classroom on his own, he was currently 'not-speaking' to a great percentage of the Gryffindors due to an incident about him, a towel, showers and a rather large number of cameras. He almost groaned aloud when Professor Snape walked into the classroom instead of Flitwick; could his day possibly get any worse? People had been coming up to him all day asking him to sign their photographs from the Prophet, and he'd had enough! There he was, thinking 'at least I don't have Potions today,' and then Snape walks into his last lesson of the day. SNAPE! Snape. God. His life was not even worth living sometimes.

However; someone somewhere must have decided that the poor boy had been through enough for the day, because Snape completely ignored him as he went sweeping to the front of the classroom and gave the class what could only be a gleeful glare.

"Tests," he said simply, holding up a sheaf of parchments that Harry could only assume was the tests that Snape was so happy about. Harry heard a soft sigh from behind him and wondered who had been willing to sit behind him.

He stared at his watch and tried to make the numbers move faster, so that he could get OUT and hide somewhere where he couldn't be found, where people wouldn't make lewd comments about Quidditch and brooms and abs.

"Start," Snape sneered coldly; never one for wasting words, that man was. Looking down at the paper he hadn't even noticed land on his desk, Harry realised that what with all the extra study time he was now getting because he was not talking to anyone, this test should be a walk in the park.

He finished easily, happy to note that he'd stopped before even Hermione and with still 20 minutes left till the end of the lesson, and let his mind drift back to that happy place in his mind where he wasn't famous.

"Ntsh." Harry jumped at the soft sound from behind him; what was that?

"Ntsh." There is was again! What was it? Unable to stop himself, he turned around in his seat to find himself looking at Draco Malfoy, who was leaning over his desk wish

one hand flat against his paper and the other lifted to cover his nose.

"Ntsch." Harry looked on in amazement as Malfoy's head nodded forward in time with the small soft noise. Malfoy was sneezing? That tiny, soft, delicate noise was a sneeze? Only Malfoy could make a sneeze seem gracefully beautiful, Harry thought abstractly.

"Ntsh." he watched as Malfoy's eyes screwed up, and his aristocratic nose wrinkled delicately with each sneeze as the hand he held above his face began to tremble.

"Ntsh." He found himself unable to tear his eyes away from Malfoy's face as his features took on a slightly pinkish tinge. He looked almost ridiculously pretty.

"Ntsh." Even the sound was adorable; it made Harry want to jump out of chair and cuddle Malfoy as if he was a small, sweet, adorable teddy. Which he wasn't. 'Where did that even come from?', he thought to himself slightly alarmed; but now unable to take his eyes off Malfoy's small pink mouth that was pressed in to a tight line as if to prevent any noise from coming out.

"Ntsh." "Ntsh." "Ntsh."

Malfoy opened his eyes and let his hand fall from his face as he readjusted to his surroundings now that his sneezing fit was over. 'How embarrassing and uncouth,' he thought to himself, 'to be caught having an attack like that in public, in a middle of test on top of that'. Not that anyone appeared to have noticed, he realised, looking around the room quickly to check, only to find himself looking into bright green eyes as he turned back to the front. They were as focused on him as he had been on their owner only minutes earlier. Had Potter been watching him sneeze? Why, he had turned right the way around in his seat; not even a glance over the shoulder, but a swivel around, elbows-on-the-table observation. Malfoy swallowed nervously when faced with Potter's unrelenting gaze, and suddenly felt very very very self-conscious in a way that Malfoys most definitely shouldn't. He tried to summon up a harsh sneer for both of their benefits, but failed miserably if Potter's amused smile was anything to go by.

"Bless you," Harry whispered softly

"POTTER!" Snape's enraged shout suddenly echoed around the silent classroom, causing Draco to jump and Harry to stiffen and cringe inwardly, caught. Though at least it hadn't been a few moments earlier when he had been pretty much drooling over a sneezing Malfoy. God, it sounded strange even to him.

"What is this? CHEATING in a test?"

