Uchiha Problems

Aniecä Sophistica

"Being in the Uchiha Clan isn't a easy job, it means dangers around every corner, chances that you may die, but it also means happy times with my husband, and family and being happy forever. When I met my husband the first time, no one warned me what I was getting myself into by liking him, and soon after, falling in love." -Haruno Sakura. "Living the Uchiha Life means having Uchiha Problems."

A/N: Greetings from me, Girl of Light Writer: Aniecä. Welcome to my Naruto fic. Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto. Sasuke, Naruto, Hinata and Sakura are starting the beginning at 15 years old and Tenten and Neji are 16. In 1 year they are those who are 16 are able to marry. This is unbeknownst to them, of course, for the time being.

Summary: This is the story from my ideology of from the time after Sasuke leaves, 3 years later to how Sakura and Naruto attempt to bring him back, unbeknownst to them, their enemy they will have to go against to bring Sasuke back isn't Itachi, The Akatsuki or Orochimaru; but Sasuke himself. From that event this story comes, and advances into many years into the future. Pairings are Hinata/ Naruto, Ino/Shikamaru, Tenten/Neji and Sakura/Sasuke so be prepared.

Chapter 1: Uchiha Kaydin - Edited Version

(Everyone thinks) Sasuke is far off in some land trying to become stronger, while everyone fights and practices to better him or herself. The truth is Sasuke can't last long at his current condition, no one knows where he is so he's in trouble. Sasuke did all he could to defeat Orochimaru, leaving him weak, and Orochimaru once again, weakened.

Sakura has been training her heart out with Tsunade to become strong enough to rescue Sasuke, heal him, and protect Naruto. She has become super strong and she is fighting to be the girl of his dreams. She's definitely not the same girl as she used to be, not by any stretch of the imagination.

Naruto will do anything to get Sasuke back. He knows how Sakura has suffered since Sasuke left. Naruto wants to be a hokage and that means fair treatment to everyone and that includes his archenemy, Sasuke. Though he believes Sasuke is a traitor, for Sakura, he'll train harder than ever before as well as keep his promise to her, for that is his nindo. Naruto is back in Konoha again.

Uchiha Kaydin© is the son of Uchiha Logan. Logan is Sasuke's Direct Uncle who was disowned from their family for marrying someone outside of their village. Kaydin arrives in reply to the news of his family's great genocide. He begins to realize what being part of a village is like through his friendship with Sakura and the others. He also learns of his lost cousin. He's an OC but plays a part in this fic for a while, and an even bigger one in the side story: The Reasons Why.


Transition Code: ∆ (Location) ∆ - ¤ (Time Change) ¤ - Φ (Viewpoint) Φ - Ж (Flashback) Ж

∆ Practice Field ∆-¤ 2 ½ Years later- 15 ¤ - Φ 3rd Person Φ

Sakura was out practicing with Naruto and he was going easy on her. "Naruto, don't go easy on me! I can't get better if you go easy on me!"

"Sorry Sakura, but you are a girl. It doesn't feel right, sparring with you." Naruto sighed.

"Naruto has a point Sakura, having a boy like Naruto fight you is just going against his total identity. Maybe if you wish there was someone that was strong enough for you, the world would listen." Hinata suggested to Sakura.

"Fine, I wish I had an opponent who rivaled my skills. Someone who would help Naruto and I get Sasuke back!" Sakura yelled. She sighed and ran to the river. She leaned against a Sakura tree.

"Wonderful day, huh?" A voice said. Sakura jumped up and threw a Kunai at the place where the sound came from. "Ow, watch who you are hurting." The voice reacted.

"What village are you from, ninja?" Sakura asked from the direction of the person.

A character came out with a Kunai stuck in his chest. Sakura fell to the ground and started crying. Naruto, upon hearing her crying, ran into the forest and to her side. "What did you do to her?" Naruto questioned the character.

