Epilogue :: Part 10- Surprise, Final Chapter

Surprise :: Bonus Epilogue Chapter

"Happy Birthday Sakura." Sasuke said as they got up. She frowned. She didn't want to be 50.

"Stop frowning, it's your birthday." She laughed. "I know that's your line. Well you should listen to yourself, or better yet, look at yourself." He handed her a mirror. She didn't look much different then when she was 30. She had the same figure, the same hair and the same eyes.

"Alright, Alright, I get it. Let's party." Sakura said jumping out of bed. She danced around the house happily after she had gotten dressed and got ready for the day.

She ran down stairs where all her friends and family were waiting. Her kids, and her friends and their kids were all there. "Happy Birthday Mom." Yoshi said as she walked down the stairs.

"Happy Birthday Sakura." Shika said happily.

"Thanks." Sakura said smiling hugely. "I'm going to go make breakfast now."

"No way. You can't make breakfast on your birthday Mom. You know the rules." Ren said happily.

"She's right, I don't think you've ever cooked on your birthday we've been doing it since I was like 10." Hotaru said.

"I remember that… it didn't turn out well." Yoshi said laughing.

"What went wrong?" Niki asked, not remembering.

"We almost set the house on fire. The food got burnt and caught on fire… Ren… put a blanket on it to put it out, and that caught the whole counter on fire!" Hotaru said, putting her hands on her hips.

"Hey, they did it on TV. I was 9, you can't blame me. Ryuu why didn't you tell me not to? You always tell me what to do." Ren complained.

"He tells you what to do, not what not to do. That's why." Niki said.

"Ren you rely on people too much." Kane, her husband, rebuked her.

"So. What's wrong with that?" Ren asked.

"You can't do anything for, how do I say this, yourself!" Ryuu yelled. "I didn't tell you what to do anyway."

"Oh yeah you did Ryuu. It was always Ren, follow me; Ren, do this; Ren, do that; it was all commands from you, you should really stop doing that. Hey Kimiko, does he boss you around." Ren yelled across the kitchen.

"He better not. I hate being told what to do. I demand to be treated as an equal. He may try but I don't listen to his commands." Kimiko answered.

"Sure you do Kimi." Ryuu said rolling his eyes. Kimiko and Ryuu started arguing about stuff and how everything is run and how he never lets her do anything. This was countered by how she doesn't listen.

Sakura was laughing to herself at how her children were acting as if they were 6 again. That made her happy. Tenten was also arguing with Neji about how much they were like their children, sort of playfully, sort of criticizing. Sasuke was just on the sidelines to make sure nothing caught on fire, blew up or anything of that type.

All the children's' children were being watched by poor Iruka who was not only not invited to the party, but was expected to watch… well a lot of children. Pretty much every third generation kid in all of Konoha, which was a lot of kids, especially because some like Ryuu have 7 kids. I find it needless to say, that Rocks Danzu, Layla and Lee didn't attend also.

"Yoshi, why aren't you like any of your siblings?" Shika asked.

"I don't know but I'm sort of glad I'm not bickering or acting like I'm 5."

"All but bickering and acting like your 5 is fun." Shika complained. He rolled his eyes and they continued listening.

"Hina-chan, this is so much fun!" Naruto said running across the railing around the main room where all the wings met.

"Naruto, please stop."

"Hina-chan. I'm having fun." Hinata sighed and watched him.

"My turn." Lilly yelled jumping onto the balcony.

"Me too." Kane said. They all ran across the balcony, then the doorbell rang disrupting those on the balcony's thought process, and they fell gently (or painfully) toward the ground. Kaze quickly caught his wife before she hit the ground, making and impression of idiots into the main foyer of the Uchiha Complex like Kane and Naruto did.

Sasuke answered the door; Sakura looked over his shoulder to see Temari, Meka, Gaara, Kayo, and Hailey. "Glad to see you guys could make it!"

"Did we miss anything?" Temari asked.

"Bickering, Falling, and laughing, that's all." Sakura said. "Come on, join in the fun." Kayo smiled as she walked into the house to see that there were people running around and fighting on the balcony people arguing in the kitchen while cooking and people sitting and laughing.

"This is a really great party." Hailey said.

"I know, isn't it?" Sakura asked as she turned up the music as she pulled Sasuke to the middle of the floor and tried to get him to dance.

