Officer Sato, by Weebee.

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Summary: Ranma has been locked as a girl for ten years, and become a member of the Tokyo Police Department. Now, she's being transferred to the Nerima and Juuban patrol. Will this destroy the new life she's built? How will the NWC cope with an older Ranma, who actually enforces the law rather than breaking it?

Chapter 1, You have GOT to be kidding me…

In down town Tokyo, a woman sat in a small white car, the symbol on the door reading "Tokyo Police Department." She was short, about four eleven and had bright red hair tied back in a pigtail. She took a sip of her coffee and tapped her slim fingers on the steering wheel, looking impatient. "C'mon Kimiko. How long does it take to get a damned cup of coffee." She muttered, as she glared at the coffee shop across the street. As she did so, another woman, this one significantly taller, exited the building. She was tall for a Japanese female, coming to about five six, and wore her brown hair in a pageboy style reminiscent of Nabiki Tendo. The redhead shook her head at the thought of the middle, or any for that matter, Tendo. She had left all that behind a long time ago.

"Come on Kimiko, we're gunna be late!" The redhead yelled, leaning out of the window of the white police cruiser.

"All right already. Chill out, Ranko!" Kimiko said, hopping into the passenger seat of the car. "Maybe this will cheer you up." Saying this, she pulled out a large chocolate doughnut.

"You do know you're fuelling police stereotypes, right?" Ranko asked, as she grabbed the doughnut eagerly and gazed at it rapturously. She loved sweets, chocolate in particular.

Kimiko giggled. "Not like it matters, now let's go."

Ranko reluctantly placed her doughnut on a cloth on the seat next to her, turning the key in the car's ignition and shifting into gear. She'd never know why the force insisted on a standard shift system, especially with the shotgun wedged in next to the gear shift. It always made her nervous that she'd accidentally pull the trigger and send a bullet into the engine. Shrugging it off, she began driving into the maelstrom of traffic, headed for police HQ.


"You're what?" Ranko asked, as she looked in astonishment at her supervisor.

"I'm re-assigning you, Sato." The man said, calmly. "The brass made this decision, not me. They think you're… too enthusiastic for your work." He explained, shrugging.

"Is this about that guy last week?" Ranko asked, shaking her head. "I told you that was necessary!"

"And I agree with you." The supervisor cut her off. "The brass doesn't agree with me, though. Since they think you like using excessive force, you're being transferred to the Nerima-Juuban beat."

Ranko staggered back as if she'd been slapped in the face with a dead fish. "N… Nerima?" She asked, quavering.

"Is there a problem with that Ms. Sato?" The supervisor asked, wondering at the reaction. "I'm sorry, but unless you have a legitimate reason for objecting to your new beat assignment it's going through. Do you?"

Thoughts flitted through Ranko's head rapidly. Should she tell him? No. There would be no point, since he wouldn't believe her anyways. Why did she have to get assigned THERE of all places! She briefly contemplated resigning from the PD over this, but she'd been fighting for too damned long to become an officer, like every other woman in the force, to give it up now. Besides, what else was she good for? Sighing in resignation, Ranko nodded. "I'll take the assignment, sir. Is Kimiko being assigned there with me?"

The supervisor nodded. "Yes, of course. Now she DOES use excessive force. Perfect place for her, really."

Ranko chuckled humourlessly before saluting her boss and walking from the room. She turned as he said one last thing. "Good luck, Sato."

"Thanks sir, I'm gunna need it." Ranko said, sourly.

The older man just laughed.


Later that day, Ranko was slumped in her apartment, glaring at the ceiling. How had this happened after so many years? She had thought that she'd escaped that place ten years ago, even if it had cost her her manhood. Frowning sourly, she remembered that day.


Today was quite possibly the worst day in Ranma Saotome's life. Here he was, in the middle of the destroyed Tendo Dojo, watching as Akane cried while the other girls threw explosives or poison everywhere. Strangely, Only Ukyo and Kodachi were there. Shampoo hadn't shown up, and he wondered why. He looked to the side to see Ryoga, Mousse and his father fighting over the casque of Nannittuan. Shaking his head in disgust, he turned to try and deflect some debris from Akane's crumbled form. If the situation wasn't so nuts, he would probably be wrestling with the other men to get his hands on the damned cure, but it didn't matter anymore. Deflecting a throwing spatula from taking Akane's head off, Ranma heard three men gasping in horror. Looking at them, he saw a barrel flying through the air. As it got to a certain position in the air, he thought it should have been deflected somehow, but it wasn't. Then again, it was headed straight for him. Well, it wasn't much of a comfort after the hell that this day had been, but at least he would be a full man again.

As the casque of water hit Ranma in the back, it split open and released it's cargo to douse him… and change him into a girl. "Wh… what?" She asked, puzzled. The battles around her ground to a stunned halt, as everyone stared at the red haired girl, the remains of a casque that was supposed to contain Nannittuan shattered at her feet.

"What happened?" Genma asked, his eyes wide as saucers. As he said that, the sound of a pogo cane hitting the ground rapidly hit the floor behind him.

Cologne came tearing into the room as fast as she could, but a look of sadness came across her features as she caught sight of the soaked and female Ranma. "I'm too late…" She muttered, shaking her head.

(End Flashback.)