"Nothing, I'd never hurt a lady. She hurt me quite a bit though. I think I scared her." Naruto turned to the boy and saw a person who he though he'd never see here again. A boy about 5 feet tall, skinny, in a navy blue outfit, with the Uchiha crest on his vest appeared.

"Sasuke," Sakura asked threw her sobs.

"I'm sorry miss, my name is Kaydin, Uchiha Kaydin©. I don't know a Sasuke." She nodded and stood up, wiping her tears knowing she shouldn't be crying.

"Sorry about that, his name is Uchiha Sasuke and he looks exactly like you. I'm sorry she mistook you for him. She misses him so much; she thought it was an illusion. We all thought that every member of the Uchiha except for Sasuke and his brother were dead." Naruto explained.

"Allow me to explain." An older man, in his 50's came up and laid a hand on Kaydin's shoulder. Behind him was a woman wearing similar clothes to those in Wave Country. She stood behind quietly. She seemed to be his mother. "I'm Uchiha Logan, Kaydin's father. I was banned from this village, but when I heard of the massacre, I had to come and help. I see now that there is no one left to help."

"Mr. Uchiha, there is two people that are our only hope that you could join to save the village before it's too late. One is Haruno Sakura, the girl who is over there. She is the brightest girls at the academy and the most aspiring kunoichi in the academy. The other is Uchiha Sasuke, and he has disappeared and we need to rescue him. He could be dead but Sakura and the whole world needs him to be alive, as do you. My name is Hinata, and I hope I can help you somehow."

Kaydin walked over to Sakura and laid his hand on her back. "Beautiful girls shouldn't cry, but I don't think ninja can either." She nodded. "I'm Kaydin, and I promise to help you find Sasuke, on my word as an Uchiha."

"Arigoto," She bowed, and he took her hand. "Haruno Sakura pleased to meet you."

"Father, this is Haruno Sakura, and she is going to help us save our clan, I can feel it."

"Thank you Sakura, I am glad to meet you. Will you help us around? I haven't been here in 20 years. I'm quite sure many things have changed since then." She nodded and gave them a tour and place to stay.

"Why don't we go to my home and talk?" They all agreed it was a good idea.

∆Sakura's Place∆

As they sat down, Sakura asked a question, "How would Sasuke be related to you? His mother and father are… um… I believe he once said they are Mikoto and Fugaku."

"Well Sasuke would be my nephew, because his father is my brother, which would make Kaydin his cousin. Kaydin is 15, and is not a ninja by any means. He can fight though. He can't be a ninja because we belong to no village. He can help you with whatever you need, however." Sakura nodded in response to Logan Uchiha's words.

"Who are those two?" Maya, Kaydin's mother asked; she was looking at Naruto and Hinata.

"I'm Hinata of the Hyuuga Clan."

"A Hyuuga eh? Such and honor to meet you." Maya, the name of Kaydin's mother, replied.

"I'm the next hokage, Uzumaki Naruto." Naruto jumped up announcing.

"Excuse him, he is a little jumpy, he thinks he's in line for the job, you have to excuse him." Sakura apologized, causing Hinata to giggle. Sakura said.

"Sakura, are you sure it's okay with your parents if we stay at your home?" Maya asked noticing that there was no one in her home.

"Of course it is my parents are going to be gone for a very long time, so it's lonely but some guests would be great. I'm a practice everyday with Hinata and Naruto but if Kaydin wants to join us; he's very welcome to come along." Maya nodded.

"Thank you so much for the hospitality, Sakura. It's much appreciated."

"It's my honor to house family members of Sasuke, and members of the Uchiha Clan as well. Let me show you to your rooms. Then I'll make dinner for us, Naruto, Hinata, would you like to join us for dinner as well?" Sakura asked.

"I can't leave without asking my father Sakura, maybe another time." Hinata replied politely.

"I'm up for any food that's prepared by you Sakura; your food is so delicious. I'm alone anyway so I'm up for dinner here." She smiled and made settings for 5 after seeing off Hinata to her home.

