Crossing the Line

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Chapter 1

"Titans go!" yelled Robin pointing towards their enemy, who was waiting calmly in the middle of the city, behind a massive army of what looked like two hundred robots or more.

"Attack, my minions destroy everything," the cool voice of Slade rang; the bots obeyed and trudged forward to the oncoming teens.

Beast Boy transformed into a rhinoceros and charged straight into the robots, smashing and ploughing through the army, but when the black and orange masked robots started attacking with laser guns fuelled by zinothium. Beast Boy was soon affected by the zinothium, his tough skin wasn't tough enough to stop him feeling disorientated and nauseous; he collapsed on the side walk where the Slade bots started tying the green teen in chains.

"YO! Tin heads, get away from my friend!" bellowed Cyborg, eliminating the robots with his sonic cannon. In a wave of blue the robots exploded, circuits fried, making the useless parts rain from above.

"Booyah!" Cyborg cheered, until he noticed that he was surrounded by Slade bots all aiming their guns at different angles of his body, "Uh oh."

A black shield encased Cyborg, teleporting him out of there, just as the robots fired.

Cyborg appeared next to the unconscious Beast Boy, Cyborg looked at the spot where he was standing a couple of seconds ago to see, black energy ripping violently at the robots leaving a huge mass of metal littering the road.

"Thanks Rae!" Cyborg called to the hooded teen flying above, she nodded in response, focusing on the fight at hand.

"Slade what do you want!" sneered Robin, as he swung his Bo staff at Slade, who caught it looking extremely board.

"Oh world domination, as usual Robin," answered Slade as he punched Robin's face, sending the boy stumbling back.

Slade saw his chance and delivered a round house kick at Robin, making the Boy Wonder fall backwards, hitting his head off the concrete ground, hard, with a sickening thud. Robin faintly heard the call of Starfire, Robin opened his eyes weakly, just in time to see Slade being hit powerfully in the stomach by a black energy hand, Robin's eyes rolled back and everything went black.

"How is he doing Cyborg?" asked a soft voice, concern creeping into the words.

"His heart rate is returning to a stable condition, but the nasty blow on his head means he'll be here for a while," a deep voice answered.

"Let's see if I can fix that," stated Raven, as she placed her soft hands on Robin's head, an eerie blue glow, flickered around Robin's wound, closing her eyes Raven willed her powers to heal the gash. Slowly Raven opened her violet orbs, to meet masked one.

"Thanks," Robin whispered, with a small smile, noticing that Raven had a blue bruise on her cheek.

A tiny smile graced Raven's lips as she stood up to leave, for some relaxing herbal tea.

"You feeling okay man?" asked Cyborg, peering at Robin.

"I have a pounding headache, but other than that I'm fine," Robin replied his eyes lingering on the medical lab's doors, where Raven had departed moments before.

Cyborg went back to clearing the medical bay of blood stained tissues and plastic gloves, Robin watched confused, had his injury been that bad?"

"What happened?" Robin quizzed shifting on the bed, making himself more comfortable.

"You were fighting Slade, and he kicked you pretty hard making you fall back hard hitting your head off the road, he looked as though he have hurt you more if Raven hadn't blasted him into an oblivion," Cyborg said, turning to look at his leader.

"Did he get away?" Robin questioned his half metal friend.

"Yeah he did, but it looked as if he was having trouble," Robin looked confused, "Raven wouldn't give him a chance but he managed to punch her and disappeared like he always does," Cyborg finished.

"Raven," muttered Robin.

"Man she was awesome today, you know?" Cyborg said smiling, "She always has everyone covered, we should do something to show her how important she is to everyone."

"That sounds like a plan, get some suggestion from the others, and see what they come up with," Robin added, before he closed his eyes allowing his worried fade away, as sleep welcomed his weary mind.

Cyborg dimmed the lights and checked the security, before he left to tell his friends the plan they have for Raven.

In the dark space of his lair, hundreds of machines churned and clinked in the background, as Slade sat in the centre of the space on his favourite leather chair replaying the video of the fight with the Titans, over and over again. He couldn't help but be fascinated, by one member of the team in particular. Slade decided to visit his new interest, in person.

Slipping out into the sharp, clear night Slade headed out towards the bay where he was truly crossing the line, into enemy territory.

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