"Yeah, Music!" Naruto said jumping down, grabbing Hinata and they started dancing which started everybody, even those cooking into a dancing mood.

Shikamaru and his son Kane were the hardest ones to get dancing, aside from Gaara who gave in after a little badgering from his wife. Even Hailey joined in the fun. Emily (older) and Kiba danced to the music and it was one big party.

"Ah! The food!" Ren screamed. Kane rolled his eyes at her stupidity.

"Ren!" Hotaru screamed as they ran into the kitchen. The food actually was fine, and it was just the buzzer saying everything was ready.

Ren, Hotaru, Shika, Mina, Hiroka, Lilly, Kimiko, Melody, Daniya, Emily (younger), Luna, Kay, Nani, Hana, and Maiya all got ready to serve the many (hundred +) people that were in the house. Hinata, Ino and Tenten had helped making sure everything was ready, and good to eat.

They all sat down at the extremely large, Uchiha Family Dining Table and began to eat. "Wow Ren, your cooking has really improved since you lived here." Sakura said. Kane laughed as Ren elbowed him.

"Thanks mom." Ren said proudly. "I get practice here… and there… and well, a lot." Everyone laughed. Kane and Choji sighed and continued to eat. Ren and Kane loved to visit Choji. Kane would spend hours talking and playing chess with Choji while Ren would cook extremely large wonderful meals for them. Shikamaru would usually come along, as would Ino sometimes to enjoy time together with Choji.

"I love cooking." Hotaru said. "I think Ramen would die without ramen." She laughed so did he? It was a long-lived joke, Ramen's name. An even bigger one was that Ramen wouldn't name any of his kids stupid names, Hotaru agreed except that she got to name their first kid Ramen II. He agreed that it was a fair deal.

"I didn't know what to do. You can't blame me forever can you Ramen?!" Naruto yelled.

"Dad, don't yell at the table." Lilly yelled.

"Don't tell me what to do. I'm your father!" He yelled back. "And you stop yelling too."

"I absolutely will not!" She yelled, even louder. She definitely could out yell Naruto, as weird as genetics could be with Hinata who was quiet most of the time and Naruto who yelled all the time.

"Yes you will."

"No I won't." This continued for a few dozen times until…

"Lilly, Naruto, no yelling at the dinner table." Hinata said quietly, staring at them both. Everyone was staring at them.

"Sorry mom." Lilly said looking at her food.

"Sorry Hina-chan." Naruto said sighing.

In the depths of everyone's minds were a few thoughts, creatively stated in their own personal way. 1. That's the hokage… arguing with his daughter. 2. What is wrong with them that they most be so loud? 3. Why are they so loud? 4. Why must they argue anyway? 5. How can Hinata live with them?

"I'd say we outdid ourselves this time. Eh Ren?" Hotaru said laughing. I think I'm stuffed.

"Me too. Definitely." Ren said.

"I want 6ths!" Ramen yelled. Hotaru sighed.

"I made more." Ren said.

"Can I have 6ths too?" Naruto asked. Hinata sighed.

"Yes you may." Ren said as the two girls went into the kitchen. They both brought out huge plates of everything Ramen and Naruto had eaten the first 5 times.

"How can you keep eating Naruto?" Sakura asked.

"You're going to kill yourself one day from eating so much." Sasuke said. Hinata fell to the ground.

"Hinata! Sasuke, look what you did?"

"Sasuke. That is totally your fault." Sakura said crossing her arms.

"Mom?" Lilly said. "Dad, why'd mom pass out?"

"Hina-chan, wake up please. You're scaring Lilly. Wake up."

"Naruto. Take Hinata to the guest rooms. Let her snap out of it, and be quiet." Sakura said. Naruto picked up Hinata into his arms just like he always had, as easily as he always had, and jumped over the upper level railing and ran to the guest room to lay Hinata down.

"Sakura-san? Can he really die from eating too much?" Daniya asked quietly from down the table.

"He could. Hinata makes eat healthy but if he had his way, he probably would die soon from all the fat as well as the salt intake and sugar he eats. He has a high metabolism, higher then when he was younger, so I doubt he could eat anything, even in extreme assess that would cause his death. I mean it's possible, but not for Naruto."

"What about Ramen here?" Hotaru asked. "He doesn't have a high metabolism. Yet he eats as much as Naruto."

'I don't eat that much." Ramen argued.

"You eat 10 times more than any normal person should, in a year!" Hotaru said crossing her arms and looking away.

