Hey people! Okay, so I know that I still have Disappeared. Don't worry. That's already all written so yeah. Ha. Okay. So this is my newer story. I've also posted it on the website, and have gotten many reviews, so I wanted to see what you guys thought:) Alright. Basically, all you need to know is, it's totally different from the show. :) Tommy, Speed, Wally, Kyle, and Kwest are all friends, but they have never met Jude. :) It'll all be explained, so just read it! This is just the prologue, obviously, to get you interested. Anyway. Enough of my babbling! Get to reading!

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You think she'd be used to it. You think that after the first two times, she'd have no tears left. Oh, but she did. She did all four times. Death was her enemy. It seemed like everyone she got close to, died. The first time was her best friend Jamie. It was her 18th birthday party. Jamie was on his way over to her house, when she called him and asked him to go to the store and buy some more soda, and ice. He got in his small, green car, and started towards the Walmart. A left, a right, straight, a right, and WAM! A car came out of no where, hitting the drivers side. He wasn't instantly killed, and could have survived, but his car blew up, and he was gone forever. Jude was devastated. Jamie, her Jamie, had died. She didn't know what to do without her Jamester. It was impossible for her to live.

A week after Jamie's accident, Sadie came up to her, and offered some sisterly love, and a girls night. Jude resisted at first, but caved when she realized Sadie wouldn't give. While Jude was at home, making popcorn, Sadie went to the store to buy all the necessities: soda, junk food, movies, etc. A car drove by as she was in the store, a drive by shooting. Everyone ducked, but it was too late for Sadie...Jude got the call about her sister's death, and collapsed. It had happened again. Another death she adds to the list. Jude wouldn't come out of her room for days. Her mom tried to cheer up...the way Sadie did: offering her shopping, and girls night. Her mother's words made her think of Sadie, and more tears flew down her porcelain face.

About a week after Jamie and Sadie's death, Kat, Jude's other best friend, decided to fly in from New York, to comfort Jude, and to go their funerals. Flight 321. It had just taken off, when the plane blew up, front to back. Jude heard of Kat's death two days after the incident. She wasn't sad now. No, she became depressed. This led to drugs, alcohol, and worse, cutting and attempted suicide. It was then that her parent's decided she needed help, psychiatric help.

Her dad was driving, and her mom was in the passenger seat. Her parents put their own problems aside, to help their youngest, and now only, daughter, to return to her normal self. Jude sat in the back of the car, scribbling away her depressing feelings in a song. The only thing Jude remembered, was looking up, only to see a large white truck headed towards them. Jude swore she died, if only for an instant. But she found herself, bending over, head between her knees, caused by the crash. She gently lifted her head, only to be met by two bloody faces, staring back at her. Tears came to her eyes. It happened again. Now everyone was gone. Everyone she cared about, she charrished. They were all gone... Why is this happening to me? She asked that question over and over again. Five minutes later, she was laying in a speeding ambulance, right next to her half blown-up mother, and father. She almost puked looking at them. So, deciding against it, she turned her head the oposite way, and thought how her life just ended.

Alright, there it is. Now, I'm not really known for long chapters, as you guys who are reading Disappeared know. LOL. So, all the chapters are fairly short. I'm sorry! I can tell you, though, they're longer than Disappeared's if that helps! Haha. Anyway. Let me know what you think:)