Okay everyone here's the sequel of Why Me? since everyone liked the story and I really enjoy writing I came up with a sequel!So enjoy!

Summary:The gang is now seniors.One day omething terrible happens at East High. Julia gets injured and becomes very ill. She gets cured but when's she gets older she gets the same illness again and this time it's more severe. How will Gabriella and the rest of the gang feel when they find out that they might loose Julia forever!

Chapter 1 Bad Feelings

"Gabi!Wake up!You're gonna be late for school"!17 old Gabriella's twin sister Julia shouted in the hallway while walking to Gabriella's room.

"Gabriella"!Julia said while knocking on her sister's room. When nobody answered she turned the knob and went in. Gabriella was still laying in her bed with her pajamas on, sleeping.

"Gabriella"!Julia shouted walking over to Gabriella's bed. She shook her shoulder until she woke up.

"Why are you waking me up in the middle of the night"?Gabriella asked tiredly.

"Gabi,it's 7:45 am"Julia said.

"It is"?Gabriella asked while cheking her clock.

"Come on you're gonna be late for school"Julia said. Just Gabriella ran out of the room, into the bathroom and started throwing up.When she got back she started getting dressed for school.

"What are you doing"?Julia asked.

"Getting dressed for school"Gabriella said tiredly.

"Oh no you don't...you look terrible and you just threw up...you can't go to school"Julia said.

"I'll be fine just lemme.."Gabriella started but she ran into the bathroom again. When she came back she said"Fine I'll stay home today..I probably just ate something bad".

"Whatever..I gotta get going..later sis..I'll bring you you're homework"Julia said.

"Okay say hi to Troy for me"Gabriella said. A couple minutes later Julia was out the door and as walking to school. As she past Troy and Chad's house she saw the two the talking. Troy and Julia had become really close friends and Chad and Troy has. They found out they had much more in common then they thought. They were like brother and sister.

"Hey Julia..Where's Gabriella"?Troy said when she walked up to them.

"Oh she's sick today but she said hi"Julia said.

"What happened"?Chad asked.

"She threw up this morning"Julia said. Troy and chad nodded and started to continue to talk about last night game while Julia listen.

"Guys shouldn't we be getting to school"?Julia said after awhile. The boys ignored them.

Julia sighed and muttered"Boys" when suddenly aweird feelingof cool air went past Julia giving her shivers down her back. What was that? Julia thought to herself while looking around. When she saw nothing that could have cause the air like that she started walking to school by herself.

"Hey Julia don't you think that we'll smoke tigers next week"?Troy asked while looking beside him where Julia was standing.

"Julia"?Troy said when he didn't see her. Chad nodded over at the sidewalk where Julia was wlaking. Troy and Chad ran over beside Julia.

"Hey Julia why didn't you tell us you were going"?Troy asked.

"I did"Julia said.

"Well we didn't here you"Chad said.

"That's because you two were talking about next week's game an who's gonna win or lose and who's gonna be on starting lineup and it didn't even happpen it"!Julia said loudly.

"Julia are you alright"?Troy asked.

"Yeah usuallly you don't mind us talking about basketball sometimes you even join in the conversation"Chad said.

"Yeah I'm fine..I just have a bad felling about school "Julia said as they crossed the street to meet up with Sharpay, Ryan, Zeke and Taylor.

"Hey guys"Taylor said and her and the others ran up to school. On the way to school Julia seem to feel better about school even though she still have alittle doubt.

At homeroom

"You think Julia's acting okay"Chad asked the others in homeroom while Julia was talking to Mrs.Darbus about something.

"Yeah she seemed distracted about something this morning"Ryan said.

"You boys don't know nothing about girls..trust us she's fine"Sharpay said. They boys shrugged as Julia walked over to them.

"Heys what were you guys talking about"?Julia asked.

"Nothing"Sharpay said as the bell rang. Everyone rushed to their seats as homeroom began.

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