¤ (Later) ¤ - ∆ Kaydin's Parents Bedroom ∆

After dinner, Naruto went home and Kaydin and family went to bed, Kaydin's family was on the third floor while Sakura's was on the 5th. Maya and Logan talked in their bedroom.

"So what do you think of Sakura?" Logan asked.

"She seems like the kind of girl we're looking for. She's caring, smart, skilled, and very beautiful. In addition, she already has been introduced to the way of Uchiha and she fits in. She is a very nice."

"I don't she's Kaydin's type though."

"What is our son's type, Maya?"

"Kaydin is a lady's man like you but he needs a girl who is a bit girlier than Sakura. Sakura may seem like a light girl but she's not, she's a fighter, a defender, tough and strong. Kaydin needs a girl who's somewhat normal who is into being a girly girl and a warrior, not like Sakura. Plus Sakura is spoken for." Maya replied.

"By who, you think her parents planned it out for her?" Her clueless husband asked.

"No, the most likely they don't have arranged marriage but they are like the Uchiha's. She is given to someone who best fits her and compliments her. I think she has someone in mind for herself since her parents don't seem to care all that much."


"Sasuke, dear; I believe Sakura has fallen in love with her. How she fights to get him back, and how admiring she is of our clan, him, and how she reacted to seeing Kaydin. She was sad; it was a curse. She probably has dreamed about it to see him she wouldn't know how it would be." Maya answered.

"I see, so we must find a girl to fit our son's need. A girl perfect for him; that's our job while he trains and such." Logan told his wife.

"We'll start in the morning; hopefully there is a place we can easily find girls like the one we are looking for at." Maya nodded and her and her husband went to sleep.


∆ Sakura's room, her mind ∆

"Alone is how you feel, right Sakura?" IS (Inner Sakura) asked.

"Not exactly, more like abandoned." Sakura said. "I have Hinata and Naruto to keep me company so I'm not alone. I just feel abandoned because of Sasuke. I hope he's alright." Sakura said with hope but her soul was less then happy.

"Sasuke's fine, I'm sure. When you get there he'll be his old self, just like when you left him." IS replied.

"No, I know he's not going to be like that. He's hurt, and his chakra is low. He's close, but still far. I, along with the others have to get him. It's only simple thoughts, his brother is nearby and so is he. Itachi, I'll kill you myself if you hurt Sasuke."

IS looked worried. "Sakura, I think you've gone too far."

"No, even though it'll bother me with the guilt of killing a person, because it always has and will. I still have to protect Naruto and Sasuke. I just have to, it's my nindo sort of."

IS smiled. "You go Sakura!"

"Thanks but Itachi killed over 100 people, his family, his clan, people who loved him. He can't get away with that. If I'm right, which I usually am. Sasuke is very weak and if he meets up with Itachi, he'll die. I can't let that happen."

"You think you are a match for Itachi, confident much?" IS asked her.

"Yep, I know I can. I have Naruto, Kaydin and Hinata and the whole village with me and I'm battling to protect Sasuke and now Kaydin and his family are here to support me. No one hurts Sasuke and gets away with it on my watch!"

"That's how we do it." Sakura nodded, and fell asleep. "Good-night Sakura." IS said.

Ж (Flashback/Dream) Ж

"Naruto, you're all right." Sakura calls to him from a far happily while waving and yet guarding Tazuna at the same time. Naruto stands by, hearing her, he thinks quietly. Sakura-chan.

"What about Sasuke-kun?" She asks him. He replies nothing, she begins to worry deeply. "Naruto where is Sasuke-kun?" She asked him. He stands by, making no reply. She knows the answer. He thinks. Sakura

Tazuna notices the girl's confliction and knows how to solve it. I'll go with you then you won't be breaking your sensei's orders." She puts her hand in his and they run, passing by Naruto who is paralyzed with his feelings.

"Sasuke." Sakura says seeing his body. She kneels down, then touches his face. "He's cold this isn't an illusion."