"Don't worry. I'm sure Ramen has the same metabolism as Naruto does, so you shouldn't worry either Hotaru. You should try to get some of Hinata's recipes. Ramen grew up on those and he's used to them, and they're extremely healthy."

"Why'd mom pass out?" Lilly yelled, snapping the table. Everyone looked at her.

"She was just shocked when SOMEONE made the assumption that Naruto, her husband, could die. It kind of shocked her. She knows it but she sometimes overreacts. When we were around 12, she'd pass out every time Naruto looked at her."

"She passed out because of me?" Naruto asked. "I thought she had a medical condition." He said as she jumped over the balcony.

"Naruto. Sasuke and I told you that to cover up Hinata's crush on you. There's no condition where you pass out from... whatever we told you, she did."

"I don't remember why but you said it was a serious medical condition." Naruto said pointing at her. "You lied to me for 38 years."

"You believed us." Sasuke said under his breath.

"Dad believed Mom always passed out when she saw him because of a medical condition?" Lilly asked. "That sounds stupid."

"He believed us." Sasuke said shrugging. "That's all we needed to cover it up."

"He did. Moreover, Naruto, I'm sorry we lied to you for 38 years. We did it for Hinata."

"Well if you have told me I would have realized she liked me and then maybe things would have turned out better." Sakura looked at Sasuke as Naruto sat down pouting.

"Better than getting married and having 3 children then living happily forever?" Sakura questioned.

"Uh… no… yes." Naruto said confused. "I have to go talk to Hina-chan!" He yelled.

¤ (Later) ¤

The day progressed as everyone sat in the room. "How about we share great moments from youth with the kids. I'd like to hear them." Sakura suggested.

"Then you start." Ino countered.

"Alright… it was way back when I was 16. All of use G1 people had, for the most part been matched up. Sasuke and I were sitting on the balcony at my house. That's where he told me he wanted me to be with him for the rest of his life. Where we kissed the first time." There was such a happy smile on Sakura's smile before she started laughing. (Chapter 8). "What about you Sasuke?"

"My favorite memory is… now, actually. Having everyone here. Every single person here, it's going to be my favorite memory. It's great to have you all here." He kissed Sakura's forehead.

"My turn." Naruto yelled. "When Hina-chan and I first got engaged I grabbed her and carried her off into the forest to spend time with her. It was wonderful to just be with her in such a natural setting. I loved to be with her like that." Hinata blushed.

"My favorite memory is our vacation to the land of Rain. That family vacation." Hinata smiled. "It was beautiful and wonderful. All those people were there, and we were so happy, just like now."

"I want to go." Ino said. "My favorite memory is my first mission major with Choji and Shikamaru. They were so protective and afraid that I'd get myself killed when we were just protecting this guy and there were only a bunch of Chuunin there."

"You almost did get killed stupid, you froze and I had to stop what I was doing endangering my life to save you. Do you only remember half of everything that went on? I had to stop fighting and leave it to Choji. He got hurt because I had to save you." Shikamaru argued with her.

"I was fine Shikamaru. It was just a rock, to the head." Choji said.

"You were out for the remainder of the mission. We left you with a stranger for 2 days until we were done with this mission." Shikamaru said. "And, it was a large rock."

"Oh yeah. I still feel bad about that Choji. I'm sorry." Ino said. Shikamaru sighed. "Well… it's still my favorite memory. You guys were funny saying that I'd get myself killed on a C-rank mission."

"You would have, if Shikamaru didn't save you." Choji reminded it. "He'd always protect you."

"That's why it was funny. You guys wouldn't let me die. I trusted you guys with my life. That's why I knew you wouldn't let me die." Ino said.

"My favorite memory is when Shikamaru and Ino teamed up to make me a huge meal after that mission to apologize for the accident. It was hilarious to see them try to make that meal, and to see them work together. It was also so yummy and good." Shikamaru and Ino just laughed.

"My favorite memory is when we were at your house years ago Choji, and I was playing chess with Ino and I let her win and she was happy until she looked at you and she suddenly knew I let her win. She chased us for a while after that." Shikamaru said.

"Well it wasn't nice to trick me. I've been trying to beat you for so many years its exhausting trying to beat you." She argued.

"You've bothered me to play you in chess since you started playing the game and I've beat you every time and I always will so to stop you from bothering me I figured you let me win but Choji gave my plan away. That was troublesome." Shikamaru said.

