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Chapter 4: A New Phantom

Amity Hospital, 3 hours later

(Sam's POV)

When I opened my eyes the first thing I realized was that I was in my bed and Danny was lying beside me holding my hand. His blank, worried eyes told me he was unaware of my return to consciousness, so I spoke up.

"Danny? What happened?" I muttered groggily, wishing my voice wasn't so coarseā€¦.and echoing? I ignored the echo, thinking that it was just me waking up. At the sound of my voice, Danny's head shot up and his face turned up in a smile of intense relief.

"Sam! How are you feeling?" He asked softy, his expression newly marred with worry. I took a moment to analyze my condition (whatever it was) and realized that I felt much lighter than usual and I was a bit cold, too.

"Um, I feel like I lost about 50 pounds and I'm really cold." I said awkwardly. I knew Danny would laugh at my first statement and say something like, "You don't have 50 pounds to lose in the first place!" in his usual humor, but I was wrong. His face took on a greater look of solicitousness and he rested his hand on mine. He took a deep breath, steadying himself before he spoke.

"Sam...I-I don't know exactly what happened back at the pet store...but..." His eyes were filled with tears of fear and concern and his voice was rough with them. He averted his eyes from my own and took a hand mirror from our dresser. He took another breath and handed me the mirror, looking away as my hand touched his to take the mirror.

"Danny? I'm...Am I...I can't be... Oh no! What about Lilith? What about you?" I cried, losing my mind at the sight that met me in the mirror. My face had always been pale, but the reflection in the mirror had almost paper white skin. The completion of the woman in the mirror was impeccable and her eyes glowed deeply black, but somehow harmless. The fair hair of the woman was pure white and she was literally glowing. Her frightened expression matched my own and I knew it was true. I was a ghost.

"Sam." Danny said gently, looking back up at me and edging closer to comfort me, and I suspected, himself. His soft blue eyes were full of confusion, fear, and concern.

"Danny, how did I die?" I whispered disbelievingly, fighting the tears that threatened to fall. And then I realized what I'd just said. I'm such an idiot! How could I have just said that to my husband I watched his watery blue eyes slide closed and his downcast face turn away from me. I could tell he was on the brink of tears at my foolish choice of words and it pained me to watch him. When he turned back to me after a few seconds later, his eyes were watery and swollen, he seemed to have won the battle; not a single tear had fallen.

"I don't think you're dead; at least not fully. If you were, then you'd probably be in the Ghost Zone and you're body would still be in the pet store. If I'm right, then you're a halfa like Lily and I." He said logically. This brightened my mood considerably. I closed my eyes for a minute to concentrate. I jumped when two bright black rings formed around my waist and traveled in opposite directions along my body. I was human again. I smiled and began to suffocate Danny in a huge hug.

"I'm human again! I'm a halfa!" I said ecstatically. Danny pretended to choke and I let go of his neck and backed off a bit. He was beaming and his electric blue eyes were shining with relief.

"You're alive." He whispered in ecstasy, letting the tears of happiness fall from his eyes unchecked.

"How are we going to tell Lilith?" I wondered aloud. Danny looked thoughtful for a moment.

"How do you think she'd react to you being a halfa?" He asked, clearly confused.

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