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Kris had just finished her final work out before the big race tomorrow, and was putting wildfire back in his stall. She looked out at the field to see a beautiful sunset marking the close of a wonderful day. Kris couldn't believe how the months leading up to this had been so hectic. But none of that mattered at this moment, all that mattered was that she was happy, and for once in her life, it was staying that way.

"I'll see you tomorrow morning buddy." Kris said as she patted wildfire.

Kris walked out of the barn and towards her trailer. Kris turned around when she heard the sound of foot steps against the gravel yard. Matt was walking towards the house. Kris then decided that she hadn't hung out with the family for a bit so she changed directions and walked to the house.

Once inside she went to the kitchen were everyone was currently chatting about the days events while Jean looked to be cooking supper. At the sound of the door closing, everyone looked up to see Kris.

"Hey Kris, I was just about to go see if you wanted to join us for dinner." Jean said.

" What a coincidence."

"Would you like to." Jean asked.

"Are you sure?" Kris asked.


"Yeah Kris, the more the merrier." Matt said.

With that Kris sat in the Dinning room with the rest of the family as Jean and Uncle Jesse finished brining things to the table.

"So Kris, are you ready for the big race tomorrow."

"Defiantly, wildfire has been working so hard and I have a feeling that it's going to be a good race tomorrow."

"Let hope that your right, Reintree could really use a win, but whatever happens we will still be proud." said Jean.

"Thanks." Kris said.

Dinner went on with discussion about different topics. Soon dinner was over and they cleared the table. Kris helped Matt with the dishes and decided to head out and get some sleep before it got to late. Kris walked back to her trailer after saying her goodbyes.

Once in her trailer, Kris changed into some sweatpants and a t-shirt and turned on the TV. She flipped through the channels only to discover that there was nothing that peaked her interest on tonight. With that she got up and walked over to her bed, laid down, pulled the covers over her head and let sleep overcome her.

Kris was forced out of her sleeping state by the sound of an annoying ringing. She opened her eyes just enough to get her bearings and then got out of bed stop the annoying beeping noise coming from her cell phone alarm. She walked over to the table and noticed that she had a text message on her phone. Opening her phone she realized that it was from Junior. Smiling immediately, she hit the button and opened the message.

It said:

Good morning beautiful, just wanted to wish you luck, see you in the winners circle.

Love, Junior.

Kris could help but smile at the message. Not having to much time, she decided it was best to take a shower first and then reply to his message. After about 10 minutes, Kris emerged from her tiny bathroom and got dress. After she was done getting ready, she grabbed her bag by the door and a muffin from the counter she headed toward the barn.

"Morning." Kris said to every one.

Pablo was getting Wildfire ready for his trailer ride over to the track while the barn helpers were getting his tack in order. Once wildfire's stuff was all set and everyone was ready to go, Pablo took a lead line and hooked it to Wildfire's halter and lead him towards the trailer. After he was loaded, they started on the trip to the track.

At the track Pablo unloaded Wildfire and walked him over to his stall to get him ready.

In the mean time, Kris was in the Jockey's room thinking about the race when she was snapped out of her daze by the sound of her cell phone. She looked down to see that it was junior calling.

She answered the phone

"Hey!" Kris said

"Hi, someone's excited." Junior said

"Well, I haven't talked to you since yesterday and I missed you." Kris said.

"Well, I missed you too, did you get my text this morning?" Junior asked

"Yeah, thanks, I never got the chance to text you back." Kris said

"Um, that's ok, could you maybe get away for a minute or two, I want to see you." Junior asked.

"Um, I think I might be able to." Kris answered.

"Ok, meet me by the stands." Junior said.

"See you in a few." Kris said.

They both hung up and Kris went to meet Junior. Kris walked up to Junior and gave him a sweet passionate kiss.

" I missed you" Junior said.

" I missed you too." Kris responded.

"I want to give you something." Junior said. With that, Junior reached into his pocket and pulled out a jewelry box. He opened the box to reveal a beautiful diamond ring.

"I love you Kris, more than I thought it was possible to love someone. I know that we haven't been dating for very long let alone known each other for very long, but I really want to marry you some day, but when we are both ready to get married, so what I'm trying to say is Will you marry me?"

"Oh my god, I don't know what to say." Kris said.

"Say that you love me, and want to be with me….forever." Junior said.

"Ok, then I love you and I want to be with you forever…."

Junior slipped the ring on her left hand and lifted her off the ground while kissing her passionately.

"I love you so much!…." Kris said. "….but I have to get back, the race is starting soon."

"Ok, I love you too. See you in the winners circle." Junior said.

With one more kiss, Kris walked off towards the stalls smiling happily.

Pablo helped Kris mount Wildfire and started walking them over to the starting gate.

"Now, remember what I told you." Pablo said.

" Right." Kris said

Wildfire was loaded into the gate, after a couple of minutes, all the horses were loaded into the gate and were all waiting in anticipation for the race to start. Before they knew it, the race started. Wildfire was lagging behind a bit.

"Come on buddy, this is our shot, we can do it." Kris whispered to Wildfire.

With that it seemed as if Wildfire got an adrenaline rush and kicked into high gear. Kris could see the finish line approaching more each second. Before she knew it they were across and there names were being announced over the loud speaker. Kris stood up and held her whip up high. She trotted over to the winner circle and was presented with a blanked of roses and a trophy.

Kris was soon met by Jean, Matt, Uncle Jesse and Pablo with smiles plastered against there faces. Junior soon appeared and came up and kissed Kris quickly.

"Great Job!" Junior said.


After all the photos were taken and the track emptied out Kris was standing on the track looking around. At this moment in time, everything in her life had come together and was going right. A few months ago Kris thought that nothing was ever going to be good again, but now, she was living in what they call the After Effect.

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