Summary: It was just a kiss. Just a stupid kiss... DMC spoilers.

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A/N: I really don't like Elizabeth, she annoys me... Especially since her temper tantrum about the heat in DMC... My friend and I really want this to happen in the real movies...

It was just a kiss. Just a stupid kiss to trap him. So why did she feel so guilty? He would have done the same. Wouldn't he?

She couldn't help but remember the look of betrayal in his eyes. Though she recognized something else there too. Amusement?

His voice rang in her ears, as he had called her a pirate. It was just meant to be a worthless kiss to save her, and the crew. The Kraken was after him, not the ship. If he would have came with, the beast would follow and kill them all. She had to do it.

She wasn't expecting the feeling of loss she felt after they left the Pearl. She didn't know what made her feel that way. She didn't love him, and he didn't love her.

She loved Will. He was sweet, caring, pleasant, sensitive: a fine man. But still, shefelt something for Jack. Perhaps it was because he was out there doing, when all she could do was watch.

She wasn't, also, expecting Will to see what she had done. He looked so hurt, she never meant to hurt him. He refused to listen to her explanations. The only time he had talked to her since the kiss was to tell Elizabeth that the engagement was over.

She had lost James after choosing Will. She lost Jack to save herself. Now she just lost Will because of Jack; because she saved his life.

It was just a kiss. Just a stupid kiss to trap him. How did everything go wrong?


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