"Don't pay me a mind. It's best to let it out and cry." He said to her. she touches his face, she runs her fingers gently through his hair, sadly.

"I... always scored 100 percent on the Ninja Academy exams... I memorized the over 100 Shinobi sayings...

I always wrote the correct answer... on one day's test, this question appeared... Write down Shinobi saying number 25... I wrote down the answer as usual... "A Shinobi must keep all feelings on the inside... (she keeps her eyes closed tight and bites her lip to keep herself from crying)...no matter what the situation... you must make the mission the top priority...and you must possess a heart that never shows tears." (Tears fall).

So this is the way of a Shinobi. It's too harsh! He thinks to himself.

"Sasuke-kun." (She cries loudly as Naruto grabs his heart hearing her pain. She collapsed her head on his body and cries continually.)

Ж (Dream Over) Ж

Sakura awoke from her dream. "Sasuke!" She was breathing heavily and looked around her room, no dying Sasuke, good. Then she broke out in tears, crying on her pillow. A girl walked in her room, it was one of the maids that her parents let her stay in the house. She was friends with her and gave her own room, all the food she could eat and everything. She could go and stay as she pleased as long as she took care of the house and such things. She didn't stay around much of the time, only cleaning mornings and nights. She wasn't told to could but did so upon Sakura's request which wasn't much of the time.

"Miss, it's okay. Sasuke is going to be all right. You have to stay strong for him. He wouldn't want to see you like this, would he?" She asked Sakura. Sakura shook her head. "Go back to sleep miss, he'll be okay."

Sakura's dreams were always either a horrible scene from her past or a horrible scene about what's happening now. Sakura closed her eyes. Oh how she wished she could envision Sasuke and he going somewhere happy, or accessing some happy memory from her past with Sasuke. Anything except the torment sleep caused her.

"Sasuke, wherever you are, please be okay. I need you to be okay, please be okay." Sakura yelled and then fell into a dream.

Ж (Flashback/Dream) Ж

Sakura sat down on the steps of the academy and waited for her new teammates, and sensei to be assigned.

"Sakura, what are you waiting for, why don't you go home and at least tell your parents you passed." Another sensei from the academy asked her, sitting beside her. Sakura sighed.

"My parents are far away sensei plus, they don't care about me and my goals to be a kunoichi, or my ninja ranks. I'm alone sensei, don't you see that."

"You are not alone, you'll have your teammates, and friends always. And the sensei here to support you Sakura, you of all people should know that."

"Thank you Sensei, I will never forget that."

"You have a headband and you're teammate that proves who you are as a ninja." Sakura smiled.

"Uzumaki Naruto and Uchiha Sasuke; I'm so lucky, and yet so not. Sasuke and Naruto, are you sure that's for the best?" Sakura questioned.

"Sakura, never question your sensei. You'll get away from that for now. With their rivalry, they'll push each other father than thought possible. Just try to focus on the missions, will you Sakura?"

"Yes Sensei, so who's my new sensei?"

"He's always late, but his name is Kakashi, he's the copy ninja, he's lazy but he was a great graduate, he passed a class ever, but I warn you, he's the one who's never on time."

"Sounds like Naruto,"

"Naruto may be a super active loudmouthed ninja Sakura but he's powerful too."

"Doubt it." Sakura answered.

"Be nice, I feel bad for poor Sasuke having to put up with you and Naruto. Good-luck Sakura." Sakura waved good-bye and watched and her one of her previous sensei leave.

"Naruto, Sasuke, Kakashi-sensei and myself; this could get very interesting." Sakura said. "This is going to be great; I'm a ninja, one step closer to being a fully fledged kunoichi." Sakura yelled to the skies.

- Ж (Flashback/Dream Over) Ж

A maid enters Sakura's room. "Miss. Sakura, it's great that you can finally dream happily about your beloved, it's just a hint, but I think he likes you too, he just can't right now. I can see why with all these killers are after him." The maid said to herself while watching Sakura smile in her dreams. "She's like a princess, waiting for her prince charming to come, except he's the one in trouble; let's just hope that she can do it, for her sake, and his." The maid said. "It's 6am and I'll go make breakfast." She walked down stairs.

