Character Roles

Shadow the Hedgehog as Leon Scott Kennedy

Amy Rose as Ashley Graham

Sonic the Hedgehog as Luis Sera

Cream the Rabbit as Ingrid Hunnigan

Rouge the Bat as Ada Wong

Miles "Tails" Prower as Ramon Salazar

Knuckles the Echidna as Bitores Mendez

Espio the Chameleon as Jack Krauser

Silver the Hedgehog as Osmund Saddler

Dr. Eggman as Albert Wesker

Vector the Crocodile as Merchant


It was a dull day so dull that the sky was grey. Shadow was on a mission to rescue the president's daughter. She was recently kidnaped and was taken somewhere in Europe. He was in a cop car with two European cops to accompany him. He was sitting in the back seat thinking about what happened two years ago when a zombie outbreak spread throughout Racoon City and the government had no choice but to destroy all of Racoon City along with all the zombies in it with a missile.

One of the cops got suspicious about Shadow's quietness and decided to ask him about his reason for being in Europe, "So, hedgehog. What brings you here?"

"I have to rescue the president's daughter. She's been kidnaped", Shadow answered.

The second cop started to laugh, "Shouldn't they hire a professional for this? You don't look like the type of guy for this sort of thing."

Shadow was annoyed by the cop's comment, "The president himself chose me to retrieve the subject so shut your god damn mouth."

The two cops looked at each other for a moment and started to laugh.

Shadow leaned his back against the seat and crossed his arms.

The cop on the passenger side of the car pointed to the left side of the dusty road, "Hey stop over here for a minute I gotta piss."

The cop that was driving pulled over and allowed the second cop to get out of the car.

While the other cop was pissing, Shadow glared at the cop that was driving, "I'll never get this case solved with you two morons slowing me down. I can walk faster than this."

The cop began to look out the window to take his mind off of Shadow, "Hey hedgehog, calm down."

"For the last time, cop. It's Shadow."

"Well Shadow, calm your ass down you're starting to give me a headache."

He held his fist up at the cop's head without him noticing. He muttered, "I'll give you a headache all right."

The cop looked back at him with curiosity knowing that he said something, "What did you say?"

He leaned back against the seat and looked in a different direction, "Nothing."

The cop looked back out the window wondering what was taking the second cop so long, "Hey hurry up! This hedgehog is killing me!"

"Fuck you!" Shadow shouted.

The second cop just finished pissing and started to walk back to the car until he thought he heard something in the woods. He quickly spun around and saw nothing. He scratched his head, "It's cold out here. I think that's effecting my wild imagination." He got to the car, got in it, and was greeted by Shadow.

"About time!" Shadow shouted.

"Shut up", the cop said back.

As the time passed by, they came across a bridge and once they crossed it, they stopped from there.

The cop that was driving the car faced Shadow, "Well hedgehog, we're finally here."

"Took long enough", Shadow said in a low voice. He began to get out of the car while taking out a handgun and loading it with bullets.

The cop that was driving the car just stared at the gun, "Since when do you need a gun?"

"You think the one's who kidnaped the president's daughter won't have guns?"

"Whatever you say?"

"Aren't you two coming along?"

The second cop looked over to Shadow, "No way. Walking through spooky woods on a day like this scares us. You're on your own."

The black hedgehog turned his back and began to walk away, "Wimps", he muttered.

"Hey!" One of the cops shouted from the car.

Then Shadow heard something beeping in his coat pocket. "My communicator." He took the device out of his pocket and on the monitor showed a young tan rabbit. "Huh? Who the hell are you?"

"My name is Cream the Rabbit. I'll be assisting you as you proceed on with your mission."

Shadow was in complete silence for the moment, " look kinda young for this."

"Oh it's okay. The government tells me what to tell you."

"Okay...we could go along with that."

"Anyway you do remember your assignment right?"

"I've heard it over a million times all ready I know."

The rabbit started to laugh, "Then I suggest you get to it. Oh and good luck." Afterwards she cut off her communicator.

He put his communicator in his coat pocket and sighed, "Everything just gets weirder and weirder around here." He looked ahead of him and saw an old house, "Hmm, I wonder if anyone in there could help me." He began to walk towards the house while nervously looking around in the tress glancing at crows flying around. As he got closer to the house, he noticed the door was open. "What? What's the door doing open?" He approached the house slowly and started to walk up the weak wooden boards on the steps. He walked into the house with caution. He took out his gun and held it tightly in his hands. As he walked down a dark hallway, he saw light at the end and walked towards it. When he went towards the light and walked around the corner, he saw a man staring at the fire in his fireplace. With relief Shadow placed his gun back in his coat pocket and began to walk up to the man, "Uh excuse me, sir?"

The man turned around glaring at Shadow.

Shadow took out a picture of a pink hedgehog girl from his pants pocket and showed it to the man, "Have you seen this girl anywhere?"

The man then started to talk in Spanish.

Shadow didn't know what he said, but he sounded pretty upset. "Well I'm sorry I bothered you." He began to place the picture back in his pants pocket not knowing that the man was reaching for an axe beside his fireplace.

