The Batman wasn't happy. "Kent begged you to take them back, didn't he?"

"Clark hasn't had any sleep in weeks. Do you want a sleep deprived Superman?"

"But why …"

"Cassandra Cain's initial indoctrination means she already possesses the mental training Lois hadn't. And … well, she has very little awareness of … well, that made Lois…"

"…turn Kent into a shriveled eunuch?"

"Stop smiling Bruce."

Batman checked to see if the onboard cameras were on. "I'm not."

"I can hear it. Your Clark-Is-Limping-And-I-Know-Why grin."

"Well, now I have to deal with one of my sidekicks becoming the New Wonder Woman."


It was ... freedom bursting with energy the limitless potential of what was in her grasp forever teasing, hinting, murmuring in her ears ...

... exhilarating ...

The wind blew her hair and clothes back in the slipstream as she looked down at Gotham, a million points of light bisecting the cold night air.

The very Earth itself was singing to her, an angel's choir in every mote of wind. A perfect counterpointed melody in every birdsong. Every sight and sound, every smell, taste and sensation wrapping itself around her; a celestial chorus playing just for her and her alone.

The previous holder of these powers was happy, a genuine, glowing smile in every photo, every interview.

Now she knew why.

She slowly swooped towards the city. She wanted to find out how fast she could go.

"Cassandra. The hilltop. Now."

Barbara Gordon knew some interesting words. She said them a lot when Nightwing was in her room with the door shut and locked, along with the strange thumping noises. Cassandra began liberally applying them under her breath as she flew down to the ground.

Batman waited impatiently as Cassandra softly touched down.

"Smugglers at the docks, drugs, a few million dollars in cocaine. We have to stop them."

"You can handle."

Batman looked at Cassandra, who wasn't making any move to get into the Batmobile.

"We always use backup. You're mine."

Cassandra looked upwards. "You can handle."

Batman started stalking towards Batgirl. "Get in the car."

Cassandra smirked. "Dropkick you to Los Angeles."

Batman gave a grin of his own, extremely unpleasant to behold. "Tell Tim about your Robin plushie."

Cassandra's smirk vanished.

She stomped over to the Batmobile, pouting. "Prick."

Batman started the engine. "You're finally learning."