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Dec 07 - The order of prisons has changed. There is more than one list of prisons Riddick has served in out there and in the ones I originally found the order was not consistent so I felt I had some lee way in their placement. A second source of information (courtesy of GM Andy) confirms the order of one of the original lists so I am altering this document to match them. Also a new prison - Altair - has been added; details at the beginning of the prisons section. Lastly, I added a few details to the Dark Fury summary for those who haven't seen it (At some point I will put up a transcript of DF [also courtesy of GM Andy I just have to find time to format it).

Sept 07 - I finally got my hands on "Into Pitch Black," the Sci Fi Channel 'sequel' to PB. Not a lot of brand new stuff, but additional details, and confirmation of others.

Aug 07 – A reviewer reminded me that because of the R rating, some Riddick fans may not have seen Pitch Black (which, IMHO, was the best one for story and character development, and certainly the worst one for language) so I've added more details to that summary for the benefit of those who haven't seen it. I really hope to improve on that in the future, but my stories come first and I'm behind on those as it is. Anyone want to do one for Dark Fury? Escape from Butcher Bay? Contact me through my profile.

Mar 07 – Added info gleaned from the Hunt for Riddick online game

Jan 07 – Added a little info on the Butcher Bay game (hopefully more to come).

Dec 06 – Updated Johns' Chase Log / Added to Vin Diesel's vital stats

Nov 06 – Additional detail from TCoR book regarding the 'prophecy' given to the Lord Marshal

Oct 06Eye Shine Origin 2 added