"What's your favorite memory, Tenten?" Ino asked her.

"Seeing Owen sparing with Neji during our winter vacation in Rain. It was beautiful as the snow fell and reflected of the tress and all around them. It was so beautiful to look at it. Especially how great you guys were doing… it was great. It's not really my childhood but I think my favorite memory when I was little was… I remember… when Neji and I got into a first sparing match. He was so impressed that I could through a kunai. It was hilarious. His face was so funny."

"It was?" Neji asked her. (Flashback in Chapter 2 in, the Reasons Why)

"Yes it was. You were surprised, yet shocked. It was very funny. What's your favorite memory?"

"Hearing about the mission Naruto was on when he had to take care of you for a day while I was gone back when we were about 15." Neji said smirking. "Naruto, care to tell the story."

"I don't remember." Naruto said.

"I do." Tenten said sighing and telling the story.

(I had to put this sequence in. It's just too funny.) –Φ (Tenten) Φ

I awoke to a loud pounding on my door and I opened it. Who ever it was, they randomly hugged me. I knew it wasn't Neji, because I'd know Neji's chakra signature anywhere. I flipped the person onto the ground, pulled a kunai out of my hair, and held it in front of me.

"Man Tenten, you're mean." Naruto said. I sighed. It's only Naruto. I took a deep breath and sighed.

"Sorry Naruto, this last day without Neji has been crazy. So where is he? I haven't sensed his chakra." I said sitting on my bed.

"Neji's on a mission with my fiancée." He said pouting. I could tell he wanted to do it.

"Don't worry Naruto. Neji won't harm Hinata."

"I know but I want to switch places with him, but that may be a while. Well since you're up I want to give you this." He handed me a little white box. I opened it. I smacked him down to the floor again and set the box on the table.

"Naruto, I'm engaged to Neji stupid!" I yelled and sighed.

"I know, of course I know. Neji wouldn't let me forget it ever. That's Neji's birthday present for you. I should have said that shouldn't I?" He asked. I sighed and smiled putting my hand behind my head.

"Yeah, that would have done better." I smiled happily and once again picked up the little white package of my bed. It was a beautiful ring and I smiled.

"He said that since you guys have been engaged awhile and he doesn't recall getting you and engagement ring he decided that you birthday would be the perfect time to give it to you. Though it would have been smarter to give it to you early in person."

"I agree but Neji is one who is traditional. So they sent to you cover as Hoshikage, eh?" He shook his head.

"Neji said that you've taken care of this stuff before. He said I'd learn a lot. It was Neji's concern for your well being that caused Tsunade to send me to protect you." I smiled, Neji.

"So we've got work to do Naruto, rise early work hard sleep early makes for a wonderful pattern." I said smiling.

"You're more cheerful then normal. You alright?" I nodded. Honestly, I was using my happiness from hearing about Neji and this ring to hide my depression but he's only been gone what, a night already. It's not that much. Though, we haven't been apart in what, a lot of months, the last time we went separate ways was before he lost his memory since then he's stuck to me. I sighed and frowned. "Now you're frowning, are you alright?" I smiled and nodded.

¤ (Time Space) ¤

"You sure talk about Neji a lot." Naruto said resting his head on his arms.

I blushed. "What am I not allowed to; I am engaged to him Naruto. Is it a crime or something?" I asked and then I fell to my feet and started crying.

"I'm sorry Tenten, I really am. I was just making an observation. Come on it's your birthday you can't cry or Neji will hurtme." I cried even more. "Sorry Tenten, please stop. I'm sorry." He said.

¤ (Time Space) ¤

"It's your fault whoever you are! Tenten didn't need to be reminded of Neji. You should have just let her be." Tenten's helper said yelling at Naruto.

"What! I was given two simple orders. Neji said… give her the engagement ring. Tsunade said… watch over Tenten till Neji comes back. I was just trying to do the mission. Now I'm going to die."


"Because today is Tenten's birthday and I was supposed to keep her happy because Neji is on a mission, he said so." Naruto complained.

"Neji, told you to keep me happy but I just don't think its possible Naruto, sorry. You'll fail this one mission." Tenten said.

"Harsh, I think Neji-sama gave you and impossible mission. Tenten and Neji are inseparable and then all she needed was to get through a few days without him but with the ring and your talking, it was just too impossible. Tell Neji-sama that this is one mission that anyone would say is impossible." My helper said to Naruto. I didn't want to listen anymore. She was right through. Neji, this is one impossible Mission.

