In the Future

You only live once, but if you live it right, once is enough



ORB country, 9 am in the morning. The children of the orphanage were now playing outside happily. This was their usual routine, they would go and have fun after breakfast, and then Lacus would read them a story while Kira would take them around the town amusement park after.

Aril never had a problem with that, except that she is sixteen now and she finds it quite 'childish' for her taste. What can she expect anyway? Children who are her age in the orphanage had either found themselves a new home or took off to get themselves jobs (for those who are older than her)

She of course was forced to stay because Lacus and Kira agreed to adopt her, hence her staying there in the orphanage and dying of boredom.

And now she didn't want to get up. She just had this strange dream of meeting her uncle and aunt when they were young. Worse, she also met her 'father' and mother. It made her stomach churn. But then again, she preferred being inside that dream than anything else.

In there, her mother wasn't dead. In there, she was with her. In there, in there is all a dream. Just a dream that would fade away once she wakes up. She wanted to puke, so much for a good morning. Well, at least she's glad that no one is barging inside her room and telling her to get ready to go downtown.

Suddenly, a young boy came inside her room with a loud bang. "Aril! Aril! Wake up! We're going downtown already! Come on!"

So much for that. Aril growled. "Leave me alone! What are so excited about? Grow up!"

"What's up with you? Why are you so grumpy? Hmph! And I even told mom and dad to drop by that shop you wanted to cheer you up. You look all down and stuff today." The boy crossed his hand over his chest.

"Mom and dad? Since when did you start calling uncle Kira and Aunt Lacus Mom and Dad you Orphan?" She growled again and refused to look at the boy, she was still under the covers since he had barged in.

"I'm not an Orphan! You ingrate! And I'm not talking about uncle Kira and Aunt Lacus! Since when did you start thinking that I'm not your brother and we don't have parents?!" The boy shouted and attempted to pummel her with a pillow.

"Wha—a brother? What the hell are you talking about?" Aril took off the covers on her and looked at the boy or rather young man in front of him.

"Who are you?" She raised an eyebrow. "Gah! How rude! Mom, Dad! Aril is at it again! I tell you, she's acting like I'm invisible or something!" The boy yelled and went outside her room, stomping all the way down.

Aril sat up and scratched her unruly golden locks. "What the he—" She stopped when Kira went inside. "What did you do again Aril?" He chuckled.

"I didn't do anything. I.. I thought I told you guys to stop barging in here? In case you don't notice, I'm all grown up now!" She covered herself with the blanket since she's only wearing her pajamas. Kira laughed and approached her then gently rubbed her head, making the young woman's hair unruly even more.

"You should be a bit nice to Alex.. he's just being the loving little brother he is to you." He looked at her with his amethyst pools. "What? Brother? Are you crazy? Alex? Who's that?" Aril scoffed.

"You're kidding me right? You can't possibly have amnesia in your sleep." Kira looked at her dumbfounded then smiled. "I did not. Only, yeah.. I wish I did. That dream was such a freakazone to me."

"Now, now, you just got up on the wrong side of the bed. Why don't you dress up and we'll go on our way." Kira stood up.

"Can't I just not go?" Aril bit her lip. It's gonna be boring anyway.

"Nope. Today we go out and have a little fun. All of us, the whole family." Kira smiled and waved his hand as he left.

Family. Yech. As if that's real. And that has been her issue ever since. Maybe that's why that Alex kid started calling her his sibling and then acts as if Kira and Lacus are his mom and dad. So much for that.

She scoffed again and stood up.

Now, she is starting to hate that dream. It had her…. Longing.

A couple of laughs were heard downstairs. Aril just shrugged it off when she suddenly heard a familiar voice.

"It can't be. It simply isn't real." She ran as fast as she could downstairs and what she found surprised her.

Athrun, Cagalli, Kira, Lacus and that young boy earlier were sitting around the table. Come to think of it, this house… this house doesn't look like the orphanage at all. And when she tried to recall a few moments back, so does her room.

Where was she? Was she still dreaming?

"Aril. You're awake finally." Cagalli smiled at her. Lacus approached her and boy was her tummy huge, indicating that she's pregnant. "Why don't you join us for breakfast so we can go downtown and buy something for you.

"what's going on?" Aril choked. What was Cagalli doing here? And Athrun with her? And… and.. they are happy… This isn't real. The real place, the reality she has is bitter. How come she's here?

Not that she liked the bitter reality.. but this is all too confusing.

"what the hell is going on?" She spat out.

"Ooh.. young lady, as much as I adore you for being like your mother, I don't think I approve of you acquiring her language as well." Athrun looked down at her and held her shoulders. "What?" Cagalli frowned and whacked him on the head.

