Can a good man join an army of evil and remain good? There is another parallel world in which the RaRa Army is fighting the war from the very beginning. Rated teen for having characters actually lose blood when injured.

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It was commonly assumed that the Kajishima incident created only two parallel universes.

That assumption was proven wrong.

The Kajishima incident began when an artifact was unearthed during the construction of a city hall in Japan by Kajishima Construction. A construction worker named Masaki Yotsuga was ordered to remove and hide the artifact uncovered thus far to prevent archaeologists from learning of the find and delaying the construction.

In one universe, he did so. The universe proceeded normally for the next twenty-two years. Masaki Yotsuga married Atsuko and had a son, Kazuki Yotsuga.

In another he did inform scientists, among them Dr. Ken Sanada and Dr. Hiroshi Rara. They proceeded to excavate many more artifacts and analyze them. The artifacts were the last remnants of an undiscovered civilization, a civilization with technology far higher than the current level. Among the astonishing achievements of this lost civilization were the creation of massive machines, standing as large as multiple-story buildings. Some of these robots were found at the site.

Another significant difference between the two universes was a woman named Ayuko. In the universe where the artifact lay dormant, Ayuko married Dr. Sanada, and their child was Mitsuki Sanada. Ayuko abandoned her new family for another man, leaving Mitsuki Sanada and Dr. Sanada alone.

In the world with robots, Ayuko married Dr. Rara, and their child was Mitsuki Rara. Ayuko, a self-serving and manipulative woman, remained faithful because of her desire for power.

Inside the artifact was found a being in suspended animation. The scientific team judged it too risky to attempt to revive the being, and instead constructed a new, artificial body for it, using the artifact's technology they were learning to command. The artificial body was so sophisticated that it was almost impossible to tell from a real body. The artificial body was termed a bioroid, and Dr. Sanada named the being D. D appeared to be a female human of fourteen, but she retained the mind and soul of a survivor of the uncovered civilization. As an indelible reminder of this, her bioroid body bore an unearthly blue light in one of her eyes. In one of her few concessions to human feelings, D kept this eye covered with a lock of her hair.

The power of the artifacts was incredible. D's suspended animation facility and the bioroid technology represented amazing feats in biology and cybernetics. The analyses indicated that the giant robots were capable of incredible feats of strength, carrying enormous weapons, and even controlling the weather over a large area. Also uncovered were airborne vessels of incredible size, armed with myriad laser weapons.

People began to wonder what the governments of the earth would do with such knowledge. Dr. Rara and his wife Ayuko began to suggest that the nations of the world would go to war to obtain the power of the artifact, and would then use artifact technology to wage new and even more destructive wars. They suggested that the only way to prevent a massive war was to unite all the nations of the globe, by force if necessary, but hopefully without the loss of human life.

Dr. Rara and Ayuko eventually gathered enough supporters, and stole much of the artifact technology, including several combat robots and a battleship as large as an island. The Raras fled into the ocean and used that battleship island as a base. Mitsuki Rara was born on it soon after. Dr. Rara and Ayuko Rara established a new organization, the RaRa Army, of which Dr. Rara became president. The RaRa Army's declared purpose was uniting the world under Pres. Rara, preventing a massive, destructive war, halting their opponents without bloodshed, and giving prosperity to all their subjects.

Ayuko and Mitsuki Rara assisted Dr. Rara in his bid for world domination. Mitsuki Rara occasionally was a combat robot pilot, but her main role became Ms. Rah, the propagandist and battlefield commander for the RaRa Army. Ayuko was content for a time simply to aid in behind-the-scenes decision making.

Dr. Sanada had been suspicious of Dr. Rara, and made a backup of the data that he was collecting. After Dr. Rara's theft, Dr. Sanada and those who supported him kept control of the dig site. Using the backup data, he began to construct the Core Robots, based on their best understanding of the alien technology. He also began the demanding task of establishing the Earth Defense Force to resist Pres. Rara's attempt at global conquest.

Pres. Rara's combat robots were so strong that the Earth Defense Force was the only military organization capable of defeating the RaRa Army in battle. President Rara and Commander Sanada had agreed to a system in order to prevent the loss of human life. Only the combat robots would fight for territory, and only at prearranged times and places, to allow for the populace to evacuate the combat zone. If any pilot was endangered, that pilot's army would surrender the land and get to keep the pilot and robot.

The greatest challenge for the Earth Defense Force was finding good pilots. Yayoi Schwael was a top-rated pilot, officer material, with good instincts and tactical knowledge. She became the pilot for one of the three Core Robots. Her grandmother, Mrs. Reika Nanjyoin, was one of Dr. Sanada's greatest financial backers.

D proved to be an excellent pilot as well, her experience with combat robots and the civilization that created them making her very effective.

In the normal, ordinary world, Dr. Sanada and Dr. Rara were dimensional physicists who toiled to prove the existence of a parallel world. Kazuki Yotsuga had grown into a teenager, but a very troubled one. He was capable of catching occasional glimpses of the combat robots in the parallel universe fighting each other, and yet no trace of their destructive rampages remained in his own world. Everyone around him, even he himself, doubted his sanity.

Kazuki Yotsuga became the butt of jokes all around the school, and rumor of this reached the daughter of Dr. Sanada, Mitsuki Sanada. She and her father realized Kazuki might have a previously inconceivable ability- to view a parallel world. Mitsuki Sanada thought she was only inviting Kazuki Yotsuga to her home so that her father could run tests on him to learn why he had these visions, but her father's zealous eccentricities and a lab accident she was partly responsible for transported Kazuki to the alternate universe.

Kazuki Yotsuga was never born in this alternate universe, and had nowhere to go. He found Yayoi Schwael injured on the battlefield, and suddenly found that he could pilot her robot-an unprecedented event, since only females could pilot them. Mitsuki Sanada, who had gone to the parallel world to look for him, had arrived a month before Kazuki, and already was a pilot for the Earth Defense Force. Cmdr. Sanada, unlike his counterpart, didn't have any machines ready to send Kazuki and Mitsuki Sanada back to their original world, so they determined to end the war as soon as possible. When the war was over, Cmdr. Sanada could concentrate on sending them home. Kazuki piloted the robot Yayoi had once used, as she shifted into a role as an instructor.

Kazuki was captured by the RaRa Army, but escaped with the aid of Mitsuki Rara and her friends. Mitsuki Rara's moral qualms eventually led her and her friends to defect to Kazuki and Dr. Sanada.

The Earth Defense Force eventually lost so much ground that it was forced to flee in an artifact warship, and Mitsuki Sanada was captured by the RaRa Army. At the same time, it became clear that the two parallel worlds were beginning to destroy each other. Kazuki Yotsuga, in his incredibly powerful robot Zinv, managed to crush the RaRa Army. He agreed to destroy all artifact technology, including Zinv, in the hopes of averting catastrophe for both worlds, even though this meant risking his own life.

The result of this sacrifice was that the two universes were combined into a synthesis of them, where everyone had their memories of what had happened, but would be able to live together peacefully. There was no artifact technology except for Zinv, who arrived some time after the synthesis universe began. Kazuki, and Drs. Sanada and Rara had hopes of using artifact technology to explore outer space, dreams which would require some years of planning and work. In the meantime, everyone could live happy, normal lives.

There is at least one other universe parallel to those two universes, and possibly yet more worlds parallel to all of them. The history of one of such universe, and its part in the lives of Kazuki and those connected to him, will be considered in this story.