It's all a dream....a Peanuts fanfic.

By: Shannon

NOTE: I do not own the characters to this fanfic.

Charlie Brown took his bat
And stood up to the plate
Ready to strike out
Ready to meet his fate.

But he swings with the wind
His bat met the whirling sphere
As it came closer to him
As it came near.

The ball went soaring
It soared into the sky
As the outfield lifted their heads
To see it fly.

The ball went behind the fence
And Charlie Brown could hear everyone shout
As he crossed home plate
He knew that this time, he was not "out."

Everyone cheered
Everyone cried
But then Charlie Brown woke up,
Rolled his eyes and sighed.

"It will never happen,"
Charlie Brown said
He pulled his sheets over him
And into his pillow plopped his head.