In the Future

Hello… this is my second Gundam seed/destiny fanfic and I hope you guys like it well.. I won't say much but just enjoy. AthrunxCagalli forever!

A normal day at orb… Well at least that's what Cagalli thought. It had been 2 months since she and Athrun parted ways. He went to PLANT and she stayed at ORB, loaded with terrible responsibilities. She sighed as she rolled over her bed. This was the only moment in where she can shut her eyes and rest even for 5 minutes. She was slowly drifting to sleep when suddenly:


"What in the…" Cagalli rose to her feet and took her coat with her. She marched downstairs to figure out from where that loud bang came from. She traced the hallways and the outside yards and found no one. She had forgotten, there was a festival that day in orb and she let everyone go there leaving no one behind for her.

At times like these, she missed Athrun's company. Whenever she would let everyone go about their own ways, Athrun would be there to accompany her and they would spend time with each other enjoying each moment.

But, she thought… it won't happen anymore. The warm embraces, the gentle kisses and the secret lover thing which ironically everyone seem to know. Cagalli smiled a bit totally forgetting about the reason on why she came down in the first place. "Athrun… I don't know what came into my mind that I let you go." Cagalli whimpered and tried to hold back her tears.

Suddenly, Kira came from behind her. "Cagallli." He gently said. "Kya!" Cagalli jumped and held on to her chest. "KIRA! Don't scare me like that!" Cagalli yelled back at him and then stopped when she saw her twins disturbing(?) look.

Kira's clothes are smudged with mud and his hair is messier than ever. "Kira, what the heck happened to you?" She asked as she held on to his shoulder. "Well… I had a little accident down at the basement." Kira smiled. "Silly…what the heck are you doing there? And I didn't even know you were here." Cagalli started to ask drastically.

"Kisaka let me in… I didn't want to disturb you so I told him its okay not to tell you." Kira dusted of his coat and then rubbed his nose as he smiled back at Cagalli placing more dirt on his face. "I wanted to borrow some stuff for the fireworks I'm making for tonight's event at the festival.." Kira continued and then stopped when Cagalli went near him and took a handkerchief.

"Well.. You should have told me… you're a mess! What will Lacus say?" Cagallli wiped the dirt from Kira's face. Kira looked at her sweetly and yet sadly. "That you are being very caring Cagalli." Kira smiled. "No I'm not." Cagalli pouted as she finished wiping Kira's face and placed the handkerchief inside her pocket.

"Well don't stand there.. put on some decent clothes and then show me what you're making… maybe I can help." Cagalli turned around and went to the direction of the door. Kira followed her. "I guess I just made a mistake with the solution." Kira scratched his head. "Well… Coordinators are still humans after all I guess… you make mistakes just like everyone else." Cagalli didn't turn around but Kira knew for sure that there was a pang of hurt in her voice.

She was probably thinking of Athrun.

Athrun gently placed the newspaper over his desk. It's been 2 months since she left for PLANT and he admits that he misses someone who always makes him laugh. Cagalli.

Not a day passes without him thinking about his past with her. He knew he wanted her back but he also knows that he hurt her. The only problem lies on how he will face her. He's afraid that she might reject her after all, 2 months is still 2 months. And her hurt must have sink in by now.

He didn't know what he was doing back then, mixed emotions and stuff. He thought Cagalli doesn't want to be with him anymore when she took off her ring. But still, he never even dared to ask why. He just left, that's it. No more. It is true that the only time you will realize how important someone to you is when that someone is no longer with you. Athrun is learning this the hard way. Little did he know, Cagalli feels the same.

He looks again at the newspaper and found a small column about a festival at ORB. He remembered those times when he and Cagalli always miss out on the festival ceremonies only to spend time with each other. Because that is the only time when everyone is out and they can be who they want without having to hide anything.

And at that point, he made a decision. He is going back to ORB.

Athrun rushed out of his room carrying a suitcase. He did not waste any more time and quickly boarded the plane as soon as got to the airport.. er.. make that spaceport.

"Fireworks eh…" Cagalli looked at Kira's handwritten formula. "You suck at these. You're much better with computers." Cagalli grinned. Kira looked at her and frowned. "If you would just help me instead of criticizing everything I do.. please?" KIra looked at his twin who was giving him a 'peace' sign with her fingers. "So… you would go this time right Cagalli? KIra asked. Cagalli stopped. Right, this is the only year that she will have the festivities without Athrun. "I don't know… I don't jive too well with festivals." Cagalli continued arranging Kira's papers with her back still facing Kira's.

She was lying he knew.. she always loved the festivities even if she and Athrun missed it just to be together. She loved it because it's one of the times she would be alone with him.

"Cagalli…" Kira tried to talk but then he stopped. "Nevermind." "I'm sure you won't need me there… You and Lacus would be just fine. Besides, you always nag me about how less I sleep nowadays so I think I'll do it today." Cagalli looked at her brother who doesn't seem all too convinced. "The sleep… I think it can wait… there are other opportunities… you can't miss out on this one. I promised Lacus and everybody that I would take you there." Kira looked at his twin seriously. Cagalli had no choice but to say yes. Being too serious to the point of being angry does not compliment Kira's character.

The start of the festivities is around 10:00pm. It was exactly 9:00pm. One hour to go and the lights would go on the stage and presenters would give entertainment to the people. Kira, Lacus and Cagalli are all dressed up. Lacus tend to the orphanages and Cagalli was outside looking at the stars. They were waiting for everybody else to arrive. Dearka, Yzak, Mirialla and so on. Kira spotted again her sister outside. Lacus told him that they should do everything so that Cagalli won't be lonely tonight. And that means no reminiscing of Athrun.