The man began to strike the axe down on Shadow, but after when Shadow was done placing the photo back in his pocket, he looked up and saw the man before he could stab him with the axe.

Shadow jumped back and took out his gun pointing it at the man, "Freeze!"

The man still approached him slowly with his axe raise in the air.

"I said freeze!"

Still the man kept coming.

Now Shadow had no choice but to shoot him. He placed his finger on the trigger and quickly shoot the man in the right side of his chest.

The man fell to the dirty floor dead.

Shadow stared at the body for a moment, "He wasn't a zombie." Then he heard a vehicle starting up. He quickly ran over to the window and saw a huge truck run into the police car and afterwards saw about three other men standing outside with pitchforks in their hands. He looked away from the window, "Shit." He ran over to the door he came out of and saw that it was closed and something was preventing the door from opening. "Damn!" He went back to the room where he killed the man and saw an upstairs. "That's my ticket outta here." Before he could go upstairs his communicator beeped again. He sighed, "Not again." He took it out of his coat pocket and turned it on. Cream appeared looking happy.

"Is everything all right? I just wanted to check on you."

"Bad question."

"What happened?"

"I tried to get some information out of a local, but he pulled an axe on me. I had no choice but to silence him."

"Silence him? You mean you took his voice away?"

"No! Look call me back later okay?" He turned off the communicator and placed it back in his pocket. "Now to get the hell out of here." When he got to the stairs, he saw over five human skulls with bugs crawling over them on the table near the stairs. Shadow backed away from the table a bit, "Ugh! Why me?" He quickly ran upstairs and saw a window and looked down to the ground. It seemed like a long way down, "Looks like I have no other choice." He walked back and quickly ran towards the window and jumped out of it. He landed on the ground without breaking any of his limps. He stood from the ground and heard voices behind him. He quickly spun around and saw more men like the one he killed with pitchforks in their hands. He took out his gun and pointed it at one of the men, "Great", he muttered. "Just great." He shot the man in his head and did the same to the rest of them. Afterwards he looked over to the bridge and noticed the police car gone. He ran over to the bridge and saw that the bridge had collapsed down to into the water. He looked down at the water and saw the police car turned over. "Aw fuck..." He had hoped that the rest of the cops were okay. He looked away from the bridge and decided to walk around the woods a little more.

As he got deeper in the woods, he saw a white dog ahead of him whining like he was in pain, 'I hope that dog isn't crazy.' He slowly walked up to the dog and noticed that it's hind leg was caught in a bear trap. He decided to kneel down towards the dog and take off the trap from his leg.

The dog quickly jumped away from the trap and limped over to Shadow licking him in the face showing him his gratitude.

Shadow smiled a bit, "You're one lucky dog."

The dog stopped licking his face and ran deep in the woods.

Afterwards Shadow looked down at the bloody bear trap that was laying in the leaves blending in with the ground, "I'd better look out for these things before I get caught in them." he proceeded on through the woods and soon he found a small shed. With curiosity, Shadow slowly walked inside and saw nothing suspicious. He just saw dusty wooden boxes and a few green plants. "Nothing here. Maybe I need to walk deeper in these woods." As he was about to walk out of the shed, he saw on the wall a woman with a pitchfork stuck to her forehead and blood was dripping from her skull like she was killed not to long ago. Shadow stared at her bloody body and her badly wounded face. "It looks like she was just killed. I gotta find her fast." He quickly left the shed and ahead of him, he saw more men ahead of him.

They were just standing there looking around.

"Great more of these bastards." He took out his gun, "I'm going to make this quick." He pointed his gun at one and shot him in the back.

The man fell to the ground dead.

Shadow smiled, "These guys are a lot easier to kill than zombies."

Two more men came at him with their axes and pitchforks.

"Heh, I guess it's a good thing these guys don't have an advanced civilization." He took his gun and shot them both in their chests. He began to run the rest of the way until he came to a door. He raised an eyebrow, "First crazy men come after me with livestock tools as weapons, now a door appears in the middle of the woods. What next?" He decided to go through the door to find out what was on the other side. Once he went through it he saw a path leading to a small village. He thought he saw something on fire in the center of the village. "What the..." He stood behind a tree and took out his binoculars. He looked through them and zoomed into where the fire was at. It looked like a giant hook was stabbed through a man and was set on fire with a lot of hay on the bottom of it to keep the fire in place. "Damn it, it's one of the officers." He continued to look around and saw a swarm of villagers taking care of cattle. This time there were men and women walking around with pitchforks and axes in their hands. He took his binoculars away from his eyes and tried to think of a way to avoid the villagers. "I'll have to get past these bastards to proceed on." He took out his gun, "Well here goes nothing."

Once he ran into the village, all the villagers started to shout in Spanish and take out their weapons and run towards him.

