Chapter 11 Coming Back Home

Previously:"Yeah, well it was Gabriella's idea"Cole said, shuffling his feet, nervously. Julia giggled.

"Why don't you sit down"?Julia asked. Cole shrugged and took a seat next Julia's bed.

They fell into a long silence. Occasionally Cole fell the urge to take Julia's hand but he could never get the guts too. Finally Cole's hand wonder over to Julia's hand. Cole's hand touched Julia's hand gently. Julia gasped alittle and looked at him. Cole smiled and gave her a passionate kiss. After they broke apart, Gabriella walked in.

"Oh, was I interupting something"?Gabriella asked.

"No"Cole and Julia said together.

"Are you sure?Cause if you two want to be alone, I could just leave"Gabriella said.

"No, it's okay"Julia said.

LAter That Day

"So did you and Julia have a good time"?Gabriella said as she and Cole walked home.

"Yeah, it was good seeing Julia again"Cole said.

"So are you thinking about getting back with her"?Gabriella asked.

"Uh...well..."Cole stammered. Gabriella chuckled.

"You do, don't ya"?Gabriella said. Code nodded nervously.

"Then why don't you take her on a date when she gets out of the hospital"?Gabriella suggested.

"But we don't know when Julia is gonna get out of the hospital"Cole said.

"Not quite"Gabriella said. Cole looked at her wth a confused look.

"I talked to Dr.Weissman today and he said is Julia is rocovering very quickly, he said at this rate Julia will be able to go home within two weeks"Gabriella explained.

"Cool, does Julia know"?Cole asked. Gabriella nodded.

"When she gets out of the hospital then I'll think about asking her on a date"Cole said.

At Gabriella's house

Gabriella walked up to the front door. She took out her house key from her pocket, unlocked the door and walked in. Just as she walked into the living room the phone started ringing. Gabriella sighed and picked up the phone.

"Hello"Gabriella answered.

"Hi honey"Gabriella mom's voice said from the other line.

"Oh hey mom"Gabriella said.

"Is everything alright with Julia and you"?Ms.Montez asked.

"Yeah, the doctor said Julia can go home within two weeks since she's recovering so quickly"Gabriella said.

"That's great!"Ms.Montez said.

" is there anything else you wanted to tell me"?Gabriella asked.

"No, I just wanted to tell you that I'll home in a day"Ms.Montez said.

"Okay mom"Gabriella said.

"Oh I gotta go my boss wants to talk to me"Ms.Montez said.

"Okay mom,bye"Gabriella said.

"Bye sweetheart, tell Julia I said hi"Ms.Montez said.

"Okay"Gabriella said and hung up.

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