Kira has to shoulder that part. Aside from Lacus, Cagalli often listens to Kira as well. And also the fact that he is her twin adds to the pressure. "Cagalli. We're going to leave in about 15 minutes. Why don't you go and stay inside?" Kira asked. "It's okay Kira… you don't have to do anything to cheer me up. I'm happy just the way things are… as long as you, Lacus and everyone are there… I'm happy." Cagalli smiled sadly and trying with all her might to no make Kira worry. "I'm glad Cagalli. And thanks. The same goes for all of us." Kira smiled. "Now, let's just enjoy this night! Where the heck are those late coordinators!" Cagalli yelled and ran around the beach.

Athrun just arrived from PLANT and he is so excited to see everyone. He hopes to spend the festival with them especially Cagalli. Athrun glimpsed around the stage in where the performers are going to play. It was placed inside a yacht. The audiences were placed on the docks having strong barricades around them so nobody would fall in the water. Athrun went near the yacht knowing that Kira and the others will be placed inside there thanks to Cagalli. He looked around and saw the banner. Tonight's festival theme is the 'blue ocean' maybe that's why the performers are on a yacht and its venue is in the docks.

As he neared the yacht, he saw a young girl, around age 16 strumming on her guitar. What caught him is that she had yellow locks just like Cagalli's and she was looking straight at him! Athrun blushed and then looked away. He finally reached the entrance to the yacht and saw Kira. "Kira!" He yelled. Kira was with Lacus and in front of him was Cagalli. Athrun's eyes widened and he continued to shout Kira's name in hope that he would notice him. Instead, Dearka and Yzak are the ones who noticed Athrun yelling like mad. "Athrun!" Dearka couldn't help but yell. "Athrun?" Mirialla and Yzak said in unison looking at where Dearka is pointing. "What the heck.." Yzak looked at the blue haired guy waving furiously. "Mirialla, quick, get Kira. The silly goose is here to join us" Dearka said and Mirialla went rushing off to get Kira.

"Athrun." Was the only thing Kira could say when he saw his blue-haired best friend after 2 months. "Hello Kira.. I finally decided to stay." Athrun smiled. Everyone was there happy to see him. Dearka rubbed his head fiercely and Mirialla, Lacus and Murrue are laughing. Mwu stood there and smiled gently Yzak just frowned.

"I'm glad Athrun.. we missed you." Kira pat his best friend on the shoulder. "So did I… silly me.. it took me awhile to realize it." Athrun was smiling but he tried not to cry in the process. "Where's Cagalli? I need to talk to her."

As soon as Athrun burted out Cagalli's name, everyone silenced and the smile on their faces faded.

"A..Athrun… I don't think now is the time that you should talk to her… maybe after all of these." Kira shrugged.

Athrun looked at everyone and agreed. He cannot argue with them, she cannot force Cagalli either. The only thing that matters is that he is here and she's going to talk to Cagalli soon.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the show is about to start!" shouted the emcee of the show. "Now, please all welcome, ruby ring!" He continued and everyone gave a shout, a cheer and a clap. The gang also clapped and cheered. Cagalli was in front of everybody since she is the representative of ORB. This is her first time sitting through the whole show because no Athrun was there to spend time with her in another place. Little did she know that Athrun was sitting behind her together with Dearka and the others.

Athrun looked at her intently. She was as beautiful as ever, so simple yet so elegant. It was one of the many things about her that drove him crazy, and made him fall in love with her. Athrun didn't look anywhere but gazed at this beauty that smiled and was unaware that he was there just a few meters away from her.

Suddenly, Athrun's attention at Cagalli was disturbed when he heard the loud strumming of the guitar indicating that the band is about to start. Athrun looked up at lead, and to his surprise, it was the girl from before! the same girl who looked at him before the show.

"This is for the honorable representative, Ms. Cagalli Yula Attha. Oh and Mom, Dad, I love you! Let's rock tonight ORB!" The girl yelled and started to play. She kept on glancing at Athrun as she played and her glance doesn't seem a bit friendly at all. Athrun looked at Cagalli again. She was smiling, and boy was she enjoying it.

Suddenly, the music stopped, a loud BOOM was heard. The yacht was on fire. The other band members decided to jump out of the boat but the lead fell and was left behind. Dearka and the others held on the railings. The yacht swirled and then suddenly began to move away from the dock. Kira's eyes widened. "What the heck is going on!" Mwu took Murrue in his arms and jumped in the water. He looked back only to see the yacht quickly moving away from them. Dearka protected Mirialla and Yzak bumped his head leaving him unconscious. "Yzak! Dearka yelled and as soon as he stepped forward, the ground cracked and he and Mirialla fell inside the boat also losing consciousness. "Mirialla!" CAgalli yelled and ran to help them but instead she swayed back hitting her back against the ship's wall. She struggled to stand up. "Cagalli!" Athrun ran to her in horror. He quickly protected her in his arms and closed his eyes as bits of wood fell on top of them. "A..Athrun?" Cagalli spoke and then she too, lost consciousness. Kira and Lacus stayed in one corner to avoid the falling bits of wood. Kira protected Lacus with his body and soon, all of them were buried inside piles of wood.

"Cagalli… I love you." Were Athrun's last words before he drifted to sleep.


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