Shadow shot a woman in the head and she fell to the ground dropping her axe beside her. Soon there was an ambush of villagers surrounding him. Shadow thought he should go into the house that was near him and he did. He ran into the house and slammed the door behind him. "Why these people?" He then heard a chainsaw noise from outside. "God no." He looked out the window and saw a man with a potato sack on his head and a chainsaw running in his hands. He looked away from the window, "Damn it a chainsaw!" He spotted a desk near the wall and pushed it in front of the door hoping that it will hold for a long while. He heard the glass breaking from upstairs and assumed they were breaking in. "Shit!" He took out his gun and ran upstairs. When he got upstairs, he saw the villagers breaking in through the window. There were two of them up there. He shot one of them in the chest and the other in the side. He looked over to the bed and saw a window beside it with a ladder below it. He looked down the window and saw an axe being thrown at him, but he dodged it. He looked away from the window, "Why are these people after me?" He began to think, "Hmm, they could be working with the person who kidnaped Amy." He heard groaning behind him so he took his gun and without looking shot her in her through he chin.

The woman fell to the ground dead.

"I'll just have to figure it out on my own." He heard the chainsaw noise get closer. He looked over to the other window and saw the man with the chainsaw in his hands coming through the already broken window. Shadow ran into a corner of the room and started to shoot at the man, but it seemed to have no effect on him, "Huh? The others died! Why can't you!" He panicked and dropped his gun to the floor and shut his eyes awaiting his death.

The man walked up to him with his chainsaw near his neck until a church bell rung. He lured his chainsaw away from Shadow's neck. "Lord Silver", was the only thing Shadow understood from him. He began to walk downstairs to outside.

Shadow sighed in relief and picked up his gun from the floor. He ran downstairs and went outside noticing all the villagers had went into a black door with a red insignia sign on it. After everyone went inside and shut the door behind them, Shadow ran up to the door and tried to open it but it was locked. He hit the door with his fist, "Damn! It's locked!" He looked away from the door and remembered what that man with the chainsaw had said. "Lord...Silver? I don't know what he was talking about, but why do I have a feeling that my grave lies within all this." He looked around the village and sighed, "At least they left me alone for a while." He looked over to the right of him and saw another door, "Maybe that door isn't locked." He walked through that door and found himself in a field full of cows and chickens. "Ugh it smells like shit over here. I just hope I don't step in any." He saw another door ahead of him, "Another one." When he was about to walk into the door, he smelled something awful and it wasn't cow shit. He looked over to a shed and saw a big wagon filled with many bloody corpses of villagers with flies surrounding them beside it. He felt like he was going to throw up, "I gotta get a better job." He went through the door and saw a long path down towards the woods. He looked around and didn't see any villagers around him, "It looks safe." He started to walk down the path until he heard something from above him. He looked up and saw a boulder coming at him. He started to run down the path as fast as he could hoping that he could outrun the boulder. He then jumped over to the side and watched as the boulder hit the trees. He panted heavily and didn't get off the ground for a while, "Once again. Why me?" He then saw a dark tunnel ahead of him. He got off the ground and went into the tunnel. As he walked through the tunnel, he saw bats flying around him but they never bothered him. He headed for the opening of the tunnel and he saw an old house ahead of him guarded by more villagers, 'Shit.' He took out his gun and held it tightly in his grip. He saw one man with a torch in one hand and a dynamite stick in the other. "Damn."

The man spotted Shadow and started to shout to let the out villagers know. He took his torch and lit the dynamite stick and threw it at Shadow.

Shadow quickly ran away from his aim and the dynamite exploded without Shadow being in the way. He took his gun and began to shoot all the villagers easily. Afterwards he made it towards the old house. When he was standing on the steps, he heard a banging noise from the inside. He looked down on the door knob and saw a lock on it. He pointed his gun at the lock and shot the lock off. He kicked the door open and walked inside. The inside of the house was dusty and dark. He walked down the hallways and saw two small red lights on each side of the walls. "Something's wrong." He stood back from the red lights, picked up a small rock from the floor and threw it towards the center of the hallway. Once the rock touched the center of the hallway, it exploded. His eyes widened, "Great now they want to blow me to bits. It's a good thing I saw that coming." He began to proceed on and the banging seemed to get louder and louder. Soon he reached a room with some of the roof missing from the corner of the room making some of the light from outside shine into the room. Ahead of him, he saw a large wardrobe with the doors moving. He slowly walked up to it and unlocked the doors. Once he did that, a blue hedgehog fell out of it with tape around his mouth and his hands tied behind his back. Shadow had his gun pointed at him looking like he didn't trust him. He took his free hand and pulled the tape off the blue hedgehog's mouth.

He yelped as he pulled the tape off his mouth, "Watch it, buddy! That hurts more than you think."

Shadow raised an eyebrow and rolled him over to his stomach untiing his hands from behind him, "You speak English?"

"Yeah what of it?"

Shadow placed his gun in his vest in the inside of his coat, "What were you doing tied up in there?"

"None of your business but I do have a question for you. Do you have any cigarettes?"

He shook his head a bit, "Got gum."

Then they both heard footsteps approaching them. They looked behind them and saw a red echidna wearing a green coat with two men belonging to the village behind him.

Shadow and the blue hedgehog stood from the floor.

Shadow looked over to the hedgehog, "Who's that?"

"Great, the big cheese."


The red echidna clenched his fists like he was going to fight them.

Shadow ran up to him and tried to kick him, but the echidna grabbed his foot and threw him towards the blue hedgehog knocking them both unconscious.