¤ (Reality) ¤

"Wow Tenten, that was pretty bad." Sakura said. "You were a mess, but I totally understand." Tenten nodded.

"Why don't we ask the kids some of their favorite memories of when they were growing up?" Hinata suggested. Everyone agreed.

"I remember going to Ichiraku and thinking when I was little that they named all the foods after me there, like I was someone super famous or something." Ramen said laughing.

"I remember when I first met Rock Lee. I broke his nose for trying to hug me. I of course didn't realize he knew me. I thought he was a weird trying to kidnap me." Hotaru said laughing.

"You did some major damage on his face. I remember that you came home screaming telling me a weirdo tried to kidnap you. Sasuke broke every single one of Lee's ribs for that one." Sakura said laughing herself. Sasuke smirked proud of himself.

"My favorite memory as a child is definitely becoming a ninja, all you guys were there and so proud." Lilly said happily. "I loved that. Even though you weren't there only for me, you guys were always there to support me along with my friends. I loved becoming a ninja and having you all there for me."

"My memory that I remember the most was when it really clicked why people treated me differently… for more than one reason but the feelings I felt when I realized that. It's not my favorite memory but it's the one that's really stuck with me since I was little." Kaze said.

"What I remember is my first A-rank mission with Shika." Yoshi said.

"Tell us about this mission." Ren said with a smirk.

"We were going into a village and Yoshi was so defensive and overprotective that he locked me up in my room until the time came that he needed my help. 3 days later!" Shika said. "It was a horrible village and the people hated me. They tried to attack me and kidnap me a lot of times, but I could have handled myself."

"You could not, you did not let go of me until we were in the room, then I decided to lock you in."

"Then you made the room into a trap that only you or I would know how to get out of, so that anyone who came near the room would get caught in a net." Shika said. "That old man, and that old lady who were just making sure you didn't kidnap me or try to kill me; as well as the inn-keeper who was worried because I was in the room all the time."

"There were tons of warnings all over the place. They should make sure they read more carefully from now on." Yoshi said.

"Think of it the other way Yoshi. If I was kidnapped and you thought something was going to happen to me you'd ignore every sign warning you to leave." Shika argued.

"I can tell you that no boundary would stop him." Sasuke said laughing.

"Did that happen?" Shika asked in shock.

"Yeah, once… about… 35 years ago." Sasuke said. "Mass kidnapping of Ino, Hinata, Sakura, Shikamaru's sister, and Tenten."

"What happened?" Shika said.

"Shikamaru, Naruto, Neji and I went in, got the girls out and came home. They were alright in the end." Sasuke said. "They were a little shaken up but they're all fine.'

"Which I think is why they guys have never let us out of their sight since." Tenten added in.

"You can't protect anyone too much. There's no such thing." Niki said. "Girls should be protected, all the time."

"You want to repeat that." Sakura asked. "I'm 50 today and I would still beat you if we got in a fight."

"You're on mom!" Niki said.

"Niki, are you sure you should do that?" Ren asked.

"I kind of agree, we haven't ever been able to beat either of our parents, and I don't think we ever will." Ryuu warned his little bro.

"How about I take you both on?" Sasuke said with a smirk.

"All but I wanted to. It's my birthday, Sasuke. Please?" Sakura asked.

"How about Ryuu and I against you and dad, mom?" Niki suggested.

"That's definitely unfair." Ren said. "They'd definitely win."

"I'm in!" Yoshi said.

"Yoshi!" Shika said.

"Hey, that's definitely making it fair." Yoshi told Shika.

"Alright, you're on." Sasuke said. "You sure you're up to it, Sakura?"

"Hey, I may be a med-Nin but I can still hold my own, better than that, I can win." Sasuke laughed and they went into their field.

Naruto stood in the middle of it. "Alright, all Uchihas ready?" They all nodded. "Go!"

All the people watched as Yoshi, Ryuu, and Niki went up against their parents. Ryuu and Niki took on Sasuke while Yoshi handled his mother. Ryuu was arguably the strongest of the all the Uchiha kids. Yoshi had his own style that was a mix of his mother and his father's styles, and his had mastered both of them, so he was the only one of the boys who knew what to expect from his mother. That gave him the fighting chance. Ryuu and Niki took after their dad with a mix of their own taste though Ryuu followed his dad every move, when Niki came it… Niki hit Ryuu and they landed in a tree.

