Crossing the Line

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Chapter 10


Raven swallowed hard and muttered,

"What?" at the two males who had just proclaimed their love for her.

Slade and Robin's eyes met hatred flowed through their veins,

"You can't have her!" Robin exploded at Slade standing protectively in front of Raven.

"Who are you to say what she can or can't do?" Slade retaliated, turning so that all the Titans were in his view.

"I'm the team leader and anyway you're a villain!" Robin retorted crossing his arms over his chest.

"Such a weak excuse Robin and I believe the decision is up to Raven," Slade said as all eyes turned to her.

Raven looked at Robin's hopeful face and at Slade's respectful stance patiently waiting. Raven couldn't do it, how could she choose from the two people she ever loved? Raven's form started shaking slightly as she attempted to speak,

"I… I'm sorry I just need to go!" And with that Raven disappeared through a black vortex, leaving Slade and the others Titans behind.


Raven's vortex had led her to the forest where the Evanescence concert was previously held. Raven sat under a tall red tree and recalled all the times with Robin and Slade. Raven sighed, she couldn't choose but maybe a visit into Nevermore might help.

Raven sat in a lotus position and chanted,

"Azarath Metrion Zinthos," over and over until she was in a familiar cosmos, with floating rocks and the constant overhead of shooting stars and of course inhabited by many look a likes all dressed in different cloaks, which represented what emotion they were.

Raven spotted that many of them were currently having a discussion; Raven walked over and cleared her throat, which effectively stopped the discussion and placing her in the centre of attention.

"I need your help," Raven stated, sitting on a near by rock.

"I presume this is about Slade and Robin?" a yellow cloaked emotion, known as Intelligence spoke.

"Yes you are correct," Raven sighed, "They want me to choose between them but I can't."

"Why don't you talk to them?" a scared Timid asked hiding behind the green cloaked Raven known as Courage.

Raven shook her head and answered, "That wouldn't work both of them would do anything for me so that would be pointless."

Raven looked to Courage to see if she had anything to say but she looked deep in thought, so instead she looked at the rouge cloaked emotion walking over and joining them,

"Who are you?" Rave addressed the newcomer.

The emotion in question, had a small smile on her face that seemed glued there, since she never stopped smiling,

"I am Love," said Love walking up besides Courage.

The two emotions looked at each other for a moment, as if giving each other silent encouragement to speak, not that Courage needed that.

"Why don't you kiss them?" Courage asked a bold smile had found its way on her face.

Raven rolled her eyes, and here she thought Courage was going to say something remotely intelligent,

"Here me out, if you kiss both of them it should make you feel something right? But if it doesn't then you know it's not love." Courage finished the bold smile replaced with her trademark cocky smile.

Raven was surprised at the comment but still wasn't convinced,

Love spoke up to back up Courage,

"Why don't you ask down here?" Loved thumped her chest where her heart was,

"Instead of up here." She pointed to her brain.

"Yeah listen to your heart it won't lead you wrong!" Courage chimed in and hi fived Love, obviously they had planned this.

Raven returned to her body and sensed that she wasn't the only one in the forest. A twig snapped and Raven jumped on her feet black magic at the ready, the intruder came out into the open to reveal himself as Robin. Raven lowered her hands and the magic evaporated, leaving the two in an awkward silence.

"Raven," Robin spoke softly walking up to her holding her hands in his.

"Robin," Raven acknowledged looking into his masked eyes, "Kiss him!" she heard Courage yelled. As if Robin had heard Courage speak he leaned down and captured Raven's soft lips in a passionate kiss.

Raven felt him kissing with all the love he had for her but she couldn't feel that spark, as they broke apart slightly out of breath from the intensity of the kiss Robin asked,

"Did you feel anything?"

"Robin…I'm sorry but I didn't," Raven replied sorrowful, Robin sighed, "But my love for you is a different kind, type of love reserved for family."

Robin looked deep into her amethyst eyes and saw that she was genuinely sorry, he sighed again but said,

"Go, I can't tell you how to live your life…but we'll still be friends?"

"Of course we will and I'll still be a Titan, I mean if you'll keep me?" Raven asked timidly.

"That's a promise, but if he hurts you, you won't be able to stop me," Robin stated moving away from Raven before he left he shouted,

"See you back at the Tower and don't forget the training session we have!"

Robin walked down the path that he previously walked down and met Slade,

"Someone wants to see you…if you ever hurt her I'll be on your case," Robin said monotone and kept walking, no intention of fighting, he had already lost.

Slade looked surprised and continued to the clearance just up ahead, he saw Raven with her back turned to him, he sensed her guilt radiating off of her. He expertly snuck up behind her and wrapped his powerful arms around her waist and whispered,

"Hey beautiful, miss me?"

Raven turned around and wrapped her arms around neck and whispered into his ear,

"Stay with me,"

"Forever," Slade answered removing his mask, so that he could kiss the young woman.

Their lips met in a passionate kiss, Raven felt the spark and her heart told her she had made the right decision. "Told ya!" Courage yelled gleefully.

Raven smiled into the kiss until…BOOM!

A near by tree encased by black energy toppled to the ground, shaking the ground on impact. Raven blushed a deep crimson and for the first time Slade laughed, not a cold hearted one but one filled with love and appreciation. He had finally found a reason to live.



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