Ranko laughed bitterly. Damned right the old lady was too late. It turned out that the casque was actually filled with water from the locking ladle, that Shampoo had stolen from her great grandmother and switched with the real water. The problem with that? Herb had destroyed both the locking ladle and kettle after his run-in with them, and there was no water from the kettle kicking around. That's when the true hell started. Her 'Mother' decided that being a girl wasn't 'manly' but since she had already declared the pledge fulfilled Ranko was just sent Ronin from the clan. The Tendos had tried to support her for a while, but Ranko had also been forbidden from practicing the Saotome School of Anything goes anymore, and the attacks on her from her rivals had caused too much damage with her only allowed to use street fighting moves. Nabiki had helped greatly, finding a family who was willing to adopt a clanless ronin for just a small amount of money, but 'Ranko' didn't associate much with her new family, since they didn't want much to do with her. Her Fiancées had left, Most of them not even trying to deal with her curse. Well, Akane had tried… but the less said about that the better. Rolling over on her bed, Ranko let a tear fall from her eye. Would all of the crap start again now that she was going back? Would all the work she had done to rebuild a life be destroyed by the people in Nerima? Giving into the feelings that remembering 'That day' always evoked in her, she began to sob into her pillow.


The next day, Ranko woke up early and began to get ready for work. Opening up her closet door, she picked out a clean uniform and slipped it on. The shirt was light blue, with her badge clipped to her right breast pocket. The pants were black, with a belt around her waist where her radio and sidearm hung. She was just thankful that the force had abolished those horrible skirts for female officers, after some female rights activists, including her, had complained. They made her look just a bit too girly for comfort.

Strangely, you'd think that ten years would change Ranko's perspective on femininity, but it hadn't. The girlier she looked, the more miserable she was, and she had quickly become dubbed, quite correctly, the aggressive lesbian tomboy by the males of her precinct. Of course, even if it was correct it irritated her and she was beginning to see why Akane had been so pissed off at her on such a regular basis. Straightening her light dress shirt, she holstered her sidearm, which took a LOT of testing and permits to get, and walked out of her apartment. It was centrally located in the city, near a monorail station, so she wouldn't have to move in order to work in Nerima. Starting to walk towards the station, she began to feel a sense of impending doom, but maybe it was just nerves.


Later that morning, Kimiko looked at Ranko as she looked longingly back towards the monorail station. After the fifth time, she finally got fed up. "Ranko, what the hell's the matter. You got an old girlfriend around here or something?" She laughed, but stopped as she saw Ranko wince. "Oh, you do…" She said, letting it fall flat. She knew that Ranko liked women, and had in fact gone on a few dates with her, but she just couldn't get into it. In fact, she was now dating a guy from the Tomobiki force, even if his stories were a bit outrageous. "So, what was her name."

"Just drop it, Kimiko." Ranko said, irritatedly.

"Yikes, what's wrong with you today?" Kimiko said, sniffing softly and turning up her nose. The two women had met at the Nerima train station and were now proceeding into town to the police headquarters, and Ranko had been getting edgier and edgier as they went.

"I'm sorry Kimiko, but I just really don't like this place." Ranko said, shrugging. "We're almost there anyways, so it doesn't matter."

"Okay, if you say so." Kimiko replied, looking forward to see a sign for the Nerima District PD.


Sergeant Aido Takada looked at the paper in his hands with a furrowed brow. "We're getting new officers." He said, unenthusiastically. Most of the new recruits in the Nerima department ended up leaving with nervous breakdowns after a few visits to the Tendo place or the Amazon Café. Hell, Most of them left and checked into the nearest psych ward for permanent stays. It was no secret that the Nerima/Juuban posting was hell on earth, but it appeared that two pieces of fresh meat had been thrown into the grinder. He really felt sorry for them, especially since they both looked so pretty. It was strange though, the one woman's picture looked strangely familiar. Shrugging it off, the sergeant put the files on the two women into a drawer as he heard a knock on his door. "Come in!" he called, putting his feet up.

The door opened, and two female officers wearing crisp new uniforms walked in. "Sato Ranko reporting for duty." One of them said, executing a short bow that seemed rather mannish.

"Najisa Kimiko." The other said, executing a more traditional woman bow.

"Ah, I was informed that you two were coming." Sergeant Aido said, leaning back in his chair.

Ranko raised an eyebrow. Most people would get up to greet new employees, but her new sergeant seemed perfectly content to sit there. "Um, sir. Where are our patrol assignments?" She asked, curiously.

"Sato-San, this is a small district, and Juuban's about the same size. We've only got about an eight man force including you. Just drive around for your shift and listen for dispatch."

"yes, sir." Ranko said, as the two walked out of the room. "Nice guy." She muttered, as the door closed behind her. Kimiko just laughed as the two headed for the garage to get a patrol car.

As the two entered the garage, they saw two more people getting into one of the three cars that was parked near the entrance. As one closed the door, he caught sight of the two and froze. He poked his partner in the shoulder and pointed franticly at Ranko.

"Oh great, here come the perverts." Ranko muttered. There was always at least one team of perverts in every force, it was a law. As the two approached Ranko and Kimiko, She realized that they were perverts, but not of the regular variety.

"Ranma, is that you?" Hiroshi said, as he stopped, looking in astonishment at the redhead.

Kimiko looked at Ranko in question. "Ranma?" She asked, looking between the two other officers, who seemed to think they knew her partner.

"I… Don't know who you're talking about." Ranko said, stiffly.

"Ranma, I know that's you." Daisuke said, certainly. "How did you get on the force, and where the hell have you been?"

"I don't know who this Ranma person is. My name's Sato Ranko. C'mon Kimiko. Let's get to work." Looking at her partner, she made a go signal with her hands and the two walked off.

Hiroshi looked at Daisuke and nodded. "That's definitely her." He said, adamantly.

"Yeh, but what happened to her?" Daisuke asked, as the two headed to their own patrol car.