2 kids and a half later…

"Mummy, Mummy," a girl with long brown hair and sparkling eyes tried to catch her mother's attention. "Is this okay?" She gave her mom a paper. Hermione looked at it and was confused for it was blank. Then, suddenly an 'I love you Daddy' appeared on the paper in pink and yellow ink. On the bottom, there was a drawing of a little girl and a man holding her hand. "You think Daddy will like it?"

"Of course, dear. He'll be delighted to see this," Hermione patted her five year old daughter's head Candice was Hermione and Cedric's first child. Hermione had her when she was twenty.

"Really?" Candice fervently jumped up and down. "The book that you gave me helped me make it. It was really easy and simple." She was going to talk more about what she did but his little brother entered the kitchen dragging Crookshanks, literally. He was two years younger than Candice. He was a spitting image of Cedric only with Hermione's nose.

"Hendrik," Hermione scolded her son. "What did I tell you about bothering Crookshanks?" She carried Hendrik and felt like she just lifted two watermelons. "You're getting awfully heavy," Hermione grunted then kissed the little boy's forehead. In return, Hendrik hugged her.

"But Crookshie is bad," Hendrik said defensively. "Daddy telled me."

"It's 'told' not 'telled'," Hermione corrected his son, while making a note to herself to talk to her husband about him brainwashing their son. Maybe, she could pull out the list of punishments she had made ages ago so Cedric and Crookshanks could bond again.

"Yeah, I think they don't like each other," Candice butted in. "So, what are you giving daddy?" She asked Hendrik. Her brother's eyes suddenly brimmed with tears.

"I fowgot," Hendrik cried to his mom. "I was busy yesterday." He referred to when Harry dropped Harold, his adopted child, to the Diggory's household. Harold and Hendrik took part in creating chaos. Two fat tears rolled down on Hendrik's cheek. "I don't want daddy angwy with me." He swiftly wiped his tears with his cute chubby hands.

"Tell you what, why don't you help me bake the cake and we'll tell daddy it's from you, ok?" Hermione ruffled his son's hair.

" Okay," Hendrik sniffed. His mom nodded and the frown on his face was replaced with a grin.

"Can I help too?" Candice asked Hermione.

"Of course honey," Hermione smiled amiably. She put Hendrik down. "But first, you two need to change. Do you want Professor McGonagall to see you in your jimmies?"

"Nooooo," the two children screamed in unison. They hurriedly ran back to their room. But, Hendrik came back only to drag Crookshanks with him, again. Hermione shook her head, laughing silently. Then, she reached down to touch the slight swell stomach, gingerly caressing it.

It was 3 pm when Cedric left the British Ministry of Magic. He couldn't wait to go home and see his family. Every day was a blessing for him. The excitement of tracking down and capturing dark wizards was nothing compared to the pleasure of seeing his son smile, hearing her daughter laugh, feeling his unborn child kick, and tasting his wife's lips. He hurriedly packed his belongings and apparated home.

He was stunned, when a loud booming 'Surprise' and confetti welcomed him. Their usual dining area was decorated with balloons and streamers. A large banner that said 'HAPPY BIRHTDAY' was hung by the window. Their large mahogany table was filled with variety of foods along with the three layered cake with twenty eight tiny blue candles dancing around it. It was a jolly sight.

Paul and Scott approached him. The duo gave him a brotherly hug and teased him about being close to becoming bald and having a pot belly. Professor Dumbledore, McGonagall, and Madam Hooch were next to greet him, followed by Harry, Harold, the Weasley family, Tonks, Remus Lupin, his dad, his mom, etc. The last ones to say Happy Birthday to him were his children and wife.

"Thanks Darling," Cedric whispered to Hermione. He kissed her nose and rubbed her belly affectionately. Then, he turned his attention to his daughter who was beckoning him to carry her and his son who was tugging him by his hand. He swiftly carried both of them and gave each of them a kiss on their plump cheeks. "How are my little angels? Did you guys behave?"

"Of course daddy," Hendrik replied. "Did you see your cake? I cooked it." Cedric raised his eyebrow, amused. "Well, mommy and Candice helped me but just a little bit."

"I have something for you too," Candice interrupted. "I put it over there." She gestured at the pile of gifts that was neatly placed on the corner of the room. "You want to see it now?"

"Later, sweetie," Hermione told her daughter. "Daddy will look at it when it's time to open gifts, alright?" Candice pouted a bit. "Now, go ahead, you and your friends can play in the backyard. Just be careful." Candice and Hendrik immediately ran to Harold and the other kids.

"How about you love? Where's my gift?" Cedric wrapped his arms around Hermione. She, in turn, smiled mischievously. "Is it something with ruffles?" He kissed her neck when she nodded. "Is it by any chance red?" Hermione pretended to think then nodded her head again. "Something sexy?" Before Hermione could answer, the doorbell rang.

"Open the door hun, that's your gift."

"My gift? From you?" Cedric asked her dumbly. 'Maybe she had her lingerie delivered,' he thought. He left, but not before throwing her a wink.

After a minute or two, an earsplitting, piercing, deafening scream was heard. All the occupants in the house went to see what was up, expecting to see dementors or death eaters. Instead, they came across a pale trembling Cedric pointing at a man who was wearing a big fake red nose, a red and white jumpsuit, a ruffled collar, and a grotesque makeup. A clown had successfully managed to scare the daylights out of Cedric, again.

"Ca…Cl…Clown," Cedric stuttered, looking at his wife.

"You said you wanted one on your birthday," Hermione shrugged, trying to look as innocent as possible.

A/N: Remember on Chapter 2 Hermione had given Cedric a jack in the box that had really scared him. So then, Cedric went to give her a piece of his mind but he only ended up kissing her and saying "I want a real clown on my birthday" because he had nothing else to say. Well, I don't know where I'm going. To be honest, I'm confused too. But yay, I finally finished it! Thank you for reading this story especially pottersgirl91 and SweetlilPhantom!