Summary: Pansy's planning for Draco. Blaise is planning for Pansy. And Draco still can't remember what in heavens name happened yesterday.

Disclaimer: They belong to JK Rowling and we all know it.

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"We need to think of a plan," Pansy murmured in his ear as she sat down beside him at the table for breakfast.

Putting down his glass of orange juice, Draco tilted his head slightly as he tried to remember what they needed a plan for, "We do?" he asked when he found himself without an answer.

Pansy rolled her eyes at him in exasperation, how long was he planning to keep up the clueless act? "Of course we do! We want Potter, and Slytherins always get what they want."

At the mention of the name, Draco looked across the hall to see Potter eating an apple as scribbled furiously on a sheet of parchment, no doubt homework he hadn't actually done yesterday. Draco froze, why would he think that? Why would he think it was yesterday's homework he hadn't actually done as opposed to yesterday's homework he hadn't done. What was he even thinking? Were these normal rational thoughts? Did he usually pay attention to extra words in his sentences? Didn't he usually ensure there were extra words to confuse other people? Potter never did his homework anyway. What?

"Draco?" Pansy nudged him in the ribs and dropped her voice to a whisper, "you're being too obvious"

Draco immediately looked away and picked up a piece of toast as he tried to think of a plan to make Potter look foolish, "it has to be subtle," he said as the vague threads of an idea starting to appear in his head.

Pansy smirked, "definitely. We can't have him catching on until he's firmly in the sack," she said looking across at the bespectacled Gryffindor.

"What? Pansy, you're using the strangest terminology today! Anyone would think you wanted to sleep with him."

Pansy's smirk fell and she looked up in confusion at Draco's equally confused face as he stood up and signalled for Crabbe and Goyle. She watched him leave feeling quite perplexed at the entire situation. She sneered at a first year Hufflepuff, hoping to feel less out of sorts because of it and failing supremely if the worried look she got in return was anything to go by. Maybe he just wasn't ready to admit to his true feelings for fear of being perceived as weak. She stared deep into the dregs of her teacup before upturning it into her plate on an infinitely stupid whim. What Draco obviously needed was for her to put the plan into action without his prior knowledge. Once she had succeeded she'd just explain again that there was no shame in fancying Boys Who Live. Smiling to herself she left the table, not noticing that in her contemplation she had moved the tea leaves to make a slightly lopsided heart and a lightning bolt.


Draco walked through the corridor from the Great Hall flanked by Crabbe and Goyle, thinking of Pansy's strange behaviour at breakfast, lost in his own world as a result, he almost didn't even notice it till it was too late. The smell. Thoughtlessly he snapped his hand out and caught hold of the wrist that passed him with seeker-fast reflexes. He found himself looking at his hand wrapped around a tanned wrist that seemed painfully familiar and annoyingly he couldn't work out why, much like the smell. He looked up and started. Harry bloody Potter. No not just Harry bloody Potter, Harry bloody Potter looking at him with his 'all-seeing, all-knowing' green eyes. He dropped the wrist and carried on walking without a seconds hesitation, pretending nothing had happened.

"MALFOY!" he heard the Weasel's voice shout after him as he swept away, but he ignored him as usual.

"But why was he holding your hand?" he heard the Mudblood say and he burned with the humiliation of it all.

"He was not holding my hand," he heard Harry hiss angrily and for some reason it made him smile. A smile that was quickly hidden when he remembered his cronies were with him. He continued towards Ancient Runes, not noticing when Crabbe and Goyle left to go and do… whatever they did when he was in Ancient Runes.He sat down in his usual place near the back, smirking at Granger when she shot him a glare on her way to her seat on the far side of the classroom.

"Hey Malfoy," Blaise said sliding into the seat next to Draco, "I think something's up with Pansy," he continued bluntly.

Draco immediately jumped to attention despite continuing to look nonchalant, he nodded his head signalling for Blaise to continue.

"I was leaving the Great Hall after breakfast, and you wouldn't believe what I saw on Pansy's plate as I went past."

"Food?" Draco drawled feigning disinterest.

"There was a heart and a lightning bolt on her plate, a slightly ugly heart, definitely a Slytherin one, but a heart all the same and a lightning bolt. Draco! I think she's in love with Potter."

"POTTER!" he all but screamed much to Blaise' dismay.

The few early birds in the classroom turned to stare at them, including a still glaring Granger. Draco glared right back, while Blaise attempted to sooth the others by sending them charming smiles. "Yes, Potter," Blaise muttered once everyone had lost interest again, "How many other lightning bolt scar heads do you know?"

"How could she?" Draco asked sounding slightly offended.

"I think we should help her get him," Blaise said even more quietly as Professor 'Ancient-Runes-is-so-interesting-homework-doesn't-even-count-as-homework-let-me-give-you-some-more' came in.

"But! Potter!" Draco managed in a slightly strangled voice as Granger shot them a suspicious glance before copying something down from the board.

"I know," Blaise said unhappily, "but think of Pansy, she's your best friend and she's bloody amazing at that, if he makes her happy…" Blaise trailed off watching Draco for some time of reaction, but he seemed to have sunk into his own world, promising himself to bring it up again later, Blaise opened up his text book.

So Pansy fancied the Scarhead, that would explain breakfast and its oddness… he felt a surge of jealousy run through him, how dare she fancy Potter! Potter and his smell and his kisses and his warm hands and his big jumpers. Wait. What? Big jumpers? What? Where did that come from? WHAT?

"Mr. Malfoy, is there a problem?"

Draco came back from his reverie to find the entire class staring at him as if he had grown an extra head that looked like loony Luna's. "Why is everyone staring at me?" he muttered to Blaise as he shook his head at the professor.

"You just screamed 'WHAT?' when she asked us to turn to page 353, you would be staring at you too if you could."

Draco scowled and flipped to the right page, glaring at the mass of runes that they had been studying for the past few lessons with annoyance. Why was he acting so ridiculous today?

"Relax, its probably just after effects of the flu Malfoy, no need to get your knickers in such a twist," Blaise said as if reading his mind. Draco sighed heavily then nodded, "we should do it."

"I'm sorry?"

"Help Pansy get Potter," Draco said regretting it almost immediately.



"I'm telling you, they're up to something."

"They're ALWAYS up to something," Harry said shaking his head and looking back at his plate.

"Yes, but this is different, Harry, I can feel it. I mean after that stunt Malfoy pulled today."

"What stunt?" Harry asked in confusion.

"He was holding your hand!"

"HE WAS NOT HOLD-" Harry paused when the people in the nearby vicinity turned to look, "he was not holding my hand, he just caught on my sleeve as we were walking past."

"That doesn't explain why he was shouting your name in Ancient Runes," Hermione said interrupting the conversation as she put her book back in her bag and leaned closer.

"He what!?!" Harry and Ron explained, though Ron with a lot more anger and a lot more noise.

"Well, him and Zabini were talking and then he suddenly went 'POTTER!' and then they spent the rest of the lesson whispering. I'm sure they're thinking of some idiotic way to lose us housepoints," Hermione said pulling another book out of her back and slipping back out of the conversation.

Harry felt the first pang of insecurity and he faltered in his happy plan of ignoring Ron and eating lunch instead, "they were talking about me?" he asked Hermione.

She looked up from her book to look worriedly at Harry, "they often talk about you I'm sure, nothing to worry too much about."

Harry swallowed and pushed his plate away no longer feeling quite so hungry, choosing to rest his chin on his hands and stare at the Slytherin table where Malfoy was giving him confused looks, Pansy was giving him superior looks and Zabini was grinning at him like a Hufflepuff. So something was definitely up.