TITLE: Pearls of passion

AUTHOR: faith-in-Faith

DISCLAIMER: None at all.


SPOILERS: Nothing in particularly

AUTHOR'S NOTE: OK, so this is my first SN fic and everything about it is Bee's fault. LOL She brainwashed me into watch the show although she knows I'm afraid of ghosts and she told me this was good. She told me it needed to be shared and she beat read it for me, so if you don't like it -- just spam her mail box. OK?

But seriously, thank you, Bee for you never fading faith in me and for helping me with this. You're the best!

And, Joey; I haven't ditched you as my beta. Just thought I would spare you this one. ;)

So now over to the story. It's not much, just a drabble but I hope that's OK.


Sam studied Dean as he talked to the girl whose boyfriend had died a violent and very mysterious deathShe was a part of their latest case and talking to her made Dean glow – like he carried an inner light. New cases did that to him. It was like it made him more alive – like it made the world a better place and his life easier to live. Dean had a passion for hunting that Sam was unable to share, no matter how hard he tried.

Dean could be kind of quiet and dull sometimes and Sam knew he brooded a lot. Sam had a feeling he wasn't the only one who was hunted by ghosts from the past. Dean had his fair share of heartbreak and pain, even though he never said anything about it. Sam blamed their father for the bigger part. He was an ass and he had brainwashed Dean into thinking that haunting was the only thing he was good enough to do. Which – of course – wasn't true. Dean was smart – very smart, probably even smarter than Sam. But their father tricked him into believing the exact opposite and Sam hated him for it. Sometimes even more than he hated him for the things he did to Sam himself. Sam survived because Dean made sure he would. And the way Sam saw it; it was time for him to pay his debts. But he didn't know how, because Dean neverlet him inside.

The only thing Sam wished for more then Jess coming back to him was for Dean to stop looking at him as a child and trust him enough to tell him what was wrong. He wanted to help Dean and be there for him, the way Dean always had been for him. But he couldn't.

So the only thing Sam could do was to hang around and watch those moments of lights in Dean's eyes – those pearls of passion, waiting and hoping to earn his trust. Then something dawnedon him. Maybe the way to reach Dean was through those pearls, to share the passion. Maybe….

Sam took a step closer to Dean, ready to give it another shot, ready to learn to share the passion. He hated haunting more than anything but if that could help him to save Dean then he'd learn to love it, because for Dean, he'd do anything.