Legend of Zelda: GARFIELD STYLE!!!

Featuring Garfield, Odie, and Jon as Link

NOTE: I do not own the characters to this fanfic....and it is kinda short, too.

Garfield wakes up one sunny morning at the foot of Jon's bed. All seems quiet until Garfield dons a drill sgt's hat and plays a wake-up call right next to Jon's ear.

"All right, all right, Garfield!" shouted Jon. "Breakfast will be ready in a minute."

"And I want blueberry pancakes this time," thought Garfield (he can't talk, folks). "With real blueberries!"

Soon, Odie woke up and greeted Garfield by licking him. "I feel so sorry for those who don't have dogs," Garfield thought to himself as he wiped the slobber from his face.

In the Hyrule kitchen, the cooks were busy cooking up a feast. Blueberry pancakes, bacon, eggs, sausage, and every known breakfast food. All the food was cooked and made into a little buffet in the dining room. Jon and Odie headed to the buffet with their plates and eating utensils until Garfield butted in front of them and ate the entire buffet.

"Didn't you know any better, Your Majesty?" asked one of the cooks. "That buffet was Garfield's entire breakfast."

Rolling his eyes, Jon responded, "unfortunately, yes. So what do Odie and I have to eat?"

"Well," said the cook. "There are two strips of bacon left."

After eating their "breakfast," Jon and Odie hopped on Epona and took a ride out into Hyrule while Garfield took his usual morning nap.

"That cat does nothing but eat and sleep, Odie," said Jon. "I think we should teach him a lesson."

That evening, Jon ordered that a feast be prepared. Meats, poultry, venison, pork, vegetables, potatoes, salads, potato salads, and almost every cuisine known to man. As soon as Garfield approached the dinner buffet prepared, Jon ordered his fellow Hylians to come in for a "free-for-all" dinner. Garfield watched in disappointment when everyone chowed down on chicken, steak, and his favorite, lasagna.

After everyone ate, all Garfield had to eat was a pork chop and a lettuce leaf. The next morning, Jon and Odie woke up early, according to their plan.

"Okay Odie," said Jon. "You know what to do."

Odie gave Jon the OK sign and started to bark excessively. Garfield woke with a fright as Odie slurped him several times. While everyone ate a hearty breakfast, Garfield was allowed two blueberry pancakes with NO maple syrup and a side of two strips of bacon.

Garfield then had enough. He pounded his paw on the table.

Jon had a sly grin on his face. "Something wrong, Garfield?" he said.

Garfield thought, "You know darn well what's wrong, Jon! The food is in inadequate proportions and I hardly EVER got any sleep from the past day. Why? Why?"

"Well," said Jon. "Odie and I decided to teach you a lesson. We felt that you were eating too much and sleeping too much so we thought you deserved to see how WE feel about it."

Garfield sighed. "I hate it when I'm wrong," he thought to himself. He walked out to the front of Hyrule lawn and played his ocarina. Jon followed him outside.

"Garfield," Jon said. "Just because I played that little trick on you doesn't mean that I don't care for you anymore. You're my cat, my pet, and my friend and I love you."

"You mean it?" thought Garfield. He sprang on Jon's face, covering him with cat kisses. "You really, really mean it?"

"Yes, I do Garfield," said Jon. "You can get off of my face now."

Garfield still clung to his face.

"Garfield, if you get off of my face, you can have a buffet dinner tonight."

Garfield got off of Jon's face. "Oh goodie! My own buffet dinner! I'll have 5 steaks, medium rare, 8 pieces of Hyrulian Fried Chicken, a whole batch of lasagna, a 45 scoop ice cream cone for dessert...."