"Professor. Sir. Malfoy," he managed to say, indicating the boy sitting behind him.

"Potter?" Snape looked slightly taken aback by Harry's inarticulacy.

"I. Sir. Malfoy. Bless You." Somewhere in his head, Harry registered that he probably ought to stop, because he only seemed to be digging himself a stranger and bigger hole to get out of. He saw Hermione's shocked face looking back at him from across the classroom, and he tried to bite back the smile spreading across his face; looking back at Snape as steadily as he could, he saw Malfoy try to hide a smile behind his hand.

"Were you or were you not cheating, Mr. Potter?" Snape asked coolly.

"I. Sir? That is. Sir. No. Sir. Malfoy. Sir. I." He stopped then realising that it was no point trying to talk if he kept changing what he was going to say before getting past the first few words of the sentence. He looked up helplessly as Professor Snape issued him a detention for the following night and took his paper, and strode off.

Harry found himself looking into sparkling grey eyes, set alight by an amused spark; gah, why was he looking at Malfoy again?

Malfoy's mouth curved in to a mischievous grin, and he leaned forward towards Harry. "Distracted much, Potter?" he asked softly, before pushing him away. Harry spent

the next 10 minutes sitting at his desk and staring blankly into space, his mind reliving the past few minutes of Malfoy watching.

Harry Potter found himself sitting in the Great Hall watching Malfoy like a hawk during dinner. Hermione was currently talking very loudly about her thoughts on cheating in tests, but Harry completely ignored her; there was something about Malfoy. Something he apparently hadn't noticed before today. Picking up the shaker, he poured some pepper in to his palm and then closed his fist to prevent it being blown away. He stood up from the table leaving his dinner uneaten on his plate, much to the surprise of the rest of his housemates, who now watched him walk over to the Slytherin table.

Malfoy watching in fascination as Harry Potter suddenly started walking towards him, and the surprise prevented him from putting on his perfected disdainful mask until

Harry was right up in front of him. "Going to strip for us, Potter?" he drawled, pulling out the day's Prophet from his robes somewhere. Harry couldn't help but wonder if he'd been carrying it around with all day... and if so, why?

"Only if you really want me to, Malfoy" Harry answered with a naughty grin and a wink before he leaned over the table and opened his hand palm upwards over Malfoy's head. Malfoy looked up in confusion at the hand, then at Harry with huge innocent eyes before Harry turned his palm over and he quickly closed his eyes to stop them being damaged. Several seconds later he frowned and opened his eyes to look up at Harry;

"Nothing hap - " he started before "Ntsh." His perfect nose wrinkled up delicately again and Harry couldn't help but smile, seeing as there was no way Malfoy would allow him to transfigure him into a teddy and cuddle him.

"Bless you."

Malfoy looked back up at him in surprise as he realised that strange looks and fascination he was receiving were about his sneezes, then shook his head and flicked his hand in a dismissive gesture as if he couldn't be bothered.

Harry grinned happily and headed off to the Tower, where he spent much oh much too long thinking about his arch-nemesis.

"What-what are you doing, Potty?" Malfoy asked nervously as Harry backed him in to a dark corner that this castle sure had too many of the next day after dinner.

"I don't know," Harry murmured in reply, leaning over the slightly smaller boy and pressing their mouths together. Malfoy suddenly went still beneath him before throwing an arm around Harry's neck and pulling him closer, taking complete control. His tongue slipped out and ran along the length of Harry's lower lip causing a soft moan and his tongue promptly took this as an invitation in to Harry's warm mouth. What the hell is going on here? Harry managed to think, before his head went blissfully blank as Malfoy's hands slid down his back and then pulled out his shirt and slid up the bare skin. He propped his hands up on either side of Malfoy's blonde head and stepped

forward so that they were pressed up against each other.

"This doesn't mean anything you know," Malfoy whispered against his mouth as he pulled away momentarily.

"Of course not," Harry agreed leaning in to kiss him again and letting his troubles wash away with the taste of Malfoy's mouth.