Yoshi and Sakura meanwhile were at a standoff, they were causing a wreck. Everyone stood by wondering why in the world, they were fighting anyway. "Alright, stop." Hotaru said. They all did. "This is ridiculous."

"I think it's kind of funny. I mean how come Ryuu and Niki are loosing to Sasuke but Yoshi can keep up with Sakura." Ramen said.

"I taught them. Don't you think I know what they can and can't do? I taught them everything I know but I can still outthink them. They're just as good, but they don't know how I think and what moves I will make. They're my sons… of course I know what they're going to do." Sasuke said smirking. "You guys are as great as I figured but you also didn't work together. Sakura weakened you guys from a distance by unbalancing you two. You guys split up, divide and conquer only works if there's unity, remember that." Sakura laughed.

"Tsunade-sama trained Yoshi in my style. He's just as able as I am. I'm not as good at the whole out thinking but Sasuke had me help him, and then I just matched Yoshi in what he did. It was entertaining. Experience, you'll never have more than it than us, we're older." Ryuu snorted.

"You're only 22 years older than me Mom."

"And your kid's only how many years younger than you, your oldest is only 20 years younger, your youngest is 26 years younger, does that mean that either of them should be able to fight just as well as you can. I don't think so." Sakura said laughing. "You fought well, just not better than your parents. We're your parents, we'll always win but you're just as good."

He snorted. She laughed, hugging her son. "If it makes you feel better eventually I won't be able to fight, and you will, then those 22 years will make you much better than I am."

"Kimiko, you may want to help him with his pride issue. He needs to get it stomped on more." Sakura said.

"Trust me, I try." She said putting her hands up. She walked over to Ryuu and kissed him. "It's okay. Think of it this way, they have known you your entire life; you've only known them a portion of theirs. Of course they know you better."

Hana was sitting against a tree laughing to see Niki's annoyed face when his father beat him. He sat down beside her. "Will you ever stop laughing?"

"Probably not, because you're pouting because your father beat you. I will never be able to beat my dad and I knew I couldn't and I have no dream to try. I do admire your dream to do it though. Good-luck." Hana said resting her head on his shoulder.

Shika walked over to Yoshi. "You didn't even try did you?"

"She wasn't. I knew she wouldn't. She never changes, she won't let me win but she'll make me think that she's trying. I tried to, I did; in the end, it really was quite pointless." Yoshi shrugged and kissed Shika. "Thanks for trying to stop me. I mean had I fought my dad I think he might have really hurt me." He said jokingly.

Everyone went inside, laughed, and talked. It was a wonderful thing to see all the families and people together who had grown together, grown apart and got together for the wonderful purpose to talk and laugh about everything and anything they wanted to. It was a happy and good time for most. Times were harder on some characters than others were.

Mina, for example, who had separated from her husband… she didn't fear death because her husband let her go freely and do as she pleased though she loved him whole heartedly but could never make it in that life style, or manage it either so that she was left alone as he had to do whatever his parents said.

Kay was another character who had a hard time with such events because of all the couples that were there happy and in love with each other while her husband had died leaving her with their children behind. She was loved and taken care of, Neo had made sure of it, but she was still alone and got lonely sometimes when her kids weren't there, or not with her.

Kahle Hailey is one of the other examples of difficult lives that those who attended were faced with because she loved someone whom she didn't married, had no legacy from him left behind, and he had given his life for someone else (his sister) leaving her with just the love he had for her, and her love for him. She didn't think it was fair sometimes that so many other people had partners, or that people like Mina would leave their love and she understood what people like Kay went through but Hailey was bitterly alone in the world. She didn't have family, or even children to take care of or to keep her company. She lived a lonely life and sometimes she thought that it was more depressing to go to places of happiness then to live in her sorrows but she went because it was better to go on then to wallow in your problems.

Gaara and Kayo had taken care of Hailey while raising their two kids and helping Temari and Meka raise their two. Hana and Maiya were married and had children of their own living a happy life as nurses some of the time and mothers other times, they had their husbands that kept them happy and smiling. They had a good life with many other family members to talk to and enjoy time with. Nani, Gaara's daughter had given herself away to the man who saved her, Manni, and was happily living out the simple life with him, along with many dogs. Gaara's son Kaze married little miss Lilly, the future hokage, as all called her and he helped her prepare herself for such a job since they were both raised under a huge leader of a ninja country and knew everything about being one.

