Amy nodded with agreement, "Yeah lets go for it." She followed Shadow out of the room and was now outside.

They both also saw a nearby elevator.

Amy followed Shadow towards the elevator, until he turned to her with a serious look, "What is it, Shadow?"

"Something doesn't feel right. Amy, wait here."

She nodded slightly, "Okay just be careful."

Shadow got on the elevator and rode it towards the top. When he got to the top, he saw Rouge tied in rope hanging from a long piece of metal. "Rouge!"

She looked over to him with a slight smile, "Shadow..."

"Hang on. I'm going to get you down."

"I don't think so", a familiar voice said.

Shadow looked beside him and saw a white hedgehog standing there, "Silver!"

"You've interfered for the last time", he held his hand out at Shadow trying to control him but nothing happened, "Huh? What's this?"

Shadow took out his knife and pointed it at him, "Sorry, but I'm not your bitch anymore."

The hedgehog gritted his teeth in frustration.

Shadow turned to Rouge and threw the knife at the rope she was hanging from, cutting it.

Rouge had safely landed on the ground and faced Shadow with gratitude, "Thanks, Shadow."

"Anytime, bat girl."

Silver clenched his fists in anger as he glared at Shadow, "Damn you, Shadow! You ruin everything!"

He crossed his arms, "Lets just call it my job."

"You...fool! How...dare you cross me! Now you're going to regret it!" He then began to transform into some kind of monster. He looked like a four legged giant eyeball.

The dark sky had then started to pour down rain on them.

Shadow walked up to the monster while taking out his magnum, 'Looks like this is it.'

Rouge watched from above looking at the fight about to take place, "Don't die on me, Shadow", she muttered.

Shadow pointed his gun at one of the monster's legs and shot at it making it kneel to the ground. He ran around it while shooting at the rest of its legs.

The monster fell to the ground too weak to get up right away.

Shadow quickly jumped on its back, took out another knife and stabbed it in its eye.

The creature immediately got back up trying to get Shadow off.

Shadow fell to the ground dropping his knife.

While he was down, the monster walked up to him about to finish him off until a rocket launcher was dropped from the sky and fell near Shadow.

Shadow looked at it and back at Rouge thinking that she probably threw it.

She looked back at him, "Shadow, use it!"

He gave her a quick nod and took it off the ground. He ran far from the creature before firing it. The rocket launcher was a very powerful weapon if he fired it at the monster close up, then he would have blown up with him. Once he got to the right location, he picked up the heavy weapon and pointed it at the monster still coming at him. He pulled the trigger and the powerful rocket had rushed out the barrel. The powerful blow from the release of the rocket made Shadow fall to the ground.

The rocket charged towards the monster and hit it directly in the eye.

The monster screeched in horrible pain and fell to the ground with huge burn marks all over its body.

The dark sky with rain started to clear with the morning sun rising.

Shadow smiled with happiness and dropped the huge rocket launcher to the ground. As he dropped the weapon, he looked beside it and saw the plasma sample that Silver had dropped before he died. He bent down and picked it up, "It's finally over." He then heard a gun click and felt something cold and hard touching the back of his head. He couldn't turn his head, but he knew it was Rouge.

"Sorry, Shadow", she said innocently. "But I need that more than you do."

Shadow slowly stood from the ground with his hands held in the air. He carefully gave the sample to Rouge, "Rouge, you do know what this is right?"

She took it out of his hand and smiled, "Humph." She took the gun away from his head, ran towards the ledge of the platform, and jumped off it.

Shadow ran over to the ledge and looked down trying to find her. He then saw a helicopter rising from the bottom with Rouge in it with her legs crossed and a wide smile on her face.

She waved the small tube around in her hand a bit, "Don't worry, Shad. I'll take good care of this."


"I'm getting the boot and I think you should too", she took out a small detonator and pushed a button on it.

"Oh hell no!"

She took out a key with a small stuffed bear on it with a blue ribbon around its neck. "Here", she threw the key at Shadow.

He caught the key and glanced at it then back at Rouge.

She waved her hand at Shadow, "Later, handsome." The helicopter then took off into the sky.

Shadow looked back at the key and studied the brown bear keychain on it, "Very cute", he said in a cold voice. He placed the key in his clenched fist and started to run towards the elevator to find Amy. Once he reached the elevator, he rode it down and soon he found Amy just waiting for him.

Once he got off the elevator, Amy ran up to him with a face full of hope, "Shadow, did you-"

Shadow quickly grabbed her hand and led her down a small tunnel, "No time. The island's gonna blow up."

Amy's eyes widened, "What! Well did you kill Silver?"

"Yeah, but that's not important right now. We have to get out of here."

Soon they both came to the end of the tunnel and the rest of the way was covered in water.

Shadow easily spotted a jet ski floating in the water. He quickly got on it and started it with the key Rouge gave him. He looked over to Amy noticing she was just standing there looking at him. "What the fuck are you waiting for! Get on!"

Amy quickly got on and wrapped her arms around him.

"Hang on!" Shadow began to drive the jet ski through the dark tunnel trying to avoid any rocks that was in the way. While he was doing that, they noticed the island starting to blow up in different places.

Amy checked behind them and saw water charging towards them. She screamed, "Shadow!"

Shadow looked back a bit and saw the water as well, "I know. Just hang on."

Amy held Shadow tighter not wanting to fall off.

Shadow soon saw the sun's light at the end of the tunnel, but he had to jump on a ramp because there was rocks blocking the rest of the way.

"We're not going to make it!" Amy screamed.

"Yes we will!" He accelerated the jet ski and pulled back making the jet ski jump over the rocks, soon they had both made it out of the tunnel.

When the jet ski landed back in the water, Amy had lost her grip around Shadow and fell in the water.

Shadow noticed and started to look around for her, "Amy! Amy!"

Amy then arose from the water and looked around for Shadow, "Shadow!"

Shadow heard her voice from behind and looked over to her with a smile. He went over to her and helped her out of the water and onto the jet ski.

She put her arms around Shadow again and looked back at the island watching it blow into pieces, "Looks like it's over."

"...Yeah, it's over."

Amy quickly changed the subject, "So uh, Shadow. After when we get back, you wanna hang out or something?"

Shadow gave her a strange look, "Sorry, but if it's a date I'm pretty much spoken for."

Amy's ears flopped down, "Oh you're...married?"

He shook his head, "No, I actually don't have anyone yet but...she'll always be with me. She's like a part of me I can't let go."

Amy frowned at the comment, "Is she that woman in the red dress?"

He blushed at the comment not wanting to tell her who it really was but it was pretty obvious, "Please don't jump to conclusions and don't get upset with me."

Amy sighed, "I'm not upset, Shadow. There are other guys. Besides...a guy like you should never be alone."

He gave her a wide and friendly smile, "Thanks, Amy." Then he heard something beep in his pocket. He took out his communicator and saw Cream on the monitor with a relieved look on her face.

"Finally the line's jack free."

"Cream, I'm so glad to see you right now."

"Uh you have to fill me in on this one."

"Long story short. I rescued the subject and we're heading home."

Cream smiled brightly, "You did it, Shadow! I'm so proud of you and so will everyone else."

"Thanks I'll catch you later", he shut off his communicator and placed it back in his pocket. He faced Amy again, "I guess we should get moving."

Amy's eyes glistening in the sun's light as she smiled and made a nod. She held onto Shadow as he drove the jet ski down the long, huge ocean.

N/A: Phew, finally done. Now that this is finished I'll start working on my next story Preschool Crush which will be up very soon...hopefully.