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A/N: For Numisma who requested a Kohaku humor fic.

The Misery Kid

Sesshomaru sat staring off the edge of a cliff deep in thought, as he was wont to do. A slight frown marred his face. Naraku aside, his only concerns would usually be untangling the flowers Rin had somehow snuck into his hair without causing himself split ends, or how to properly punish the toad imp when he decided to get too "grabby," but on this occasion, Sesshomaru had a whole new problem.

The demon slayer boy named Kohaku had been in his stead for almost a week now—and damn, was that kid depressing! It was like he was contagious: A walking carrier of gloom and doom. A black cloud of super-angst seemed to hang over his head, and it was really putting a damper on Sesshomaru's too-cool-for-school stoic behavior.

What would the other demons think if word got out that ultra-badass Lord Sesshomaru had come down with a case of the blues? His reputation would be ruined.

Kohaku leaned against a tree nearby Sesshomaru, while Rin went off to gather flowers and Jaken supervised her.

Sesshomaru cast a wary eye in Kohaku's direction. Yep, the kid was miserable. Shoulders slouched, eyes downcast, mouth drawn in a permanent grimace.

Gazing back out over the cliff, Sesshomaru sighed to himself. This was fucking great. How long was he going to have to put up with this?

A high-pitched squeaking sound interrupted Sesshomaru's thoughts. It blurted out in fits and starts, alternating blaring blasts with tiny poots.

Sesshomaru turned around, stunned. Kohaku glanced sheepishly at him. The kid had just let out the longest, wettest sounding fart Sesshomaru had ever heard.

The illusion was ruined. Sesshomaru decided it'd be okay to keep Kohaku around. From then on, he couldn't look at him without cracking up inside.


A/N: Yeah, sorry, never thought I'd resort to a fart joke. But I had to take Kohaku down an angst-peg or two, and what better than toilet humor? ;)