Saki had her husband and her children, along with her nephew to be happy about. She only had one kid of her own, Leon but she watched as he grew up, got married and they all lived happily in Konoha. Leon has 12 kids he raises with Luna.

Ino has grown to think that she can't wait to retire though Shikamaru says she should have retired when they begun, like he did. He always helps even though he'll be retiring and though he enjoys it he would rather not be planning missions and organizing plans for his entire life, he'd rather sleep and be with his family until he dies. Mina lives a lonely secluded life on her own since she left her husband. Shika is happily with Yoshi and their kids while Kane is with Ren and enjoying the simple easy life with her though he does sometimes have to work for a living. Ino wants to be done with doing things for others and get back to sleeping away the days and being with Shikamaru 24-7 though Shikamaru thinks they'll get too lazy if she decides to do nothing too, so she better just keep working. He tells himself the same thing. They're happy and sometimes he calls Ino troublesome and she yells at him for being lazy and even then,… they start laughing and trying to figure out what to do but they're happy. Very happy together.

Naruto couldn't be happier that he has his Hina-chan though he's now holding a grudge against Sakura and Sasuke though they still think that telling him back then would have been a bad idea but most, for some reason, tend to believe differently because of how much happier Hinata had been since Naruto was in her life. They have their three wonderful children who have their own families and who always visit their mom and dad and bring their kids along. They run missions, talk and enjoy great lives with each other. Ramen lives with Hotaru in the house though Hiroka and Taku have a house not far from the Uchiha Complex where they all are. Lilly and Kaze also have their own house though theirs is very close to the Hokage building for whom-knows what reason. Naruto and Hinata have been happy so long that Hinata forgets the times where he wouldn't even look at her. Naruto always feels bad about it and he makes sure she knows he's sorry, she's already forgiven him who-knows how many times.

Neji and Tenten are still in charge of all matters in the Hyuuga Clan which Tenten wants to resign from though Neji says that they can't until Owen's ready, though Owen's ready he's not the kind of person to retire. He'd get bored and they'd continue crazily sparing at all hours of the day though Tenten wouldn't mind it compared to sitting and listening to complaints all day, as well as all the paperwork. Owen lives in the complex with Melody who isn't the complex's favorite female because of her blindness… they're worried about the kids. Their kids however, even Ai, their blind daughter can weirdly enough use Byakugan to see, and to function. Kimiko and Ryuu are at the Uchiha Complex but no worries about them; they're happily taken care of at all hours of the day by Sakura, Ino and Hinata though they want to be more independent. Their youngest Daniya who's had a hard life is now settled with Kubitei and their 6 kids in the Inuzuka complex but Daniya always goes to her parents for help about her condition. Tenten wishes that Neji would quit but has no other complaints, he always makes time for her and their family though he thinks she just hates paperwork and listening to other people complains.

Sakura and Sasuke agreed that they had done a good job with their children and their life. Sasuke was happy that he could just do nothing but spend time with his friends and family and stop worrying about people out to get him and his goals. As important as they were, they were done. Sakura was happy with the family that Sasuke and her had and the wonderful things that they had done, as well as what they're children had done. She was happy that they had gotten married and lived happily so long. After all, it was the dream of a lifetime to marry Sasuke, have children, raise them and be happy; and she was definitely living the dream life. Yoshi and Shika live in their own portion of the complex with their kids. Ramen and Hotaru have their own portion near Ramen's parents. Ren and Kane live a portion of Ino's part of the complex. Ryuu lives in the complex with Kimiko though they visit a lot to her complex. Niki lives in the complex with Hana. They all have kids and live happily, close to home. If they'd need anything, it'd only be a second's walk away.

∆ (Reality, current) ∆

Sakura was given many gifts from her children, and her friends and she put all the presents in her room and decided that she'd wait until later for them so she could continue partying with them. She still didn't like being the center of attention, she like things how they were, day after day after day.

Everything was good in Konoha, in Sakura's life and in most people's life. Sure there were people whose life wasn't exactly what they wanted, or dreamed of and sure it was unfair to those… like Sakura, who had the dream life but if everyone's life would be perfect then we'd live in a Utopia, and no one, not even Sakura lives in a Utopia and has the perfect life. Her life with Sasuke and her friends and family is just a typical Uchiha Life.


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