Challenge: (Round 4 - Challenge 3): "What is your biggest pet peeve?"

My biggest pet peeve is definitely the disrespect that Mal shows me. He calls me a whore despite all the times that I've requested him not to. I think he does it because of his obvious dislike of my career choice. There's almost always a hint of jealously in his voice when he uses that word…

Another thing that he does is barge into my shuttle unannounced, whenever he feels like it. He never shows any sign that he cares. Its almost like he does it on purpose, to get my attention. Intolerable is too weak a word to describe it! I fear that someday, he's going to interrupt me at a very bad time.

I only hope that when that happens, I'm not with a client.

When I first joined the crew of Serenity, I put forward a few very simple addendums. Out of everything that asked of him, I can only think of one rule that hasn't been broken. That is my biggest pet peeve of all.