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Kiyoshi Tsukino

Chapter 2

Densetsu no Kamo!

"Ero-sennin!" Naruto yelled as a poof of smoke appeared before him. Jiraiya set the woman in his arms down to let her rest against the wall.


"I saw that old lady! That guy... What was his name? Achi? Tachi? Imachi? Ah! Itachi! Itachi came and was trying to capture me or something, then that old lady's daughter came and saved me and Sasuke. Then the old lady in the picture came and beat up the shark guy with Itachi. I said that we were looking for her, but she just ignored me and she left with her daughter and some other lady called Kune!"

"Daughter? Tsunade has never mentioned having a daughter or being pregnant... How old did her daughter look Naruto?"

"Same age as me or younger." Naruto replied.

"It has been a while... It must be Dan's... Naruto, we must leave so we can catch up to them and avoid having to pay for the damages." Jiraiya informed him.

"Matte! What about Sasuke? We can't just leave him here!" Naruto pointed at Sasuke who was sitting against a wall, his eyes were open but they seemed empty. As though he wasn't there. Naruto kneeled infront of him worriedly. Jiraiya came up behind Naruto and before he could say anything, a kunai embedded itself in to the wall next to them, catching the attention of the trio. A figure ran up to Jiraiya and called out, "Dynamic--"

"Gai!" Jiraiya shouted, recognizing the tight spandex suit.

"ENTRY!" Gai successfully kicked Jiraiya in the cheek. Gai's triumphant grin faultered when he saw who it was he attacked.

Jiraiya's left eye twitched, now sporting a red bruise on his cheek and a bloody nose that had a tissue stuffed up the nostril.

"Ah... Sorry I hit you directly..." Gai rubbed his head sheepishly, "I was in a hurry, and forgot my mirror. I used my forehead protector, but it was hard to see and I thought I saw two grim figures, and my flaming passion took hold of me and I began to..."

"You think you're apologizing by explaining!" Jiraiya's twitched some more.

"I guess I ran my mouth, huh?" Gai chuckled nervously, rubbing the back of his head.

"Well... that doesn't matter now, quickly take Sasuke to a doctor and get his arm checked." Jiraiya ordered. "His arms and ribs are fractured. On top of that his mind was attacked and he lost consciousness."

'He used that jutsu on this kid too...' Gai thought.

"Ero-sennin... Sasuke will be ok, right?" Naruto asked frantically.

Jiraiya glanced down, "It seems like he's taken quite a lot of damage to his mind." Naruto's jaw tightened, the events replaying in his mind.

"Dammit.. What the hell... Sasuke... What the hell did he do to him, Ero-sennin? Change of plans.. I was scared before.. But now.. Now we have to track down and take those black mantled bastards! They have business with me, right? If that's the case, we'll go first!"

"Hn. Even if you say that, as you are now, you'll just get killed. The levels are too different. In the end you'll only be staying at some distance away from them."

"Then are we just going to run and hide from them forever? And everyday become more and more scared?"

"Shut the hell up for a bit." Jiraiya ordered. Naruto straightened and looked away. "You are weak. Sorry Gai, I planned to consider this kid's feelings, but... As I thought I should have saved him earlier."

"Kakashi was attacked with same jutsu and is now asleep. When will he come back to his senses?" Gai asked.

Naruto interrupted, "Kakashi-sensei was...!" Naruto trailed off in disbelief, his mouth open. A silence fell over them...

Gai then spoke up, "When students are wounded... At that time... I think, from my heart... That if that medical specialist... That person came here..." He trailed off.

Jiraiya looked at Gai from the corner of his eyes, "Because of that, we're going to search for that person now."

Gai immediately looked up, "Eh? 'That person'...? No way!"

Jiraiya smirked, "Yeah, exactly that... Another Sannin like myself the slug user and healer. The one that carries gambler on her back... Tsunade-hime!"

Usagi glanced worriedly at the money her mother was holding in a red case. After having her outfit slashed up, she had to change. She wore a powder pink skin-tight tube top that stopped short at her stomach, and a white transparent fish-net no-sleeved top underneath. On her arms were the same type of fish-netting, serving as detached sleeves that were like a second-skin to her arms, going from her upperarms to her forearms. She had on a white skirt on that went to her mid-thighs and had a split in the back, front, and sides, allowing easier movement. Powder pink short shorts, were seen underneath her skirt, a makimono pouch on the back of her waist and wore white sandals that looked like the heels both Tsunade and Shizune wore, only the heels were only an inch high.

"Alright! I won't lose all this money! Let's do this again!" Though her mother vowed not to lose all the money, Usagi, Tonton, and Shizune knew better. Shizune winced when Tsunade opened the red case of money and Usagi sighed.

"Well then Gai, I'll leave Sasuke to you." Jiraiya said. Gai had Sasuke on his back.

"Jiraiya-sama." Gai began, "You'll search for Tsunade-sama and surely bring her-"

"We'll definitely going to find her and bring her back!" Naruto interrupted and Jiraiya chuckled before placing a hand on his head.

Gai looked into Naruto's determined eyes, "Naruto-kun, I like kids like you who have guts. I'll give you this. Lee became stronger with this." He began to search for something inside his vest.

"Really? What is it? What is it?" Naruto asked excitedly. Gai gave him a nice guy pose before he finally pulled out... A green spandex suit... "THIS!" Jiraiya cringed at the sight of it but Naruto seemed to believe it and was looking at his gift with wide eyes.

"It excels in air flow and wetness properties, and freedom of movement has been investigated and formed into these beautiful lines! If you wear it when you train, you'll understand the difference immediately!" Gai said proudly, waving the suit. He winked, "It'll become a habit. And then, you'll always want to wear it like Lee! Of course, I'll permit this!" Naruto had a fire in his eyes, as he excitedly took it. They both traded nice guy poses, the sound of teeth sparkling got to Jiraiya's nerves. 'If he tells you to wear that thing, walk around with a mirror, idiot!' Jiraiya thought, eye twitching.

Gai waved ecstatically at Naruto, Sasuke still on his back. Naruto grinned and held up the spandex suit. "I wonder if it suits me."

Jiraiya glanced down at him, "Hey cut it out! Look at that infront of you. It's just primitive, that is." Gai turned back and gave another nice guy pose as he chuckled.

Tsunade, Shizune, Tonton, and Usagi stood before a large pair of stairs with a sign above it. "Alright, should we do this here?" Tsunade rhetorically asked. When Shizune saw the sign, she immediately flinched. "This is Bachi Odds and Evens, isn't it?" Usagi asked.

"Mm!" Tsunade then led them up the stairs.

"Do we have to do this?" Usagi groaned.

"You're coming brat! I don't care what you're saying, especially after yesterday!" Tsunade's motherly instincts kicked in.

"Alright, alright." Usagi sighed.

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