"I was just kidding. But, I'm serious about her not saying things that are so unladylike." Athrun chuckled and kissed his wife. Lacus and Kira just watched and laughed with them too.

"eeeww." The boy from earlier came. "Now, Now Alex, you'll get to this. You'll soon snag a girl like your mother and kiss her senseless since you got my charms and all." Athrun chuckled yet again and Cagalli pummeled him while blushing.

"Yuck! Are you telling me I'll snag Aril? She's like.. the carbon copy of mom except the eyes! Eew! Gross! That's incest dad!" Alex gagged.

"What? Keep your insane fantasies to yourself freak!" Aril butts in. She finally got a better look at her little 'brother'. He looks exactly like Athrun… except the eyes.

"Why don't we all finish this up so we can go downtown and celebrate Aril's birthday?" Kira came, his hands around Lacus waist.

"Wha—my birthday?" Aril came. This is all too confusing. But she can't help but love it. Is this… is this her reality?

"Yes Honey… Happy Birthday. Your Dad and I weren't able to get you a gift earlier since we were so busy and all.. so we figured, we get it together while you pick it." Cagalli kissed her forehead.

Yes, this is definitely not a dream. She could feel the warmth, the love, the reality of it all.

Without notice, she sobbed.

Everyone panicked.

"Aril, what's wrong?" Alex came as fast as he could to her side. They may bicker, but Aril was Alex's special and only sister. Aril sobbed even harder and reached out to him, hugging him tightly.

"Ack, Aril.. you're hurting me.. What's wrong? Are you hurt somewhere?" Alex blushed. Aril just continued to cry and soon after, Athrun and Cagalli hugged the both of them. "What's wrong baby?" Athrun asked.

Aril finally spoke. "N-Nothing… I'm… I'm just happy… very happy…." She wiped her tears from her eyes as soon as she let go of her little brother. "I love you all." She smiled.

This is my reality, my perfect reality.

Soon after, Aril found herself downtown and celebrating her birthday. It was as if the dream she had last night and the bitter reality she knew before were all a figment of her imagination, something that didn't exist, something that was never true.

She sighed as she enjoyed her newfound life.

'Sometimes, there are things we do not understand… but we would want to believe in it. And by some strange magic, it happens. You have been given a chance my dear mother. A chance to feel the presence of this magic, the same as I'

Aril scratched her head. Where had she heard that from? It sounded important… but she has no clue when it was said and how she got it. She figured it was just something she caught while watching stuff she sat back down and shrugged it off.

Lacus and Kira are now sitting peacefully on the picnic mat, while Cagalli and Alex talked about the evening stars. Aril sat down on the front seat of her dad's convertible, the night wind passing through her hair. She looked at the glove compartment and stated fiddling with it. An old notebook fell from it and she picked it up.

She scanned the thing and knew that it was her dad's because of the formulas and calculations inside for a new and improved 'HARo'. She smiled. And then she got to this page that intrigued her curiosity.

A Whole page with her name written on it and a small line under that said: what to name my daughter

"How's my birthday girl?" Athrun's voice came from behind her. She squealed a bit from surprise but then smiled at him gently. "Fine dad. Thanks for today.. all of you. You really now how to spoil a girl like me." She snickered and pecked her Dad on the cheek.

"What's this dad? My name's here… Have you been planning it before mom conceived me?" Aril slumped back at the chair. "Not really." Athrun chuckled and Aril scoffed. "How did you think of this name then?" She asked yet again.

"Truth is… I don't really know or remember. I just wrote it one day… and decided that's what I want to name you. It kinda popped inside my head I guess." Athrun chuckled. "Yeah… perhaps. Nice name anyway. Thanks." The blonde haired carbon copy of Cagalli smiled. Her eyes glittered that of emerald just like his.

"You know how Alex would always tell me that I don't believe in magic?" Aril gazed up towards the stars.

Athrun nodded.

"well, I believe in them… because well because that magic… the very magic that keeps me alive inside is my family." She smiled, took her Father's hand and ran towards Cagalli and Alex.

Yes, this is definitely the magic that she had been waiting to happen not so long ago.

And because of that, Aril is not afraid of what will happen with her in the future.



Gyabo! I hope you liked that! This epilogue is more of the Aril side. And the mystery of the name has been explained. Haha. All of them really forgot about her in the past! And she has a cute little carbon copy of Athrun for a brother! How adorable is that? Aril soon forgets about her 'past' encounter too if you would like to know, as well as her dream. Thank you for supporting this fic and being patient and all. Thank you, thank you.