"Hello, Mrs.?" The maid turned around and bowed after being addressed by Maya. "Can you name a few girls we can try to play matchmaker with our son, please." She nodded.

"Yamanaka Ino is a good place to start, its Sakura's friend, a real girly girl, and a fairly good warrior, not like Sakura herself, but very alike. You could also ask Hyuuga Hinata for some other girls. She would know."

"Thank you, here is 10 dollars, it's all we have. I'm sure Sakura pays you well but it's a thank you from me, my name is Uchiha Maya. Please don't tell Sakura about this."

"Okay, thank you so much for the money; it was very nice of you. Sakura is my best friend and hasn't been sleeping well. I'll keep quiet, bye." Maya nodded and headed off to look for Hinata and a girl named Ino.

"Wait a second, so why can't Sakura sleep well, Ms.?" Maya asked.

"Lori, but that is no matter. She can't sleep; she awakes from dreams of her horrid missions where her teammates are hurt. She can't stand them getting hurt. It haunts her and she wakes at all hours of the day trying to get them away. She finally had a happy dream, this a good sign." Lori, the maid answered.

"Thanks Lori, so when does Sakura awake?" Sakura laughed and she appeared in the doorway.

"Now, and practice time, eat later." Lori waved as Sakura ran out the door.

Insert: Where the Uchiha Lies - Edited Version

Φ Sasuke Φ

Great, another stupid day in the middle of nowhere. At least I actually slept tonight and I didn't have any dreams about her. I need sleep but usually I can't because of those dreams. Why can't you leave me alone?! I was beginning to get annoyed with her. I'm weakening my feelings for her and I can't let that happen. If my will gets any weaker, then the seal will break and I'll die, great. Man, this is turning out horribly. I just turned 15; I wonder how the dobe is doing without me? Probably sleeping or something.

"My master wishes to see you sir." The maid said, I stood up, and I fell over. "Sir, are you okay?" She asked concerned. I used the wall to support myself on the walk over to the office.

"Yes, the strange boy. Eke, how are you?" The man said. The was the one who has fed me, housed me, and clothed me for the last while. I have to act polite.

"Not too well, but better than expected." I said taking a seat on the floor in front of him.

"Are you sure you do not wish for a medic ninja to take care of your wounds and replenish your chakra?" He asked.

"I could never have someone take care of me. I made that mistake a long time ago. I'm a loner here, not part of a village any longer. I can't rely on them; I should go on. All these people trying to fight me is using up almost all my chakra and, I have little to spare."

"Before you depart Eke, you might want to leave a note for your village. They seem to want to find you, I know you can't risk it, but if you could entrust me with it, I could…

"No, my past is behind me. I mean no disrespect but tell anyone from Konoha that comes, I'm not interested. If it's a pink haired girl, with a blonde boy, you could give them both this letter; but only if it's the both of them together." Then, I handed the letter to the man. The letter explained my condition, to stay away, leave and go hide away from me. I had hurt those two too much, my life, my mistake, my fight, not theirs.

"Understood, but you won't make it very far, and your chakra has been disabled from replenishing itself. You'll die…

"…in one week, tops. I know, but I just have one last thing to do before I die. One person I need to take care of, and get rid of before I die. For the pink haired girl and blonde boy's sake."

"I understand, dying requests. I've never met a man whose request was to die, with their enemy. The request is usually of the non-dying people."

"I have a dying request for those two; it's written in my heart and on the back of that paper. If these three things are done, I can die in peace."

"Fine, may I read the requests for those two, and the letter. I am interested on knowing why you ran away from two people that you seemed to have befriended." The man asked.

"I don't care; I probably won't see you again; like you could question my judgment or something. Just wait until I leave, got it." He nodded and I walked out using a stick to hold myself up.